krups: Problem-Solving

The Krups coffee machine manufacturer is one of those with the largest market share, not only because of its extensive range of Krups espresso and super automatic machines, but also because of all the coffee machines they make for the Nespresso and Dolce Gusto capsule brands. If you add them all up, we have a very large number of coffee machines.

For all these reasons, queries about problems and breakdowns in Krups coffee machines are very common among our audience. And it was time to answer them with a proper compilation article.

The queries listed here are the most common, but we are always committed to updating the guide with new answers to new issues. We also remind you that you can download the user manual for your Krups coffee machine, which in some cases may also help you.

My Krups coffee machine does not stop flashing

This is a common problem with Krups coffee machines: the lights flashing. But only in coffee pod machines. And the good news is that this is usually not a malfunction but simply a descaling warning.

To get rid of it, simply descale your coffee machine when you get the descaling warning. This last point is very important, as some machines have what is called “descaling mode“, and even if you descale it correctly yourself, the warning will not disappear if you do not clean it at the moment when the machine warns you.

So now you know that if your Krups coffee machine flashes three times, it means that it has entered descaling mode and you should descale it at that precise moment (and not leave it for later or whenever it suits you).

Flashing “Clean” light on Krups super automatic coffee machine

In the previous section we have dealt with a problem that mainly affects Krups capsule machines, but there is a similar issue with flashing lights that occurs in automatic machines.

As you can see in the video below, in these Krups EA models the light does not flash three times but flashes when trying to operate the machine. It is a rapid flashing that is usually accompanied by the same movement in other indicator lights, and that is maintained even when you try to turn the machine off.

What it means is that the coffee machine cannot continue to operate as before if you do not clean it first. It may seem a bit cumbersome, but it is a kind of safety measure that the appliance imposes to prevent you from continuing to use it and worsening its condition.

The way to solve it is to carry out a complete cleaning process (not only descaling, but also cleaning and emptying all the components without exception) like the one shown in this video:

If you do it correctly, after a few minutes the Clean light on your Krups coffee machine will stop flashing.

My Krups coffee machine is stuck

There are many reasons why a coffee machine can get stuck. In fact, “unclogging” or “descaling” a coffee machine can have different meanings depending on the type of machine we are talking about.

In the case of Krups capsule coffee machines, if it is stuck, it usually means that the coffee pod holder is vacuum and you are not able to lift it out or lift it up. If this is the case, try these two techniques:

  • Wait about an hour to see if the capsule is no longer under pressure and the vacuum effect is naturally removed.
  • Or, start the coffee machine and let the water flow through (as if you were making a coffee, but without putting in a new capsule), to achieve the same goal.

The most important thing is that when you try to lift the lever of your stuck Krups coffee machine, you do it firmly but carefully (you may break the nozzle). Never go to the extreme of forcing it.

On the other hand, if we are talking about clogged Krups espresso or automatic coffee machines, the most common cause is that they have been poorly cleaned or maintained, and residue has formed inside the machine, hindering the normal flow of water.

These problems can usually be solved by performing a complete cleaning and descaling cycle (although it is always best to anticipate and keep your coffee maker’s maintenance up to date).

How to reset a Krups coffee machine

The process of resetting or resetting a Krups coffee machine refers exclusively to models manufactured for the Nespresso brand (the Dolce Gusto models do not have this reset function). More specifically, it refers to resetting the coffee size settings (single and double espresso) to factory defaults.

Why might you need to reset your Krups coffee machine? Well, because many of these machines not only come with two pre-set coffee sizes, but also allow you to program them to your liking. You can set this size for short espresso, and that size for long espresso.

And of course, at some point you lose your way or you want to return to the factory settings (which are usually quite balanced) and there is no way of knowing what they were.

To reset your Krups coffee machine, simply press and hold the long espresso button, turn it off and then turn it on again without releasing it. Easy, isn’t it?

Krups coffee machine leaks water from the base

We already know that when a coffee machine leaks water, the problem can be in two places: either from the top or from the bottom.

When a Krups coffee machine leaks water from below (from the base), the problem usually comes from loose hoses or gaskets. Or worn/broken due to the passage of time.

When this happens, the solution is cumbersome and many users have no choice but to take their coffee machine to a service centre. Others, the more crafty ones, may have fun dismantling it and checking one by one the components that may have water leaks. Check the internal pipes or hoses, but also the tank and the boiler.

On the other hand, if your Krups coffee machine is leaking from the top, the reason for the fault is quite different:

Krups coffee machine leaks water from the top

When it comes to Krups coffee pod machines that leak water from the top, there is almost always a common denominator: poor cleaning. If not cleaned regularly, coffee residues and grounds harden and dry out, forming sediments that eventually end up blocking the water flow.

Depending on the design of each coffee machine, these obstructions can lead to various problems: the water does not come out, the machine does not get hot… or, as in this case, the water ends up coming out of a different place from where it was intended.

In this video we can see it perfectly. It is of a Nespresso Citiz by Krups:

No water comes out of my Krups coffee machine

This is a more delicate question, which may have to do with an actual fault.

Just in case, before going any further, we advise you to check that the water tank is properly connected and fitted into the machine. Sometimes it seems to be correctly fitted, but in reality it has not “clicked” into place and therefore the boiler does not receive water even if the machine is switched on.

Once this check has been carried out, if your Krups coffee machine does not pour water, there are only two alternatives: there may be a blockage caused by sediment, or there may be a fault in the pressure pump.

You’d better hope you’re lucky and it’s the first case. All you have to do is clean your coffee machine properly (although you may have to disassemble it to clean internal components) and if it is the second case… the only thing we can recommend is that you take it to the technical service. They will be able to open it up and order a replacement to fit your coffee machine with a new pressure pump, which will look something like this:

How to repair the button on a Krups coffee pod machine

Krups capsule coffee machines, whatever brand they are, tend to last for many years at home and the switches eventually break down through sheer wear and tear. This is not a serious problem, nor is it difficult to solve, but it does prevent us from using it correctly.

Obviously, there are different Krups models and the disassembly instructions may differ from one model to another. We can’t give a detailed and individual explanation for each machine, but with this video you can certainly get an idea. It corresponds to one of the first Nespresso Essenza on the market, a model that may already be 10-15 years old.

This video is not in English but the reparation is so easy that you don’t even need the audio.

Can a Krups coffee machine be cleaned with vinegar?

Vinegar has always been a substance that has traditionally been used for cleaning and descaling domestic appliances… especially those related to the food or beverage process (such as coffee machines) because it is an edible ingredient and does not leave chemical residues.

However, today the industry has come a long way and there are dozens of totally safe descaling liquids that are more effective and leave less residue than vinegar. You can always clean your Krups coffee machine with vinegar, but for the little money they cost, we always recommend using the official products recommended by the manufacturers.

In this article we talk more in depth about this topic: Is vinegar good for descaling coffee machines?