How to Use Coffee Capsules without a Coffee Maker

The idea of using coffee capsules without a coffee maker is nothing new. It’s as old as the coffee pod itself. Because among so many millions of coffee users around the world, rarely someone doesn’t come up with some “crazy idea” to experiment with the products right away. And single doses are not going to be an exception, of course.

That’s the case of coffee pods without a machine. Why would anyone want to brew coffee from coffee capsules without a coffee machine? Aren’t single doses supposed to be consumables associated with a particular brand or format?

Yes, but in the end, the coffee is already prepared inside the capsule, and the only thing needed to enjoy the drink is to make water pass through it. It’s easy to try, and there’s no doubt that someone has already done it before you.

Why do we want to make coffee capsules without a machine?

The reasons for making coffee capsules without a machine can be many and varied, but the main one is to experiment and not to limit ourselves to a specific brand of the coffee machine.

For example: imagine that you have a Dolce Gusto coffee machine at home, but you want to try a particular variety of coffee that only exists in Nespresso. What do you do if you don’t have a multi-capsule machine? Well, that’s it: try to get the coffee out on your own.

Another reason, also very respectable, for making a capsule coffee without a machine is to use a higher quality coffee that is more convenient than the classic instant coffees sold in pre-packaged cans. Many consumers have to use this system of instant coffee for convenience, but they don’t like instant coffee in supermarkets.

In this case, they can try some capsules because the procedure, as we will explain later, has certain similarities with instant coffee and allows you to do it in the same conditions (motor homes, excursions, camping sites, absence of electricity).

What do we need to use coffee capsules without a machine?

It’s nothing complicated, but you need a little preparation beforehand. You can make coffee from capsules without a coffee maker, as long as you have the following elements or ingredients prepared:

  • Your favourite coffee capsule (any brand, format or variety).
  • A container, cup or glass, suitable for microwave.
  • Water. You need the same amount of water that you usually use in your coffees.
  • A microwave. As an alternative, you can use a kettle and have the water already hot beforehand, but it is not optimal. As we will see later, it is better to dissolve the coffee a little and then heat it all together.

With this second method, you can prepare the coffee capsules without a machine in a similar way to how we would make instant coffee. Of course, not all capsule coffees, not all varieties and not all brands have a 100% soluble content. But well, it doesn’t cost much to test. Let’s learn the steps:

How to make coffee capsules without a machine, step by step

To find out how to use the coffee capsules without their corresponding coffee maker, follow these simple instructions.

Time required: 5 minutes.

  1. Break the capsule: It would be best if you did it from the top, preferably with a pair of scissors or a knife.
  2. Pour the coffee into the water: Remember that the capsules already come with a measured and prepared dose, so don’t waste anything. Pour all the coffee into your glass or cup.
  3. Stir it well. It is essential so that no lumps or clumps are formed. The coffee will not dissolve wholly because that is why we are going to heat it later, but it is convenient to stir the content well in the water before putting it in the microwave.
  4. Let’s heat it! Now, after the first stirring, it’s time to heat up the water (we can’t call this mixture “coffee” yet). The estimated time will be between 30 and 60 seconds, depending on the power of your microwave.
  5. When the microwave finishes heating, you should take out the glass, check its temperature and continue stirring for a while. The coffee will not be made immediately after heating it because we are not talking about instant coffee but regular ground coffee intended to be used in espresso preparation.

As you can see, the process is vaguely similar to the one we follow to use microwave coffee makers, and it is also related to preparing instant coffee initially.

In short, one more method or alternative to adding to the options we propose in the guide on how to make coffee without a coffee maker – imagination to power!

What does capsule coffee taste like when prepared without a coffee maker?

You’re probably curious to know what capsule coffee without a machine tastes like. Well, if you’ve paid attention to the instructions on how to make a pod coffee without a coffee machine, you’ll have noticed that the coffee is smoothly filtered in the first method and infused into the water in the second method. In other words, no pressure is applied.

And this means that the resulting beverage will not be an espresso (even if the specific capsule we have chosen on that occasion is of an espresso variety).

Besides, the result or validity of these methods will also depend on how the coffee inside the capsule is. For example, speciality coffees with milk or mixed (i.e. with powdered milk) have better solubility properties than those with plain coffee, and therefore will work better with this method of preparing coffee from capsules without having a coffee maker nearby. You won’t know for sure until you’ve tried several, so let’s get to work!