Porcelain Moka Pots

porcelain coffee maker

There are not many on the market, but porcelain coffee makers also have their share of demand and acceptance among a certain group of consumers. This is a peculiar type of coffee maker, of that there is no doubt. Its appearance is not for everyone, even a priori among users of conventional electric coffee makers …

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Multi Capsule Coffee Machines

white multi capsule coffee maker

With the opening of patents on the main capsule systems, there has been a proliferation of dozens of coffee pod brands, as well as options for consumers to enjoy them all. Many users do not know that there were no Dolce Gusto-compatible capsules until 2015 for this reason These include the popular universal capsule coffee …

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Turmeric Tea

turmeric tea

Turmeric tea has become the great ally of those who suffer from various pains. It is a very effective natural remedy. Because, turmeric is a root that provides several benefits. For example, it has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, so it is perfect for relieving pain such as: arthritis, joint pain, back pain, among others. These …

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Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon Tea coffee substitutive

Cinnamon has many health benefits, which can be better exploited if we drink it as a cinnamon tea. This spice contains sources of calcium, magnesium, iron, fibre and vitamins C and B1. This is why this tea is considered a natural remedy for the body. Because, it helps the body to heal itself. In addition, …

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Chai Tea

chai tea drink

The famous chai tea, is a tea composed of several spices. Such as; cinnamon, cloves, ginger, vanilla, aniseed, cardamom, among others. It has its origin in India, previously used to energize the body and keep the mind awake. It was mainly used in a sacred way. That is why this tea is very fashionable nowadays, …

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Ginger Tea

How to make ginger tea

The benefits of ginger tea are many, from anti-cold effects to helping with digestion. Best of all, it’s very easy to prepare, and you can drink it frequently because it helps with a lot of discomfort. Above all, drink it after a heavy meal, as it has anti-inflammatory benefits. Also, to increase its effects you …

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The Best Coffee Substitutes

coffee substitutes

If you love coffee and can’t live without it every day, but coffee is bad for you, this article is for you because we bring you here awsome coffee substitute recipes. In this post we will talk about the best alternative drinks to coffee, especially for those specific moments where the need for coffee goes …

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Induction Diffuser Plate

The arrival of induction cookers in homes was a revolution in kitchens: more power, greater precision and speed in reaching the right temperatures for cooking. However, induction hobs require that the containers used for cooking are suitable for this technology (if you have any doubts about how induction works, you can review it in our …

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Organic Coffee

organic coffee

On this post we will only talk about organic coffee beans, in whatever format, but always grown naturally, without chemicals and harvested in an environmentally friendly way. There are already enough references to “conventional” coffee on the market, so today we are going to stick to these, of higher quality and logically also of higher …

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Rechargeable Pods

Rechargeable Pods

Refillable pods, refillable pods, reusable pods, what else do we call them? We are talking about the same thing. With the growing popularity of pod coffee machines, a multitude of brands and types of refillable coffee pods have also been appearing, which many users demand in order to be able to use the speciality or …

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Top 5 Dolce Gusto Accessories

Top 5 Dolce Gusto Accessories

A necessary distinction must always be made between spare parts and “accessories” for Dolce Gusto itself. A spare part is something you need to make your machine work, while a Dolce Gusto accessory is, as its name suggests, something accessory, secondary, not indispensable. In other words, something you can give to a friend or relative …

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Top 5 Nespresso Accessories

Top 5 Nespresso Accessories

Nespresso is the most popular pod format, so it’s not surprising that there are dozens of Nespresso coffee machine accessories on the market. Some more useful, others less useful, of better or worse quality. If you are one of those who use your coffee machine every day, and want to complement its operation with the …

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Red Coffee Machines

Red Coffee Machines

The red coffee makers are an iconic manifestation of the evolution of these coffee machines, which were initially exclusively catering instruments, and later became a household appliance that everyone has at home. In this transition, colour and new, “modern” designs were also an important factor, as the vast majority of hotel and catering coffee machines …

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Pink Coffee Machines

retro style smeg pink coffee machine

If someone needs to buy a pink coffee machine online, they will usually have come to these lines first to find out. Because this is by no means a frequent option. Pink coffee machines are not the colour most often seen on display stands, nor are they the colour most frequently used by manufacturers in …

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Health Effects of Coffee

Health Effects of Coffee

Coffee is the most widely consumed beverage in the world (after water) and no one should be surprised by the number of queries and questions that are sent to us regarding coffee and its effects on health. We have already touched on this subject in our article on the benefits of coffee and its properties, …

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Why Do Coffee Machines Explode?

Why do coffee machines explode?

Today we are going to talk about a safety issue that surely worries many users: why do coffee machines explode? More specifically, Italian coffee machines, which are very popular for their simplicity and low price, but which also have this small – or large – drawback. Accidents with this type of machine are relatively frequent, …

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What is an Espresso Coffee?

What is an Espresso?

We are generally used to drinking black coffee, and we usually know any preparation with non-dairy coffee by this name. By extension, we sometimes confuse the denomination of espresso coffee with black coffee. Big mistake friends! Black coffee can have various intensities, various sizes (long, short), some people drink it with or without sugar, and …

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What is Ristretto Coffee?

What is a Ristretto?

We have already reviewed various coffee preparations on our website, and today it’s the turn of one that not many consumers know about; It’s the ristretto. Haven’t you ever heard this word before? Well, don’t worry because in these lines we will see how a ristretto espresso is made, what ristretto coffee is and some …

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