Pewter Coffee Machines

Pewter Coffee Machines

There are certain utensils in the kitchen that form part of the collective landscape and contribute to building an identity. We associate them with a certain period in our lives, regardless of whether we still use them today or not. And that is the case with antique pewter coffee machines, an item that belongs to …

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Wooden Coffee Machines

Wooden Coffee Machines

Coffee machines made of wood are by no means the most common manufacturing material on the market. When we talk about wooden coffee machines, we almost always think of decorative objects or toys, but never of real devices for making coffee, although they do exist. And in this article, we are going to tell you …

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Pioir 3-in-1 coffee

Pioir 3 in 1 coffee

In some countries, we may not have heard much about Pioir 3 in 1 coffee, but the truth is that in diet circles, it is a very well-known product. Perhaps more so in Latin America than in other countries, it must be said. It is essentially a brand of coffee with Ganoderma, a healthy coffee …

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Do you know what Noisette coffee is?

what Noisette coffee is

We know, because we have already seen many examples throughout our website, that there are many different names and preparations of latte (the ones we order at the bar), from the classic black coffee to the Machado, through the cortado, the lágrima coffee and so many others. And the complicated thing is that these names …

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Soybean coffee

Soybean coffee

Since time immemorial, soy has always been a staple food in Eastern cuisine, although not so much in the West. However, for some time now, soy has been introduced into our gastronomy to unsuspected limits. It is no longer just an ingredient adopted by vegetarians or vegans, but its multiple applications have also reached all …

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Jura: Problem Solving

Jura Problem Solving

Jura manufactures a variety of coffee makers and appliances, including coffee grinders, frothers, accessories and espresso machines. The espresso maker’s Impressa E-line offers several features, including mild, regular or strong coffee settings, automatic grinding of up to 16 grams of coffee, an 8 oz. bean container and a separate funnel for ground coffee. Each machine …

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Hawaii’s Kona Coffee

Hawaii's Kona Coffee

Generally speaking, we have always seen Hawaii as an exotic land. Today we take one of the most interesting journeys across the globe to head to this wonderful archipelago to experience Kona coffee. Hawaii Kona coffee happens to be one of the best coffees globally, and that distinction is certainly not granted by chance. Much …

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Clay Coffee Machines

Clay coffee machines

In this article we are going to present the traditional natural clay coffee machines, which we suppose will hardly be in the homes of our readers but which for many years have been of great importance in certain regions and in rural areas. Clay coffee machines are used to make coffee in the old-fashioned way …

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What Is Washed Coffee?

What is washed coffee

Ordinary users, who buy coffee – of better or worse quality – in the supermarket and leave us to our own devices, do not distinguish between the different types of coffee according to the process the beans undergo before drying. We think that all beans are treated equally. But… nothing could be further from the …

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The Honey Coffee Process

The honey coffee process

Today we are going to deal with one of those subjects that we like very much and that brings us closer to the general public, because they are of capital importance in the final qualities of the product we consume, but they rarely get the attention they deserve. We are referring to coffee processing, a …

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Copper Coffee Machines

Copper coffee machines

It is not the most common material, but the coffee maker industry is so broad that it can accommodate all kinds of options and finishes to suit all tastes. Copper coffee machines have a very strong personality of their own, and almost all the models on the market share common characteristics (for example, they are …

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Coffee In The Sand

Coffee in the sand

If you’ve never heard this expression before, it may have surprised you or caught your attention. But it exists, it’s real. You’ve probably seen a reference to it on the Internet, or a video of an expert Arab barista making coffee with the only help of a pile of sand. Well, this is not a …

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Arabian coffee

Arabian coffee

In general there is a lot of confusion with the generic denomination of Arab coffee, because it is often confused with Turkish coffee, Lebanese coffee, or with other variants such as coffee in the sand, which are also typical of those regions but which do not follow the same recipe that we explain here. Arabic …

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How Greek coffee is made

greek coffee

Greek coffee is one of those ancestral drinks closely associated with the tradition and customs of a people, in this case the Greeks, which with the passage of time and as a result of globalisation has become increasingly obsolete. We have not dared to include it in our recipe section, as it does not really …

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Cuisinart: Problem-solving

Cuisinart problem solving

Cuisinart is a premium brand of household appliances with more than 40 years of experience in the market. It is the only brand in the world that offers a 3-year warranty on all its products. Every product they manufacture is tested to guarantee its proper functioning, especially the coffee machines. They have coffee machines of …

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