Dolce Gusto: Light Colours of the Power Button

Many are the users who write us or leave comments frequently with doubts about the colour of the lights of their Dolce Gusto coffee maker. Apart from the classic general tips for Dolce Gusto coffee machines, there is a lot of interest in this particular topic. And be careful; even if this has never happened to you, it will also be right for you to get to know it if you are thinking of buying a Dolce Gusto coffee maker.

Why does my Dolce Gusto light turn yellow instead of green? What do I do if my Dolce Gusto light turns red? What if my Dolce Gusto light flashes red? The questions are many, and the truth is that users get too distracted by this topic.

This is one of the articles with the most comments and participation from readers in our entire community. And that doesn’t happen by chance.

As you know, the power button on your Dolce Gusto coffee maker is colour-coded to indicate different machine states, and these colours sometimes confuse users. But the truth is that these three colours (red, yellow and green) usually have a similar meaning on all occasions. You have to interpret whether the light in question is flashing or not.

And of course, it’s not all that easy because not all Dolce Gusto coffee makers include the colour yellow/orange (which is usually a warning of decalcification).

Today we are going to shed some light on these and many other doubts, and we are going to see what each colour code means in the lights of the Dolce Gusto coffee machines.

The power button has a green light

The first thing you should consider is the Dolce Gusto coffee maker model you have at home. The newer models, such as the Oblo or Jovia, have a different and more complete colour code than the older Dolce Gusto coffee machines. All of them have the green colour code in common: if your Dolce Gusto coffee machine has the green button in a fixed position, it means that it is ready to use and there is no problem.

dolce gusto green light

Note: as long as the button lights up green in a fixed manner. If it flashes green, it is an anomaly and possibly related to the capacitors on the coffee maker’s plate (translation: an electrical problem that causes no power to reach the coffee maker). In this case, it may be that the coffee maker either does not start or starts but is not able to heat the water.

As we will see below, the colours red and orange offer more doubts. Let’s take a look at them:

My Dolce Gusto has an orange light

dolce gusto orange light

It is the case that most misleads users. If the light of your Dolce Gusto turns orange (or yellow) permanently, it means that you must decalcify the coffee machine. Follow the instructions of your Dolce Gusto regarding decalcification (see instruction manuals here), and when you have finished the process, turn it on again. The standard procedure is to press the button and hold it down for 5 seconds to enter decalcification mode.

Once the process is completed, the power button will then start flashing green – Test passed!

The orange decalcification light is a function that is incorporated into some of the latest Dolce Gusto models, such as the Lumio or the Colors.

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For more information, visit the official Dolce Gusto website: decalcify your coffee machine with the orange flashing light.

I have already decalcified, but the orange light is still on

Another problem that happens to a lot of people (as you can see in the comments too). We know that the yellow light on our Dolce Gusto coffee maker (or orange light, as we like it) means a decalcification warning. We disqualify the coffee maker, we do everything right, we turn it back on, and the damn light is still on! But what’s going on here? Didn’t decalcifying solve the problem?

If the orange light is still on after decalcifying, it’s because you didn’t do the operation in “decalcifying mode”.

The operation is the same, and your decalcification was correct. The coffee machine is clean inside, the result is the same, but if you don’t decalcify it inside the “decalcifying mode”, the light will still be on because the coffee maker has no other way of knowing whether you’ve done the process or not.

WORKAROUND: To remove this warning, as long as you are sure you have correctly decalcified the brewer, you must press and hold the power button for 30 seconds. The light will then turn green again.

But next time remember to decalcify it within the decalcification mode!

My Dolce Gusto has the red light flashing

Don’t worry, if the button flashes red, there’s probably no problem. Every time you turn on your Dolce Gusto coffee maker, you must wait a few seconds for the water to heat up before you can prepare the coffees. During this time, the coffee maker’s power button flashes red to warn you not to use it.

It is a temporary warning, which should only last a few seconds. When the heating process is complete, the button will change to permanent green, and then you can start using the brewer. If your Dolce Gusto brewer is manual (not automatic), remember that you cannot move the lever until the light turns green.

The power button also flashes red for about 5 seconds each time you have finished brewing a cup of coffee. It means that you must not open the coffee machine or remove the capsule during this time. It is just a form of warning.

dolce gusto red light flashes

If your Dolce Gusto coffee maker has a red light flashing and never turns green, then try cleaning the nozzle – the tube where the water comes out – with the cleaning needle that comes with every coffee maker. It’s probably stuck.

If the red button lights up permanently instead of flashing, then you need to worry a little more. Read on to find out why:

My Dolce Gusto has a permanent red light

If the light on the power button is permanently red – and not flashing – the brewer is warning you that it has a fault or technical problem. The recommendation, in this case, is to turn off the brewer immediately and check if you have any blocked capsules inside or any similar incidence.

Unplug the brewer completely (including from the mains) and plug it back in and switch it on again after about 30 minutes. If everything has gone well, the power button should start flashing green.

If it continues to flash red, then the problem is more serious, and it is best to call Dolce Gusto customer service.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Many of the causes of this permanent red light failure have to do with the power and the electrical board of the brewer. Check this post to find out how to fix it and to see if the symptoms match your own. Maybe you’ll find the solution in it: My Dolce Gusto coffee maker doesn’t turn on.