Built-In coffee machines

Today I have the pleasure of talking about one of those products that leave their mark. One of those inventions that, from the moment it was created and sold to the general public, necessarily started a separation between coffee consumers: those who have it and those who don’t. It’s the first time that coffee has been sold to the general public. Or those who want it, and those who don’t: built-in coffee machines.

On our website, we have already talked about practically all types of domestic coffee machines in the universe, from our best recommendations for automatic and super-automatic coffee machines to grinders or milk frothers. But we had not yet delved into the sector of the increasingly popular built-in coffee machines or embedded coffee machines.

All right, great, fantastic, but you may be wondering something:

What is a built-in coffee machine?

A built-in coffee machine is similar to the coffee machines you can find in any coffee shop, that is to say, those big ones that make you a cappuccino as well as a cut, with the difference that built-in coffee machines are designed for the home. They are also known as built-in coffee makers or even embedded coffee makers.

BUILT-IN, that is, you build it, where? You build between the furniture of your kitchen, becoming an indispensable and elegant part of your electrical appliances and a common element but entirely unnoticed.

They combine perfectly with other built-in appliances such as ovens, microwaves or dishwashers. This way, you have all the electrical appliances in your kitchen in the same piece of furniture, without taking up space in the worktop. And for this reason, they are also known as built-in coffee machines for furniture. Appliance and furniture are the same.

A common denominator of all brands of built-in coffee machines is that the parts that are most used and worn are removable, making it easier to remove them for washing.

Besides, they have two tanks, one for water and another for coffee (which can be grain or ground – although many recommend ground). As for the milk, in most of the models, a small tube will come out as a dispenser so that you can load it when you need it directly from any container. Other coffee machines have a third tank or thermal carafe for this purpose.

You can see it better in this video demonstration of a Siemens CT636LES6 iQ700 built-in coffee machine:

In short, all brands of built-in coffee machines aim to make your life easier and to bring you closer to your daily passion and whim: coffee.

Once said this phrase, which was very nice but did not provide much, let’s specify a little more: almost all models of built-in coffee machines prepare all types of coffee you can imagine, quickly and to your liking: cappuccino, latte macchiato, espresso, etc.

Also vary the size of coffee (small, medium or large), the intensity of the coffee (soft, average and robust), sometimes even the size of the grain mill, etc. In other words, they behave in the same way as automatic coffee machines.

Having said this, we are going to see which are the best built-in coffee machines that can be found on the Internet at the moment:

You can also buy a coffee machine that can be built-in in Ikea or in a similarly large area (of which they sell everything) but bears in mind that these are usually very specialized devices. You won’t always be able to advise on them with precision.

Whirlpool built-in coffee machine – Ace010Ix

We started with the Whirlpool brand. I warn you, dear reader, that finding cheap built-in coffee machines is not an easy task, but we are fortunate that this product is an exception to the price rule, as they are usually much higher. In short, this is a cheap built-in coffee maker.

We are going to see data of your interest and opinions about this Whirlpool ACE 010 IX built-in coffee maker:

  • This machine is of the built-in semi-automatic type and is made of stainless steel.
  • It has the possibility of making two coffees at the same time thanks to its two dispensers.
  • It has a vaporizer tube for instant milk froth.
  • The water container has a capacity of 1.5 litres.
  • The pressure of the machine is 15 bars.
  • Power: 1100 watts.
  • Unlike most, it has no screen, and its use is also tremendously simple. Hence too, it’s a more affordable price than other built-in coffee machines of the competition.

Whirlpool ACE 010 IX Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

Conclusions: This Whirpool built-in coffee maker is what you are looking for if you want to enter the world of more professional coffee makers without leaving you all the money in the world.

It’s elegant, simple to use, and quite small. However, keep in mind that a cheap built-in coffee maker still costs much more than conventional ones, don’t think about anything else.

Built-in coffee machine AEG PE4561-M

Now we’re talking about big words and words for the reach of few pockets, by the way. This built-in espresso machine from AEG is, as Ali G would say in his film, that makes me laugh so much, a brown beast.

Generically, it’s the AEG PE4561-M model, and it has all the guarantees of a company that also has prestige in the sector of individual coffee machines. Let’s see what surprises us:

  • This pleasure and coffee machine is made of stainless steel with the best components that give it a clean appearance of robustness.
  • It has a size of 1.8 litres of water.
  • A system of coffee deposit with the mill, where you can put the grains of coffee and the machine directly grinds it.
  • Coffee dispenser with adjustable height so that you can leave it at the size you need, either a small cup or a pitcher or teapot to serve several. Several? Yes, because you can make six coffees at the same time.
  • Two coffee dispensers, where you can place two cups side by side.

Conclusion: The AEG built-in coffee maker is yours if you have a large family with high demand for coffee and if you like the best but are not willing to spend the million dollars that are worth some of higher price.

Teka built-in coffee machines

If you are looking for a built-in capsule coffee machine, you have come to the right manufacturer. Teka built-in coffee machines combine the convenience of capsule coffee machines with the design and integration of a built-in coffee machine that fits perfectly into your kitchen. After all, Teka is a brand that has always been in the kitchen.

When buying a Teka built-in coffee machine, we will also be pleasantly surprised by the fact that its price is considerably lower than what we find in other brands in the sector. Take a look at today’s prices:

Smeg built-in coffee machine – Modular coffee machine CMS45X

If I used to talk about the queen of built-in coffee machines, now I’m talking about the great empress, the great empress of Sweden, no more and no less. Who are we talking about? A Mrs Smeg built-in coffee machine, a brand known for its sophistication. Seasoned readers will see that, just as in a good restaurant menu, prices go from low to high, and the succulence of the dishes goes hand in hand with the succulence of the dishes, so we do the same in today’s article.

This is the CMS45X model from Smeg (you can also find it as a Smeg modular coffee machine), and it is a very elite brand in this segment. However, it does not yet have the popularity of other more traditional coffee machine brands.

Let’s take a look at the main benefits of this Smeg integrated coffee machine:

  • This is a fully automatic coffee machine with a front LDC display and a pampered anti-fingerprint stainless steel construction.
  • 1.8-litre water tank
  • Includes, like the previous model, an internal grinder to grind the beans. It can hold up to 220 grams of the product.
  • It has two dispensers to serve two cups at the same time, and its pressure, like the others, is 15 bar.
  • Steaming tube for milk frothing.
  • It serves hot water -for preparing infusions- as well as various speciality coffees.
  • Power consumption: 1350 watts.

Conclusion: Smeg is synonymous with quality, as they say on their website and their slogan “Technology with style“, smart technology at the service of the most gourmet customers. What do Swedish baristas dream of? With Smeg, without a doubt.

Electrolux built-in coffee maker – Eba63810X

At last, we’re going to talk about a well-known brand among mortals who are not experts in coffee machines!

Now we present the Electrolux built-in coffee machine. Following the trend of the previous ones, we are talking about a well-oiled machine made with the best materials to make you the best coffee; let’s see it:

Manufactured in stainless steel anti-fingerprint, with a water tank with a capacity of 1.8 litres, internal grinder to grind coffee with up to 200 gr. Size, a small LED screen that will warn you of the most critical data … and what’s new?

Well, above all, it’s an automatic coffee machine One Touch! In other words, it is tactile and also allows you to select with a single “click” on your finger aspects such as coffee temperature, size, types of coffee (espresso, cappuccino … etc.).

The Electrolux Eba63810 built-in coffee machine has a power of 1350 watts and has four automatic programs for making espressos, cappuccinos, regular coffees.

What do I like best about this Electrolux coffeemaker? You can make up to 6 coffees at the same time (by putting them in a jar), it has small LED spotlights to illuminate, and the height of the coffee dispenser is also adaptable.

Siemens built-in coffee maker – Tk76K573

The post is getting exciting! Siemens also markets built-in coffee machines, and after watching four youtube videos in the most unimaginable languages, I confirm that they know what they’re talking about. According to my humble opinion, it is so far the one that takes the prize for elegance. It’s minimalist, simple and tremendously beautiful. Do we know it?

This Siemens built-in coffee machine corresponds to reference TK76. It has the largest water tank ever seen in this ranking: 2.5 Litres. Of course, it also has a built-in grinder to grind the coffee, and in addition, an unprecedented element in this ranking: a built-in independent tank for milk made of stainless steel.

Regarding maintenance, in this instructive video, you can see how to clean a Siemens built-in coffee machine.

More things? The Siemens TK76 is highly customizable: you can indicate for each extraction the brewing temperature of the coffee (three levels), hot water temperature (four levels) and degree or thickness of grinding (up to five levels).

What did you think? I confess that in my case, it was love at first sight.

Built-in coffee machine – Neff C17KS61N0

Mother of God. But who are the designers of these bugs? Isn’t there an ugly one or what? I may seem repetitive, but I’ve almost fallen in love with every model I’ve seen. Neff C17 is… alas, how to describe it? Let’s say. The built-in coffee maker that a lover of good taste would have? Yes! The built-in coffee maker that I would have if I could pay for it, neither more nor less :p (Like almost all the others, I insist still at the risk of being heavy).

Well, enough of jokes (they are not jokes, I want them all, seriously … one in each room, even one in front of the pool), we will see data of your interest in this coffee machine Neff built-in which is, if you did not know, one of the most sought after by consumers.

It has 19 bars of pressure (as opposed to the 15 that we have seen in all the previous models), as well as the capacity of its water tank that has 2.4 litres, or the 500 gr. of coffee that can be put to the time in its grinder. Besides, as you can see, it has a built-in screen that allows us to manage with solvency the enormous amount of options and functions.

The best and you’re going to love it: Its screen is a marvel, which shows clear images in full colour about what coffee you’re going to take or what action you’re selecting. This built-in coffee machine from Neff represents, without a doubt, the top of the range of built-in coffee machines on the Internet.

Nor should we be surprised if we remember that Neff is a top-of-the-range company whose products always reflect the highest quality in their sector (for those who can afford it, of course).

Bosch built-in coffee machine – CTL 636

Bosch is a company well known in the world of domestic coffee machines and also has a presence in the segment of coffee machines that can be built-in with the Bosch CTL 636 model. This Bosch built-in coffee machine offers us the same sober and austere design as the rest of the models we have evaluated in this ranking. The upper panel is coated in stainless steel, and it highlights its LCD screen with full-colour graphics.

Let’s review the main qualities of the Bosch built-in coffee maker:

  • MyCoffee profile management system: programmable memory to configure up to 8 different and customized user profiles.
  • Power: 1600 watts.
  • Automatic processing of various coffee specialities: espresso, ristretto, coffee cream, cappuccino, latte macchiato, and hot water.
  • It has a water tank of 2.4 litres capacity.
  • Aroma DoubleShot: a double espresso (with double grind and double extraction) for lovers of the most intense aromas.
  • It has an automatic cleaning and rinsing system, which runs after each extraction.
  • Also, it has a built-in grinder with various grinding settings and 500 grams storage capacity.
  • Steaming tube to prepare milk foam.

Miele built-in coffee machines

Miele is a brand of top-of-the-range articles, we have already talked about their super-automatic coffee machines on our website, and in this case, the built-in ones are not left behind either. The Miele built-in coffee machines represent the best of the best in this sector and are mainly aimed at the most demanding (and wealthy, it has to be said) public.

Not only do they offer features at the level of any semi-professional coffee maker on the market, but they also provide the highest quality in materials and finishes: a fundamental aspect when buying a coffee maker to fit into our kitchen, as it must perform both the functions of an appliance and a piece of furniture.

In this sense, we can buy a Miele built-in coffee machine in black, white or brown finishes, depending on whether they suit us better in our current style or in the decoration we already have prepared in our kitchen.

Fagor built-in coffee machine

This is not the best built-in coffee maker featured in this article, but we are obliged to make space for the Fagor brand on our pages.

It is a trusted manufacturer with a strong presence in many homes, so it is only logical that the Fagor built-in coffee machine should attract the attention of consumers.

Second-hand built-in coffee machines

When looking for or need costly products, the outlet or reconditioned market is always a lovely alternative. In the case of second-hand built-in coffee machines, unfortunately, the stock is not usually huge, so there is nothing left but to check this section of Amazon frequently and trust that from time to time, a second-hand built-in coffee machine will appear that fits our needs.

In general, savings on this type of product can be 30% or 40% of the usual price…, and that’s a lot of money on items that generally cost more than 1000 £.

Final conclusions

When faced with the obligatory question of which built-in coffee machine is best, my more than required answer is the one that you need, the one that is within your budget, and the one that best suits your needs.

Having said this, which always looks very good and I also find it right, I will tell you that in this particular article it is going to be challenging to find the objective answer between qualities, prices and qualities.

Why? Because all the models we have described today are the best in the market, perhaps except the Whirlpool, which is a built-in coffee machine that is rather basic and oriented towards a different type of consumer.

If we have to keep one, our choice would be between the Smeg, Neff and Bosch built-in coffee machines. I hope you enjoyed it and perhaps even learned something. It’s been a pleasure writing to you. See you soon!