Descalers for coffee machines

In the past, I explained how to descale different coffee machines, so now I have created this blog section as the perfect complement.

Descaling is crucial in maintaining our coffee machine, although we don’t always give it the proper attention. Therefore, buying a specific descaling liquid is important, especially if your machine is under warranty.

In this section, I will show you the most popular descalers for each coffee machine in the market. The variety is wide, as each manufacturer recommends its product, although there are also universal descalers that work just as well.

Tips before buying coffee machine descaler

Before buying a coffee machine descaling liquid, you should know that two types are available on the market: those recommended by each brand and universal ones.

Suppose your coffee machine is under warranty or is new. In that case, buying the “official” descaler is recommended to avoid the brand blaming you for using an unauthorized product in case of future damage.

Although these descalers tend to be more expensive than universal ones, both perform the same function as they are chemical compounds that dissolve in water and circulate through the machine’s internal water circuit.

➡️ You can find more information about how to descale a coffee machine here.

  • Descalers from major brands sometimes come in sachets or individual doses, so you must use one for each descaling.
  • On the other hand, descalers sold in bottles are more accessible as you can pour the necessary amount into the tank and save the rest for later use, avoiding wastage.

Here are two of the best universal descalers you can buy online:

What brands of coffee machine descaler are there?

The most popular descaler brands include Saeco, Delonghi, Dolce Gusto, and Nespresso. However, these brands have similar chemical compositions and work by dissolving the product in water inside the coffee machine’s tank. The proportions are usually 50% – 50% for all of them.

So, if you have a Dolce Gusto coffee machine, you don’t necessarily need to use their specific descaler.

A universal descaling liquid can also keep your machine in great condition.

➡️ As a final option, you can use vinegar to descale your coffee machine, although this natural method may not be recommended for all appliances.

Descalers for Delonghi coffee machines

Delonghi offers a wide range of coffee machine water descalers, reflecting its prestigious position in the coffee industry, as demonstrated by its extensive product catalogue.

Descalers for Dolce Gusto y Nespresso

Descalers for Dolce Gusto and Nespresso are of high quality, just like those of Delonghi. However, unlike Delonghi, descalers from these brands are usually more expensive than universal ones. It would be best to consider whether you will pay the extra price.

Descalers for Bosch Tassimo coffee machines

Descaling products are available for both Bosch and Tassimo coffee machines. Each box typically contains four descaling tablets, and they are sold in packs of one or multiple boxes.

However, two tablets are recommended for each cleaning cycle, so one box will provide two cleaning sessions.

Descalers for coffee machines in supermarkets

Supermarkets also offer descalers for coffee machines, usually sold as anti-limescale liquids. These descalers are often sold under the store’s brand and come in a generic bottle that can be used for various small household appliances that require water, such as kettles, irons, or sterilizers.

Is it possible to use homemade descalers for coffee machines?

Yes, it is possible to clean the inside of your coffee machine without purchasing branded descaling liquids. However, it is recommended -especially considering their low cost- to use the descaler from your brand or manufacturer.

A mild acid such as vinegar is the most popular option as a homemade descaler for your coffee machine. However, it is important always to use white distilled vinegar, as dark vinegar may contain more impurities and can stain parts of the machine and leave a stronger smell.

Whatever natural coffee machine descaler is used should be diluted to 50% in water inside the reservoir.

Which is the best universal coffee machine descaler?

Let’s put aside the most famous brands and look at various available generic descalers. These products can even remove limescale from appliances with water tanks, such as irons, teapots, or electric kettles.

  • For instance, one of the most notable generic descalers is the Ecozone, an all-purpose solution that acts fast, leaves no smell and is available in 500 ml bottles.
  • Another exciting option is the Maxxi Clean descaler, which comes in 750 ml bottles and can be used safely and with a guarantee as a coffee machine descaler at home.

Descalers for commercial coffee machines?

Descalers for commercial coffee machines differ from those used at home, mainly due to the quantity used and the intensity at which they work.

It is important to remember that commercial appliances are used daily for many hours continuously and, therefore, are much more exposed to the action of limescale.

The best-selling coffee machine descalers 2023

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