Bosch TKA 8653 Comfort Line

Name: TKA 8653
Brand: Bosch
Type: Drip
Operation: Automatic
Capacity: 1.15 litres

Today it is the turn of the Bosch TKA8653, the largest and most popular exponent of the Bosch premium filter coffee machine. As is the case with some high-performance models, the Bosch TKA8653 is a very popular coffee machine, especially in Central Europe and Germany. This is an incentive to promote it and to get the big coffee drinkers to enjoy a coffee machine of this calibre as well.

The first thing that strikes us about the Bosch TKA8653 is its design. The sober lines, the configuration and the arrangement of the elements are attractive and functional.

All of them are removable and are located on a platform that serves as a base and includes all the operating buttons of the coffee machine: on the left are the on/off switch, the coffee brewing start button and the descaling button, and further to the right are the timer controls.

It is precisely the timer that stands out among all the features of the Bosch TKA8653. The possibility of having your coffee made whenever you want is always very interesting in a drip coffee machine (which, as we know, takes several minutes to heat the water and prepare all the coffee). In the case of this Bosch TKA8653, the timer is operated in a very simple way by simply indicating the hours and minutes of the countdown with their respective buttons.

Otherwise, this Bosch TKA8653 coffee machine has a similar set of functions and features to the other drip coffee machines in this price range (over £100), and perhaps we can only blame its bulky dimensions. You can see them all in more detail in the next section of this analysis.

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Bosch Comfort Line TKA8653: General Features

  • Compartment for storing excess cable.
  • Timer function: programmes a countdown so that the coffee machine starts up whenever you want.
  • Automatic descaling process.
  • The capacity of your water tank is 1.15 litres. It is removable and has water levels indicated on the wall (equivalent to coffee cups).
  • It has the capacity to prepare the equivalent of 12 cups of coffee at a time.
  • Includes anti-drip function.
  • Thermal jug with stainless steel coating.
  • Dual heating system.
  • It incorporates an automatic volume system that ensures the perfect temperature is obtained even when preparing very small quantities of coffee.
  • The dimensions of the coffee maker are approximately 31x30x40 centimetres.
  • It weighs about 4 kilograms.
  • Power: 1100 watts.

Advantages Of The Bosch TKA8653

  • The timer function. It is always an advantage to be able to program the coffee maker to start making coffee whenever we want.
  • The finishes of the components, especially the thermal carafe and the filter holder, are in stainless steel. Very good appearance and solidity of the set.
  • We like that all components can be extracted and separated from the set. This makes cleaning easier.

Disadvantages Of The Bosch TKA8653

  • It is a voluminous coffee machine, slightly larger than the average.
  • The shape of the water tank (very long but narrow) makes it difficult to clean by hand. Come on, if you have a slightly bigger hand you can’t get it in there…

Bosch Comfort Line Drip Coffee Machines: Videos

So that you can see for yourself how this Bosch TKA8653 works, we leave you this complete video where a user checks it thoroughly.

Why Buy A Bosch TKA8653?

With this Bosch TKA8653 model, Bosch offers us a very good alternative to taking home a high-performance filter coffee machine. If you run away from the basic range, take it into consideration. Perhaps the only question you have is that in this price range, there are many options in the marking with very similar characteristics, such as the Siemens TC80104, the Krups YY8304, or the Saeco Avance.

We advise you to dispel any doubts, to take a look at all of them and to pay close attention to the price of each one at the time of your purchase. You already know that Amazon often varies its offers and discounts.

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