Individual Sugar Sachets

“Coffee, black and without sugar”. Or at least that’s what the most puristic espresso drinkers say. However, most consumers prefer to drink their coffee with milk (in greater or lesser quantities) and with some sugar.

Some serve it a little bit; some take it with two individual sugar sachets; the variety is the taste. But there is no doubt that coffee and sugar will be eternally associated in the collective imagination of coffee lovers.

In this report, we will review the different options we have for buying individual sugar sachets for coffee, whether for use in business, at outdoor events, on excursions or, why not, also at home.

The other alternative, of course, is to buy the sugar in bulk, in the classic 1-kilogram packages, and serve it through a sugar bowl like the ones we present in the guide dedicated exclusively to them.

Crystal Sugar Candy Swizzle Sticks for Teas and Coffees – 60 Sticks
Crystal Sugar Candy Swizzle Sticks for Teas and Coffees – 60 Sticks
A healthy and natural way to sweeten your coffees, teas and infusions.
250 individual white sugar sticks/sachets.
250 individual white sugar sticks/sachets.
250 individual white sugar sticks/sachets.

Types of individual sugar sachets for coffee

The universe of individual sugar sachets for drinking coffee is very wide. Still, to be specific, we can make two distinctions: individual sugar in sachets and individual sugars in sticks or elongated sticks.

There is really no difference between them, beyond their use, which few people know, and that is why we are going to tell you about it here.

When opening an individual sugar sachet in an envelope, everyone is used to shaking it so that all the sugar goes to one end, and thus opening it on the opposite side, right?

Well, elongated individual sugar sachets were invented precisely to avoid this need. The right way to use them is to split them in half so that all the sugar will fall into the cup without any grains remaining in the wrapper, and of course, without having to worry about shaking it.

The sad reality is that few users know this way of opening the sugar sticks for their coffee, and they keep shaking them to open them at one end as if they were an envelope when it is not necessary at all to do this.

What’s more, legend has it that the inventor of the sugar sticks for coffee shops committed suicide when he saw how his invention of the cylindrical individual sugar sachet was misunderstood time and again without anyone remedying it or explaining it properly.

Apart from the format, when we go to buy individual sugar sachets for coffee online, we will also have to choose the quantity. As you can imagine, the individual sugar sachets are sold in packages of many individual units, from 50 or 100 to literally thousands. It depends on whether you want them for your own consumption or for a business. Naturally, the higher the volume, the lower the price per unit you will get for your individual sugar sachets.

How many grams of sugar does an individual sugar sachets contain?

Whether it’s an envelope or a stick, individual sugar sachets for coffee usually contain a dose of 7 or 8 grams of sugar.

Brown sugar individual sachets

Some people prefer brown sugar to traditional white sugar, although it is not the subject of this page to fuel the debate about which sugar is better: brown or white. We are merely giving options.

You can buy brown sugar individual sachets as well as white sugar. In fact, most sugar sachets brands offer both versions in their catalogue, both in stick format and in sachets. However, you can always find a manufacturer that sells white sugar individual sachets, but not brown sugar (the opposite will never happen).

Here are some examples of brown sugar individual sachets, always from top brands.

Fairtrade Brown Sugar Sticks (1x1000)
Fairtrade Brown Sugar Sticks (1x1000)
Pure Granulated Demerara Sugar; Easy Packaging; Perfect for Coffee; Fairtrade; Taste and smile with Tate & Lyle
Tate & Lyle Demerara Sugar Sachets 1000 per pack
Tate & Lyle Demerara Sugar Sachets 1000 per pack
Tate & Lyle Demerara Sugar Sachets 1000 per pack; Quantity: 1

Other coffee sweeteners

Whether it’s for grooming or prescription, many consumers use sweeteners to replace the sugar in coffee. Of course, sweetener individual sachets for coffee are sold in the same way as sugars, in the same formats (sachets, sticks) and quantities (packs of several hundred units).

And what are these coffee sweeteners? There are many, from the popular stevia to the traditional saccharine, from sugar cane to sucralose and aspartame, but not just to get rid of the dreaded sugar!

In this selection, you can see them in different packaging and marketed by different brands.

Disposable Coffee Kits

Last but not least, we can also find individual sugar sachets for coffee inside those disposable kits that include all the necessary elements to enjoy a coffee outside the usual environment. We are talking about sets that include the individual sugar sachets themselves, the plastic glasses and the stirring sticks. That’s the least we can do because there are some that bring more stuff.

These disposable coffee kits are ideal for use on excursions, hotel buffets or at outdoor events, in any situation where it is not feasible (because of the environment or the number of guests) to use a standard cutlery set.