How to descale a Nespresso coffee machine

Every time we use our Nespresso coffee maker to prepare coffee, the water from the reservoir flows through the internal circuits of the coffee maker, leaving small accumulations of lime sediments as it goes. These traces are almost imperceptible, but they can affect the coffee’s taste and the coffee maker’s performance over time.

These lime deposits can accumulate and completely obstruct the circuits of your Nespresso, reducing the water pressure, the temperature of the coffee and altering its taste. To remedy this situation, it is necessary to descale the coffee maker as soon as possible.

When should I descale my Nespresso?

The frequency of descaling a Nespresso (or any other manufacturer) depends on the hardness of the water you use to prepare your coffee.

➡️ If you use tap water, you should check the water hardness in your area.

Nespresso is one of the many brands that recommend descaling your coffee maker after preparing a certain amount. As shown in the image below, taken from the user manual of Nespresso Citiz, there are three types of water that affect the frequency of descaling.

Excerpt from the Nespresso Citiz coffee machine manual on descaling frequency
Excerpt from the Nespresso Citiz coffee machine manual on descaling frequency

➡️ For those who are not water experts, the translation of the table is as follows:

  • If the water is hard, descale your Nespresso every approximately 300 coffees prepared.
  • For soft water, it is ideal for descaling the machine every 600 coffees.
  • If the water is filtered, you can prepare over 1000 drinks before descaling again.

What do I need to descale a Nespresso machine?

Before descaling your Nespresso machine, ensuring you have everything necessary for the descaling process is important. Make sure to take note if you’re missing any of them.

  • The essential element for descaling your coffee machine is the descaler liquid.
  • You’ll also need a container with a minimum capacity of 700 ml or 1 litre to collect the water the coffee maker extracts.
  • Also, it is important to have a clean, damp cloth to wipe down the external components of your Nespresso machine once the descaling process is complete.

Nespresso descaler

It is recommended to use the official Nespresso descaling kit, which contains a citrus-based solution for descaling your coffee machine. The kit typically includes enough doses to perform two descaling processes.

Krups descaler

Krups offers a universal descaling kit that can be used for Krups coffee machines and Nespresso machines manufactured by Krups. This package is known as Krups Nespresso Descaler and can effectively help you descale your coffee machine.

Decalcifier EcoDecalk Delonghi

Delonghi’s EcoDecalc descaler is highly popular and widely sold online, making it another great option for descaling your coffee machine.

How to descale a Nespresso coffee machine step by step

This process will take about 20 minutes.

  1. Empty the machine. Remove any coffee pods and empty the used pod container.
  2. Use a large cup to collect the dirty water. Place a container to collect the water with impurities that the machine will pour out during the process.
  3. Pour the water and descaler into the water tank. Fill the tank with half a litre of clean, cold water and add the Nespresso descaling liquid.
  4. Start a descaling cycle in the machine. Activate the descaling mode by pressing the two buttons (espresso and lungo) for 3 seconds. Note that the buttons you need to press may vary depending on the model of your Nespresso machine. Check the instruction manual for guidance.
  5. Press the lungo button. Once the descaling function is activated, press the large cup button and wait for the descaling liquid mixed with water to run through the inside of your machine until the water tank is empty.
  6. Reuse the water and descaling liquid solution and repeat the process. The machine will stop the process when the reservoir is empty.
  7. Clean the limescale residues. After descaling, empty the water tank and rinse or clean it thoroughly. Fill the tank with fresh and clean water to prepare the machine for the next use. Press the large cup button to let the freshwater run through the machine’s circuits.
  8. Exit the descaling mode. Press the same two buttons you pressed in Step 4 to deactivate the descaling mode of your coffee machine and complete the descaling process.

Videos about how to descale a Nespresso coffee machine

The descaling process for Nespresso machines can vary slightly depending on the model. If the basic instructions are insufficient, official Nespresso videos are available to provide detailed explanations on how to describe all Nespresso coffee machine models. Here are the links to these videos.

How to descale a Nespresso with vinegar or lemon juice

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to the official Nespresso descaling procedure, you can use vinegar or lemon juice to descale your Nespresso machine. Although this method is not recommended by Nespresso, many users seek it.

➡️ Here’s a video explaining how to use white vinegar to descale a Nespresso machine:

Here are some additional helpful tips for descaling your coffee maker:

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