Combi coffee machines: Your perfect brew buddy

Combi coffee machines

Combi coffee machines, also known as dual coffee machines, offer a practical solution for coffee lovers by combining an espresso machine and a filter coffee machine in one device. These versatile 2-in-1, sometimes even 3-in-1, appliances allow you to prepare a wide variety of drinks, such as cappuccinos, lattes and other espresso-derived beverages while making …

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Coffee maker boiler vs thermoblock

Rancillio Silvia boiller with heating element

The coffee machines use pressurised water and high temperature to prepare coffee. These coffee machines can reach the recommended temperature range of 93º-95ºC using two different heating systems: the boiler and the thermoblock. The thermoblock system has recently become prevalent in coffee machines due to its superior energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Nevertheless, select mid-range and …

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What is the Thermoblock system, and how does it work?

thermoblock vs boiler

The Thermoblock system is a heating method that uses internal tubes to heat the water quickly. The speed of the water flow is important to reach the exact temperature and avoid cooling. Unlike traditional boilers, the Thermoblock does not store water but draws it directly from the tank. When the coffee machine is switched on, …

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My coffee maker doesn’t heat

Heating element parts

The lack of water (or milk) heating in electric coffee makers is a common issue that users face. Several factors can be responsible for this inconvenience. The origin of the problem can vary depending on the type of coffee maker and the technology used. For example, espresso machines typically use one or two boilers, with …

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Green coffee to lose weight: Myth or reality?

Green coffee to lose weight

I’ve been hearing a lot about green coffee and its supposed weight loss benefits lately, and I wanted to find out if it’s a myth or a reality. There’s a lot of conflicting information out there, and it can be challenging to determine the truth. So, I decided to research and write this article to …

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Caffè latte, latte macchiato, cappuccino and caffè macchiato

Cappuccino vs Caffé Latte

For many worldwide, a warm and frothy caffè latte represents a quintessential breakfast drink. However, what distinguishes this popular beverage from similar-sounding options like latte macchiato, cappuccino, and caffè macchiato? While these drinks may appear similar at first glance, their differences are quite significant, impacting not only their taste but also their preparation and serving …

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Cold coffee comparison: Cold brew or iced coffee?

Cold brew vs Cold coffee

When the temperature starts to rise, my go-to beverage becomes cold coffee. While some prefer hot coffee, nothing beats an icy-cold coffee on a scorching day. I believe that coffee is a personal taste and should be enjoyed according to individual preference. In this post, I want to share two popular types of cold black …

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The best car coffee makers

The best car coffee makers

Car coffee makers provide a convenient solution for brewing a fresh cup of coffee on the go without the need to make a detour to a coffee shop. These portable devices are plugged into the car’s cigarette lighter, providing the necessary electricity to brew coffee (only one cup at a time) in just a few …

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The best coffee machines for a motorhome or campervan

Coffee Machines for motorhomes

Exploring the great outdoors in a motorhome or campervan is a thrilling experience that allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. But when starting your day with a fresh cup of coffee, the lack of a reliable coffee machine can be a major inconvenience. In this article, I will provide useful …

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Multi-capsule coffee machines

Nespresso and K Cup adapter for multi pod coffee machine

The defining feature of coffee pod machines is not the machine itself but the coffee pod and the method used to extract the coffee. Consequently, patents for capsule coffee machines usually relate to the extraction system, not the coffee machine. It was not until recently that compatible pods for major coffee pod brands became widely …

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Do you know what Noisette coffee is?

Noisette coffee

Noisette coffee may sound like a flavour of hazelnut coffee, but it’s a distinct espresso drink with unique characteristics. Made by combining a shot of espresso with a small amount of hot milk froth, noisette coffee is a popular choice in France and other parts of Europe. The name “noisette” derives from the drink’s light …

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Lavazza coffee machine button lights and their modes

Meaning of the Lavazza lights and their modes

Lavazza coffee machines are renowned for their robustness and durability, rarely encountering issues. Nevertheless, even the most reliable machines can occasionally present minor inconveniences, indicated through flashing light codes since there’s no display on the machine. Lavazza has many models; not all information I provide will apply to every model. Therefore, it’s recommended to download …

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What is freeze-dried coffee?

Freeze-dried coffee

When it comes to instant coffee, freeze-dried coffee is a step above the traditional hot spray-dried variety. This type of coffee is created using a different method – freeze-drying – which helps preserve the coffee beans’ original aromas. Freeze-dried instant coffee offers better results in the cup than granulated soluble coffee. The low-temperature freezing process …

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Differences between ristretto, espresso, and lungo

Ristretto, espresso and lungo

There is a wide variety of coffee options to satisfy the tastes and preferences of every individual. While some prefer pure espresso, others enjoy it with sugar or milk, and some customize it with other additives, giving rise to endless preparations. The term espresso, originally from Italy, is widely known for referring to both the …

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How to repair a Nespresso coffee machine

How to repair a Nespresso

Coffee machines are prone to frequent breakdowns due to their high usage rate and compact design. These machines use high-temperature water (up to 95ºC) and high pressure (up to 19 bars). Nespresso is a well-known brand for quality coffee machines, but even these machines can experience issues. If you have a Nespresso machine that needs …

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My coffee machine smells bad

My coffee machine smells bad

It’s not uncommon for a coffee machine to develop a bad smell, considering that we use these appliances daily, and they use water, coffee, and even milk. Therefore, coffee machines become ideal wet environments for the growth of spoilage bacteria, which ultimately cause unpleasant odours. It’s clear that the bad smell from a coffee machine …

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Latte Art 101: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Latte Art

Latte Art refers to the techniques used by baristas to create designs, ranging from realistic drawings to geometric shapes, on the surface of a drink, mainly coffee. Although it can also be made on other beverages such as hot chocolate, it is most commonly done using freshly steamed milk in a metal pitcher, frothed with …

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The importance of crema in espresso (no foam)

Cream in coffee

Espresso coffee cannot be called espresso if it is not finely crowned with a thin layer of thick, delicious crema. But how does the crema form? And what can we do to make it even more irresistible? How does coffee crema form? Chemically speaking, espresso crema is formed by a very light emulsion of very …

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How much caffeine is in decaf coffee?

How much caffeine is in decaffeinated coffee

Coffee is a popular drink worldwide, known for its distinctive taste and aroma and its caffeine content, a natural stimulant that can affect the central nervous system. For this reason, many people who wish to reduce their caffeine intake for health reasons or simply out of preference turn to decaffeinated coffee as an alternative. However, …

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Everything about the coffee aroma

Coffee aroma

There are smells and scents that are rightfully part of the collective experience of society. It is now well established that olfactory sensations are at the foundation of our memory; even more than sounds and images, scents most easily bring past memories and sensations along with their emotions, passions and impressions to mind. Our individual …

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What is the intensity of coffee?

What is the intensity of coffee

Coffee is more than a simple beverage; it is a beloved ritual that people of all ages engage in worldwide. Sharing a coffee with friends, relatives, and colleagues holds a significant social significance that few things can match. Besides its social value, coffee has many health benefits from its natural caffeine content. It provides a …

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