The best built-in coffee machines

If you’re passionate about high-quality coffee, built-in coffee machines are the perfect choice to satisfy your palate. Often, deciding to acquire such a coffee machine can be a challenge, but don’t worry, I’ll show you the best available options.

Built-in coffee machines help you maintain the functional design of your kitchen while saving you space without compromising the quality of your favourite coffee.

The elegance of integration in your kitchen

Built-in coffee machines offer more than just a simple drink; they combine the functional design of your kitchen with the convenience of an organized space and the promise of a perfect cup of coffee anytime during the day.

These coffee machines are preferably installed in 60-centimetre-wide column-type furniture. This allows you to combine them with appliances like ovens or microwaves within the same unit.

Operation and special features

Built-in coffee machines have a different operation compared to conventional coffee makers. Instead of using the traditional drip method, these machines employ intense pressure to pass hot water through the ground coffee, thus releasing the exquisite aroma of the beans.

The time it takes to prepare a cup of coffee varies depending on the model, brand, and configuration preferences. Still, you can generally enjoy your cup within 1 to 3 minutes.

Key models of built-in coffee machines

Below, I present some of the best options for built-in coffee machines available in the market:

Top 4. Teka CLC 835 MC coffee pod built-in coffee machine

The Teka Maestro espresso coffee machine (CLC 835 MC) is a versatile choice that uses multi-pods and ground coffee, offering five included adapters.

With an elegant black glass and stainless steel design, this machine measures 45 cm in height. It also features an electronic control panel with a TFT display that offers temperature options and coffee types, adapting to your preferences.

Teka 40589513 capsule built-In coffee machine
Teka CLC 835 MC coffee pod built-In coffee machine

Its capacity is 1 cup, with adjustable height support, a waste bin, and a 1-litre water tank. It also has a storage drawer and 2 side compartments. Moreover, it features a drip tray and automatic descaling with a 19-bar pressure.

It is compatible with E.S.E and Nespresso pods and all major trademarked brands. Its dimensions are 455 x 595 x 330 mm (height x width x depth), designed to fit preferably into a 60 cm wide column.

The best choice if you’re seeking a high-quality espresso machine that offers more than just the standard espresso, all for just £885.00.

Top 3. Whirlpool W11 CM145 Built-In Coffee Machine

The Whirlpool W11 CM145 integrated coffee machine is a high-quality appliance with a capacity of 1100 milliliters. It can prepare multiple cups of coffee and two simultaneously, making it ideal for households with coffee enthusiasts.

The design of this coffee machine is modern and elegant, with a black and stainless steel finish that suits any kitchen style. Its dimensions of 50x55x45 centimeters make it perfect for integration into kitchen units, saving space and maintaining a neat look in the kitchen.

Whirlpool W11 CM145 built-In coffee machine
Whirlpool W11 CM145 built-In coffee machine

One of the standout features of the Coffee Machine is its integrated coffee grinder function, allowing you to prepare freshly ground coffee instantly. Furthermore, an espresso machine prepares high-quality coffee with a dense and consistent crema.

This machine offers a power output of 1,350 watts; it’s easy to use and clean, making it perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a great cup of coffee anytime. It features self-cleaning, descaling, rinsing functions and a cappuccino system.

The Whirlpool W11 CM145 coffee machine is an excellent choice for any coffee lover who wants to enjoy quality coffee at home on any occasion for £2,033.00.

Top 2. Siemens CT636LES6 Built-In Coffee Machine

This coffee machine features an elegant full-colour TFT touchscreen. It can prepare 2 simultaneous cups of any of the 10 available beverages. It has a sensoFlow heating system that offers minimal preparation time and consistently optimal temperature.

The containers are easily accessible, including a ceramic disc grinder that ensures optimal bean grinding and minimal noise. With just a button, you can create milk-based drinks in one step.

Siemens CT636LES6 built-In coffee machine
Siemens CT636LES6 built-In coffee machine

It even offers the possibility to save up to 8 customised coffee and milk and cream beverage preparations. Additionally, you can make custom adjustments for coffee preparation temperature (3 levels), hot water temperature (4 levels), and grind size.

This machine guarantees maximum hygiene through its intelligent automatic cleaning system, singlePortion Cleaning. It also features an autoMilk Clean function that automatically cleans the milk tube after each drink preparation.

If you have a true passion for coffee, you should consider buying the Siemens CT636LES6 built-in coffee machine. Now available for £2,029.00.

Top 1. Bosch CTL636ES6 Built-In Coffee Machine

This coffee machine model stands out for its combination of quality, price, and advanced features. It is ideal for anyone seeking a complete and efficient coffee machine.

With features like SenseFlow, which allows you to extract the full flavour of the coffee beans, and functions like AromaDouble Shot which includes a ceramic grinder, you can prepare 10 beverages according to your taste and preferences.

Bosch CTL636ES6 built-In coffee machine
Bosch CTL636ES6 built-In coffee machine

One of the most practical features of this machine is its Home Connect function, which even allows you to control the coffee machine from your mobile phone.

Regarding maintenance, the Steam Blast function thoroughly cleans all mechanisms. After each use, it releases a blast of steam, removing any residue and ensuring the components function optimally.

You’ll never have to give up the moment of savouring your favourite coffee again. Today for £1,665.30.

What Factors Should I Consider Before Buying a Built-In Coffee Machine?

When choosing the perfect built-in coffee machine for you, consider the following aspects:

Size and Installation Height

Make sure the coffee machine you choose fits the available space in your kitchen. The best built-in coffee machines usually have a standard size of 60 cm, with an average height of 45 cm.

It’s important to ensure the installation height; generally, if you want to place one of these built-in coffee machines in a single column, the lower height of the recessed cavity should be about 120 – 125 cm from the floor.

Size and installation height
Size and installation height

Alternatively, you can place the oven and coffee machine in the same column. In this case, the bottom of the oven should be about 70 – 75 cm from the floor, leaving space above for the built-in coffee machine.

Type of Coffee

Decide whether you prefer coffee beans or pre-ground blends, as built-in coffee machines offer both options.

Functions and Settings

Consider the specific functions you need, such as milk preparation options, temperature adjustment capacity, and customisable settings.

Adjustment Mode

Opt for a machine with intuitive controls and programming options to facilitate coffee preparation. Some models allow you to save and control your favourite drink configurations from your mobile device.


Built-in coffee machines are available at a wide range of prices. Consider your budget and look for an option that suits your needs. You can find machines starting from £450.00, making it worth considering. In addition to offering you excellent coffee, it will enhance your kitchen’s design and provide practicality.