What is freeze-dried coffee?

A few days ago we were talking about soluble coffee on our website, but not many users know one more twist on this popular product, which has managed to raise the traditional quality standards of instant coffee for life.

We are talking about freeze dried soluble coffee, a preparation that manages to preserve the aromas of the original coffee better and therefore allows better results in the cup (which is what counts) than traditional soluble coffee.

Freeze-dried instant coffee is nothing more than an evolution of soluble coffee. It is not produced using the classic hot spray drying process, but rather using a dry freezing process.

The result is similar to soluble coffee (freeze-dried and granulated coffee), but the freeze-dried coffee bean preserves its original aromas much better, thanks to the freezing at very low temperatures.

Freeze-dried soluble coffee is very popular in Colombia and other South American countries, and is becoming increasingly popular in Europe, but still has a much smaller market share than normal soluble coffee.

In today’s article, we will learn all the details about freeze dried soluble coffee, how it is processed, what its advantages are and, of course, how to get it. To open your mouth, here we leave you with the main alternatives we have today to buy freeze-dried coffee from Amazon:

Juan Valdez freeze-dried soluble coffee

If you are looking for the best freeze dried coffee, you will most likely end up evaluating a variety from the prestigious producer Juan Valdez. Juan Valdez coffee is known throughout the world, and has become the standard of Colombian coffee, with soluble coffee being one of its main lines of production.

And in turn, within soluble coffee, there is a specific line dedicated to Juan Valdez freeze-dried soluble coffee. This is a freeze-dried Arabica coffee that retains the same properties and prestige that its brand has historically enjoyed.

When we go to buy Juan Valdez freeze dried coffee, we find four varieties on Amazon: a natural soluble coffee in a large pot, a small pot, a decaffeinated coffee and a format of freeze-dried coffee in sachets.

Freeze-dried coffee brands

Beyond Juan Valdez, there are other important brands of freeze-dried coffee. The most notable of these is Nescafé freeze dried coffee, which is logical since we already know that Nescafé is the flagship brand of soluble coffee. Nescafé Gold freeze-dried coffee is very popular.

Nescafe Gold Blend Freeze Dried Instant Coffee 200g
  • Packaging Info: Recyclable..
  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Country of Origin: Switzerland.
  • Freeze Dried

Of the other manufacturers, it should be noted that all brands usually market only one variety of freeze-dried coffee (within their soluble coffee line).

Decaffeinated freeze-dried coffee

There are fewer options if we want to buy decaffeinated freeze-dried soluble coffee. We try to summarize in this gallery all those currently available on Amazon:

Benefits of freeze-dried coffee: Properties

The advantages of freeze dried coffee can be summarised in the following points:

  • Freeze-dried coffee is a very porous coffee; therefore, it absorbs water (or milk) very well. It is an ideal product not only for preparing coffee drinks, but also for use in recipes and the kitchen.
  • Freeze-drying preserves the original aromas and organoleptic properties of ground coffee better than normal soluble coffee. It is milder and tastes better.
  • It can be used perfectly in both hot and cold water.

How freeze-dried coffee is made

The freeze-drying process of coffee consists of freezing the coffee extract at very low temperatures (-50º or less), and then applying a vacuum extraction so that the coffee granules or crystals are in contact with the hot air as little as possible.

In this way, the water in the coffee extract changes from a solid to a gaseous state directly (it never becomes liquid). This change from one state to another is called sublimation.

Why is coffee freeze dried? Mainly because the combination of freezing at very low temperatures and vacuum conservation allows the coffee to keep almost all its properties intact, in a much more complete and faithful way than in the case of soluble coffee dried with dry vacuum.

In short: freeze-dried soluble coffee is more complex to process, but the result is much better and worthwhile.

Differences between soluble and freeze-dried coffee

They are both types of soluble coffee, and at first glance, they do not differ at all. The only differences between freeze-dried and unfreeze-dried soluble coffee lie in the previous manufacturing process. Once it is on sale, you will not be able to differentiate a freeze-dried bean from a normal one.

Later, in the cup, the freeze dried coffee will preserve better its original conditions, so the drink will be more tasty and authentic than the one prepared with normal soluble coffee.

Here we briefly list the differences between freeze-dried coffee and soluble coffee:

  • Freeze-dried soluble coffee undergoes a freezing process at a very low temperature.
  • The water in the freeze-dried coffee extract goes directly from solid to gaseous (never liquid). In unfreeze dried soluble coffee, the liquid water must be extracted as such from each granule.
  • If you need to use soluble coffee for cooking or making recipes, it is much better to use a freeze-dried variety.

How to prepare freeze-dried coffee

Once you have it at home, the freeze-dried coffee is prepared just like the soluble one: you add the amount of coffee you want over a cup of hot water (or milk, as you like). The differences between soluble coffee and freeze-dried coffee lie solely in the manufacturing process.