Cecotec: Problem-Solving

⚠️ Before getting into the subject, here is a list of the elements and products you may need to solve the problem of your Cecotec coffee machine: descalers, capacitors, fuses or some spare parts.

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Cumbia coffee makers from Cecotec are one of the brands that have experienced the greatest growth in recent years. The number of models in the homes does not stop growing… and as time goes by, the greater the population of coffee machines, the greater the number of breakdowns, problems and doubts about their operation will arise in the long term. It is a law of life.

This produces a tremendous demand for documentation and solutions to the problems of Cecotec coffee makers, and our work as a reference portal is to accommodate it in our pages. So we have compiled the common problems and breakdowns in Cecotec coffee machines, using our experience and the testimonies of our readers.

My Cecotec Coffee Machine Does Not Work

We start with a classic problem common to many manufacturers: Does your Cecotec coffee maker not turn on? Are you unable to even start it up? Well, don’t despair. The cause of your Cecotec coffee maker not working (or even turning on) is almost always a fuse or defective capacitor.

Fortunately, as you have seen above, capacitors are quite cheap and easy to find on Amazon. Another thing is that you are skilled enough to open the machine and replace them.

There are many videos on Youtube dealing with this subject since, as we say, this breakdown is common to many electrical appliances. Here is an example:

Of course, this is much more likely and logical to happen to you with an old, widely used coffee maker. If your Cecotec coffee maker does not turn on and it is a new model, it is already more worrying… (But the solution we propose is the same).

The Cecotec Coffee Machine Does Not Heat

When you notice that your Cecotec coffee machine does not heat the water, two independent cases must be assessed:

The first is that the boiler has not heated up the water completely (therefore, the machine will work well, but you will notice cold or warm coffee).

This can happen for two reasons: because we start our coffee maker too quickly and do not give it time to heat up properly, or because there is a high accumulation of residue and sediment in the boiler. For the first reason, the solution is patience, and to solve the second one, we must decalcify our Cecotec coffee machine.

In the second place, a much more serious circumstance can occur, and that is that there really is a fault in the Thermoblock or heating system of our machine.

There is nothing much we can do there, except take it to the technical service. It needs to be repaired. In most cases, it will be enough to replace the damaged part, which, as we say, will be the Thermoblock that heats the water or the thermostat that controls the temperature.

No Water Is Coming Out Of My Cecotec Coffee Machine

Okay, here we go in parts.

The first thing is to check that the tank has enough water and that it is well connected to the coffee maker. Yes, the first thing is to check the platitudes, just in case.

Second possibility: the pressure pump (if we are talking about espresso machines). A pressure failure means that no water is pumped, and therefore no water flows from the tank to the boiler or from the boiler to the coffee group. An ulka pump is not too expensive, but the problem is what the service charges for the repair and labour.

Third guess: if the pressure is correct and your Cecotec coffee maker pumps correctly, the fact that no water is coming out can be due to a leak or a break in any of the internal circuits where it should circulate. Here, again, it will touch repair.

No Steam Escapes From The Steamer Tube

If your Cecotec coffee machine does not steam, the cause can be twofold:

  1. From the steam system itself. Sometimes it is dirty or blocked by milk, so make sure you clean it well with a needle or very fine solid object.
  2. That no water is being supplied (remember that in espresso machines water is used for both the coffee and the steamer). If this is the problem, go over what we said in the previous section about water supply problems in Cecotec coffee makers.
  3. It can also be due to an accumulation of scale or lime in the internal pipes. In this case, decalcification would be the most immediate solution.

No Coffee Comes Out Of My Cecotec Coffee Machine

Sometimes it can happen that your Cecotec coffee maker does not serve coffee, only water… or aguaucia. That is, everything seems to work apparently well, but the result in your cup is not the colour you expect.

This is something that happens more or less in automatic machines (Power Matic-Ccino model), and the reason is usually a clogging of the ground coffee inlet. We explain this to you:

The coffee beans are stored in a tank in the coffee machine, but the ground coffee is not. It simply has an entrance where you serve just the ground coffee that is to be used in the extraction. It is used immediately. So, if you ever pour too much in, a certain amount may remain there unused, and over time it will compact or solidify. The reasons for this are various: heat, humidity, unusual temperatures… remember that it is a direct entrance for the coffee, not a conduit prepared for storage.

If this conduit becomes clogged, the coffee will not pass through. The solution, in this case, is simple: unclog this pipe with an elongated object or a coffee cleaning brush. And the prevention is even simpler: never pour more ground coffee than the manufacturer recommends.

What If No Milk Comes Out?

If your Cecotec coffee maker does not produce milk, this is a problem exclusive to the Instant-Ccino or Power Matic-Ccino models (versions 7000 and up), which are the only ones with an additional tank for the emulsions.

There can be two causes or two different circumstances for milk not coming out of your Cecotec coffee machine:

1- It does not take the milk from the tank

This is not usually a fault but a problem of adjustment or connection of components. If your Cecotec coffee maker does not take the milk from the tank, check it in this order:

  • That there is enough milk in the tank (it is obvious, but it is the first thing we should look at).
  • That the milk tank is well closed.
  • That the sleeve is correctly positioned (on both ends: both to the milk tank and to the coffee machine).
  • That the cappuccinatore has its cap correctly placed on the other outlet (remember that it has two ends where the liquid can come out).

2- Take the milk, but no froth comes out of the steamer

In other words, the coffee maker takes the milk from the tank but then does not emulsify it well. When this happens, it is usually not a machine failure but a bad configuration on our part.

The Power Matic-Ccino model has a dial that regulates the density of the emulsion, or in other words, the amount of air that is injected into the milk. If we have this setting too low, it is possible that the result is not different from normal milk, and then it seems to us that no milk froth is coming out of our Cecotec coffee machine.

Yellow (Or Orange) Light On Cecotec Coffee Machines

The yellow light on a Cecotec coffee maker (or orange, depending on how you look at it), like on many other manufacturers and types of coffee machines, is a warning of decalcification. It means that we must start a cycle to decalcify the machine and clean it well inside.

How To Clean My Cecotec Coffee Machine Correctly

The time needed: 30 minutes.

As with any self-respecting coffee machine, if you want a long and profitable life for your new machine, it is important that you follow the basic cleaning steps of your Cecotec coffee machine to the letter.

  1. Decalcification
    This process must be done frequently in all models, although the periodicity will depend on the hardness of the water in your area. The recommended frequency is between 3-6 months.
  2. Clean the well container and the coffee group
    Both elements can accumulate traces of ground coffee during processing. In the first case it is obvious, but in the second case not so much. Clean them well every few weeks, because the ground coffee can solidify over time.
  3. Empty the water tray
    In the super-automatics (Power Matic-Ccino model), there are internal cleaning programs that run automatically… and waste water. It is convenient to be aware of this and empty it so that it does not overflow unexpectedly and put everything in ruins.
  4. Review the accessories with soap and water
    The cappuccinatore, the milk tank, and in general any removable element of any model, even if in theory they can be put in the dishwasher, will always last longer if you clean them by hand gently with a damp cloth.

Starting With My New Cecotec: First Use And Recommendations

If you are an experienced user and have had several machines in your hands, you can probably skip this step. But if this is your first Cecotec coffee machine, the first use is a procedure that you should always take care of. It does not cost anything to complete the following steps:

  • Fill the water tank to the top (never exceed the limit).
  • Make sure the tank is properly closed and fitted.
  • Press the power button so that the water starts to reach the boiler and can be heated.
  • If your machine has a steamer, activate it to release some hot water and clean the internal pipes. You can use this hot water for infusions, cleaning… don’t waste it.

NOTE: the steps for the first use of your Cecotec coffee machine may vary according to the specific characteristics of each model. In case of doubt, always consult the relevant Cecotec user manual to be sure.

Cecotec Coffee Machine: Error 3

Many household appliances, including Cumbia Cecotec coffee machines, have numerical error codes which indicate various types of malfunction in the operation of the machine. The problem is that these error codes are incomprehensibly not explained in the operating instructions.

The error code 3 on Cecotec coffee machines (err-3) is one of the most frequent codes on the Power Matic-Ccino model (logical, as almost none of the others have a display to inform about these things). And it is usually related to a jam or bad cleaning of the grinder.

It is possible that you get the err-3 when you finish using the coffee machine, and then you turn it off, and the next time you can make a normal coffee again. But beware: this does not mean that the problem has been solved. The grinder will still be stuck, and what you need to do is clean it. Here is a video from Cecotec that explains how:

This is our collection of advice and solutions for Cecotec coffee machines. It is impossible to reflect all the problems of all users, but at least we have tried to provide as complete and general a list as possible.

If you do not find the exact solution to your Cecotec coffee machine problem here, at least you will have a good starting point with references to investigate on your own. And, of course, we invite you to share your doubt with the rest of the community in our comments section.