Cecotec Coffee Machines User Manuals

Cecotec coffee machines user manuals

The Spanish brand Cecotec needs no presentation at this stage. It has become one of the leading sales companies in Europe in the domestic appliance sector thanks to the close quality/price ratio of all its articles, and a fairly intelligent management of the distribution channels currently available. In other words, apart from looking after their …

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Drip coffee machines with grinder

Drip coffee makers with grinder

We are in the habit of associating filter coffee machines with low-end, low-cost parts. This is a very common appliance in kitchens, but most coffee machines are low level. And there is a main reason for this: filter coffee is not as appreciated in our country as it is in other countries (Central Europe itself). …

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Krups Automatic Coffee Machines

Krups Automatic Coffee Maker

We are not going to discover the Krups brand at this point. It is one of the world’s best-known manufacturers, not only for its own coffee machines (some are manual espresso machines, but most are the super-automatics that will be featured in this article) but also for its collaboration as the manufacturer of some iconic …

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Compact Automatic Coffee Machines

melita solo&milk

We already announced this in our guide to cheap super automatic coffee machines. To enjoy an automatic espresso machine in your home, you basically need two things: firstly, a big budget. And secondly, a lot of space. Super automatic coffee machines do not fit into any kitchen: they are very bulky appliances, which apart from …

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Cheap automatic coffee machines

cheap automatic coffee machines

Who wouldn’t want to have a good super automatic coffee maker in their home? For those of us who are not expert baristas – in other words, the majority – super automatic coffee machines allow us to enjoy espressos and other specialities with milk foam, simply by pressing a button on the machine. No processes, …

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The Best 19 Bar Coffee Machines

19 bar coffee machines

The 19-bar espresso machines represent a small qualitative jump from the market standard (which is usually in the 15 bars, or in some cases 16). When a user sees in the shop or in the specification brochure that a coffee machine has a 19 bar pressure pump, it automatically catches his attention. It is as …

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Cecotec: Problem-Solving

power matic ccino 8000 touch white serie

⚠️ Before getting into the subject, here is a list of the elements and products you may need to solve the problem of your Cecotec coffee machine: descalers, capacitors, fuses or some spare parts. Cumbia coffee maker from Cecotec are one of the brands that have experienced the greatest growth in recent years. The number …

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Saeco: Problem-Solving

problem solving for saeco coffee machines

It is no secret that the Italian manufacturer Saeco is one of the most prestigious brands on the market, especially when it comes to manual espresso and espresso machines. We are also very used to seeing Saeco vending machines everywhere, and in general, the presence of Saeco in the commercial coffee industry is quite wide. …

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Coffee Tins

Coffee Tins

Those who like to grind their coffee beans at home, rather than buying them already ground, know how important it is to keep them in good condition. A coffee that is exposed to the environment loses its aroma and freshness in a very short time, and that is why the best way to store ground …

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Coffee Thermoses

Coffee Thermoses

When you are a coffee aficionado or heavy drinker, you like to enjoy your favourite drink wherever you go. On a trip, a hike, a walk, or simply at work. And then you realize that you need to buy a thermos for your coffee.       Then you start looking at coffee thermos and it turns …

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Coffee Vending Machines

Coffee Vending Machines

Whether for offices, large buildings or business centres, or for public places such as administrations, hospitals, etc. Vending coffee machines are a common sight that we are used to meeting all the time. The concept is simple: for large volumes of services, it is much more practical to rent a vending coffee maker than to …

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Toy Coffee Machines

Toy Coffee Machines

If coffee is your passion, you won’t just want to enjoy it yourself. I’m sure you’ll try to get the little ones in the house to understand and share this healthy habit with their coffee toys too, won’t you? That’s why we have created this section in our shop, full of toy coffee machines, and …

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Coffee Storage Container

Coffee Storage Container

OK, let’s get to work. You buy your coffee bean packs in bulk (in very large quantities) and they last a long time open, or you grind them beforehand but you don’t want them to lose their freshness. Where do you put them? Do you serve any container you have at home? Do you leave …

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Electric Kettles

Electric Kettles

Among those of us who love coffee, we are not only hardened tasters of the fruit of the coffee plantations. Sometimes we also opt for other infusions such as tea, although another sector of consumers closes in on itself and limits itself to drinking coffee or tea, without giving the other alternative a chance. Be …

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Whistling Kettles

Whistling Kettle

With this name you may not be familiar with it, but especially in Latin America, whistling kettle are very popular. And since they also have their place in the coffee world, we are going to dedicate this page to explaining them to those who do not know them, and offering some interesting options for those …

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