Descalers for Coffee Machines

This section of our store is the perfect complement to the guides on coffee machine decalcification, so popular on our website. To perform this ordinary operation (although we don’t always pay due attention to it) in the maintenance of our coffee machine, you need to buy a coffee machine descaler liquid.

So here we are going to give a review of the most popular coffee machine descalers on the market. The variety is wide, and so are the alternatives – don’t put your coffee machine’s health at risk!

Tips before buying coffee machine descaler

Before you buy your coffee machine decalcifying liquid, you should bear in mind that there are many brands and many models on the market. It often confuses the user, who sometimes tends to buy the descaler from the same brand as his coffee machine (which is, of course, the one recommended by the manufacturer).

Not that this is a bad option, far from it. But we should know that descaler liquids are usually more expensive than universal coffee machine descalers. And they perform the same function as the others, because in the end, a coffee machine decalcifying liquid is nothing more than a chemical compound that dissolves in water and circulates through the machine’s internal pipes.

All this is explained in more detail here: How to decalcify a coffee machine.

An additional disadvantage that we find with the descalers for big brands of coffee machines is that in some cases, they come in sachets or individual doses. In other words: one sachet = one decalcification.

In the end, coffee machine descalers sold in bottles are much more accessible, because you only have to pour the amount you need into the tank, close the bottle and store it. Not a drop of product is wasted.

What brands of coffee machine descaler are there?

For example, there are:

These are the best known, but they all have a similar chemical composition and act in the same way, dissolving in water.

It means, for example, that if you have a Dolce Gusto coffee machine, you don’t necessarily have to buy a Dolce Gusto descaler. You can still keep your machine in perfect condition by using a universal coffee machine descaler liquid, like this one.

And of course, in the end, you always have the more natural, but not always recommended, “homemade” option of using vinegar to descale coffee machines.

Delonghi coffee machine descaler

Delonghi is one of the most prestigious brands in the entire coffee industry, and this is reflected in the fact that its catalogue covers all types of products. Among them, Delonghi coffee machine water descalers, which have one of the most extensive ranges of this type of product.

Descalers for Bosch Tassimo coffee machines

There are various descalers for Bosch coffee machines and also for Tassimo machines. Each box includes four descalers, and packs of one or several packs are sold together. However, please note that you will have to use two tablets in each cleaning cycle, so one pack will provide you with two descalers.

Can I find a coffee machine descalers in Argos?

Yes, as we have already seen in our article on Argo’s coffee machines, this popular chain is betting heavily on our industry. And on the same display as the coffee machines, you will also find a small box with the decalcifying liquids for the coffee machines. In Argos, it is usual to find those of the Bosch Tassimo brand, and the generic ones of Philips.

And what about the descalers for coffee machines in supermarkets?

Almost all supermarkets sell them too; you will find them as anti-limescale liquid for coffee machines. They usually are from their brand, and it is a generic bottle that can be used for any small household appliance that works with water like kettles, irons or sterilizers.

Can I use homemade coffee machine descalers?

Is it possible to clean the inside of your machine without buying any of the branded decalcifying liquids we have just seen? Yes, it is always possible, although you should bear in mind that it is advisable -and even more so given how cheap they are- to use your brand or manufacturer’s one.

The most popular option is to use a mild or natural acid, such as vinegar, to clean your coffee machine. However, many users also advocate using lemon juice or similar solutions. However, always use white distilled vinegar, because table vinegar will always contain more impurities. Whichever natural coffee machine descaler we use, it is reasonable to dilute it to 50% in hot water.

Which is the best universal coffee machine descaler?

If we leave aside the most well-known brands, we also find a wide range of generic descalers, which sometimes even serve to remove limescale from any appliance that works with a water tank (irons, teapots or electric kettles).

In this sense, for example, we can highlight the Russell Hobbs descaler, which can be used for everything. It acts quickly, leaves no odour, and is sold in 250 ml (a quarter of a litre) bottles.

Other exciting options include the Delonghi descalers, Menalux’s universal descaler, or this complete set from the EspressoVision brand, which comes in no less than ten bottles of decalcifying liquid for espresso machines, each containing 250 millilitres. Naturally, we can use any of these products as coffee machine descalers at home, with complete safety and guarantee.

On Amazon the most sold is the WoldoClean descaler:

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What about a good descaler for catering machines?

Commercial coffee machine descalers are not the same as home ones, mainly for two reasons: the amount used is not the same, and neither is the intensity at which they work. Remember that commercial appliances are used daily for many hours in a row, and are therefore much more exposed to the action of lime).

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The best-selling coffee machine descalers 2020

Do you want to know which is the most sold coffee machine decalcifying liquid today? Here is the answer:

Bestseller No. 1
But also more powerful against lime deposits in coffee machines; The 500 ml packaging is sufficient for five decalcification processes
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Ecozone Coffee Machine Cleaner and Descaler 500 ml - 5 Applications per bottle
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Delonghi Descaler for Coffee Machines and Espresso Machines
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DELONGHI Genuine EcoDecalk Coffee Machine Descaler Liquid 500ml SER3018
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Descaler Tablets for Coffee Machine and Kettle - 40x 16g Compatible with Tassimo Bosch
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