Philips coffee machines user manuals

Philips Coffee Machines User Manuals

We are not going to discover at this point the goodness of the Philips brand, some of whose machines are among the best-selling coffee machines of recent years, especially in its spectacular range of superautomatic coffee machines. On our website we have always distinguished ourselves by offering the most complete information possible to the user, …

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Chicory Coffee

Chicory Coffee

There are many drinks that are commonly taken and known as coffee substitutes, almost always by people who cannot consume caffeine or have some kind of intolerance. Among these alternative infusions is chicory coffee, a drink similar to other cereal and root beverages on the market, but of course with very particular properties. Originally, chicory …

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Black Tea: Benefits and Types

Black Tea

Black tea is one of the most consumed types of tea in the world thanks mainly to the fact that it has particular properties that are different from other types of tea. In particular, it is a tea with a high amount of theine (caffeine) and therefore it is usually consumed at breakfast and lunch. …

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what is Lingzhi black coffee?

Lingzhi Black Coffee

Lingzhi coffee is one of those variants of coffee that fully fall into the category of diet products and which basically consist of adding an ingredient to coffee to enhance or achieve certain properties. In this case, Lingzhi black coffee is characterised by two features: The presence of the reishi mushroom, which when dried and …

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Which green tea is the best?

Which type of Green Tea Is The Best

Green tea is one of the most widely consumed and most popular types of tea in the world, along with red and black tea. It is a mild tea, with hardly any oxidation, low in theine and with very interesting properties, especially from a dietary point of view. However, and despite the fact that most …

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Which is better, coffee or tea?

coffee or tea

In the world of herbal teas, with the exception of rooibos, coffee and tea clearly have the upper hand. A huge share of the market is shared between these two beverages that are known on all five continents, and the polarity is such that many people are hardcore consumers of one or the other (as …

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Which tea is best for weight loss

Tea For Weight Loss

Just as we learned about green coffee for weight loss, there are certain types of tea that can help you supplement a low-calorie weight loss diet. Of course, there is no natural slimming tea that will help you shed those extra pounds on its own, but some varieties do have better properties than others. If …

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Coffee machines for geeks

Creative coffee machines

We all have a family member or friend who is a geek (this is not meant in a derogatory way), that person with an intense fondness for a character, film or series, who maybe even collects all kinds of objects related to them. If you have to give a gift to this person, going for …

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What types of tea are there?

types of tea

In the world of tea and infusions fit many variants, and as we saw at the time in the guide of types of coffee, we will know in depth what are the types of tea that exist. Before knowing the main types of tea and its benefits, we have to emphasize that in the world …

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How much theine is in tea?

how much theine is in tea

We already know that tea, like coffee, contains a certain amount of caffeine. And just like coffee, the amount of caffeine in tea can vary greatly depending on the preparation and type of tea we choose. The first thing to clarify, because many people still get confused, is that caffeine and theine are exactly the …

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Is theine the same as caffeine?

Theine vs Caffeine

Sometimes tea and coffee drinkers are not necessarily different people. We all have our own preferences, and there are very coffee-drinkers (who don’t try tea) as well as very tea-drinkers (who don’t drink coffee). But there is also a large percentage of users who consume both beverages, or switch from one to the other for …

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Dolce Gusto Fruit Juice Pods

zutec dolce gusto fruit juice pods thumbnail

One of the great advantages or characteristic features of Dolce Gusto coffee machines is the possibility of making cold drinks; something that allows them to add a range of varieties to their capsule catalogue that distinguishes them from some of their direct rivals on the market. Proof of this are the broth and soup pods, …

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