Milk and coffee: What happens when you mix them?

Extracting espresso over very cold milk

Coffee and milk are a delicious mixture that no one disputes; many of the world’s great coffees are born from these two elements. For a metabolism that is not intolerant to coffee and milk, there is no harm in drinking either drink if it is consumed in the right measure, i.e. a maximum of three …

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Caffeine-free coffee: does it exist?

Caffeine-free coffee does it exist

Caffeine-free coffee does not exist in nature. Regardless of the commercial species of coffee, all coffee beans have caffeine. It is true that, depending on the species, coffee can have more or less caffeine. Thus, an arabica coffee will have half as much caffeine as a robusta coffee, but it will still have caffeine. What …

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Why is it better to buy coffee beans than ground coffee?

Coffee Beans VS Ground Coffee

Roasted coffee beans are the main element that will influence the quality of your coffee. At the moment of roasting, the coffee bean brings out all the characteristics that will end up in your cup. A great cup of coffee results from the natural roasting of the coffee bean. In natural roasting, the only manipulation …

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The home of world-class coffee: Colombia

Colombian Coffee

“Colombia” and “coffee” are two terms so closely related that many may think that Colombia is the origin of coffee. But the bush that produces coffee comes from Africa, and yes, the Colombian highlands produce some of the best coffee in the world. If the origin is not responsible for this fame, we might think …

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Types of decaffeinated coffee beans

Types of Decaff Coffe beans

Decaffeinated coffee beans are specially processed to remove most of the caffeine in the coffee beans. Caffeine is a chemical compound found in the coffee bean and is responsible for most of the stimulant effects of coffee. It is a stimulant drug that acts on the central nervous system and is known to increase alertness …

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What is a lungo coffee?

Do not over extract the coffee to avoid bitterness

Today’s article delves into the world of espresso coffee and specifically focuses on one of its variants: lungo coffee. Lungo is an Italian word meaning “long.” In the context of coffee, it refers to a shot of espresso that has been made with more water, resulting in a longer, more diluted drink. This allows for …

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9 refreshing iced coffee recipes

Iced espresso

Get ready to enter the delicious world of cold coffee drinks! If you’re looking for a fresh way to enjoy coffee or want to vary your hot coffee-drinking routine, this is your chance. We’ll introduce you to a wide variety of cold coffee options, from classics like iced Espresso to innovative options like nitro coffee …

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Frappé coffee: ideal in hot weather

Frappé coffe

What is a frappé coffee? Frappé coffee (from the Greek φραπέ, frapé) is an iced coffee covered in foam made from… instant coffee. Frappé coffee is a coffee with a known origin, and its traditional way of preparation is also well known. Still, like all successful coffees in the world, it has been diversifying and …

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How to preserve coffee to keep it fresh longer

How coffee changes during roasting

In this article, I will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about coffee storage: How should I store coffee to keep it fresh for longer? How long does it stay fresh? Can it be kept in the fridge? Can it be frozen? And so on. If you use coffee beans that are not …

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How does coffee cupping work?

coffee cupping

In recent years, the culture surrounding coffee has seen significant growth and increased curiosity among people about all the processes involved in the coffee industry. One of the most popular aspects of this culture is coffee cupping. More and more people are looking to understand the intricacies of coffee cupping and what is required to …

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The user manual of Delonghi coffee machines

Delonghi User Manuals

Delonghi is a renowned brand of coffee machines with a vast catalogue of options. With dozens of models available in each segment, it can be challenging to locate the user manual for your specific Delonghi coffee maker. To alleviate this problem, we have meticulously searched all of Delonghi’s resource centres and compiled a comprehensive list …

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How to descale a coffee pod machine

Descale a coffee pod machine

Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential for the proper functioning of any coffee machine. In addition, with the advancement of technology in coffee pod machines, frequent descaling is essential to maintain the quality of the coffee extracted and extend the machine’s life. If you have noticed a strange taste in your coffee, it is probably …

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My Dolce Gusto doesn’t pour water

Dolce Gusto does not dispense coffee

If a coffee pod machine has a problem, in most cases, it is related to a lack of water when brewing coffee. Although this problem affects all brands equally, Dolce Gusto coffee machines are slightly more prone to it. Before we look at why your coffee machine doesn’t brew water, we recommend that you download …

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Worms in coffee makers. Myth or reality?

Worms in coffee makers

Have you ever heard of small worms appearing inside a coffee machine? There are testimonials from people who have found these little buggers even inside coffee capsules, but is it true that worms can grow inside a coffee machine or a coffee capsule? If true, it is not a widespread problem, as there are a …

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Manual coffee machines for home

Manual coffee makers

We cannot live without electrical appliances, dozens of gadgets plugged into the mains to work. Coffee machines are no exception; electric coffee machines are the most popular. However, there are many manual coffee machines on the market, those that do not need electricity to operate. In addition to producing delicious coffees, they are considered eco-friendly, …

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Wooden coffee machines

wooden coffee maker

Wooden coffee makers are by no means the most common manufacturing material on the market. When we talk about wooden coffee makers, we almost always think of decorative objects or toys but never real coffee machines, although they exist. For obvious safety reasons, wooden coffee makers cannot house any electrical components, so these coffee makers …

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Common mistakes when using a Chemex

Coffee prepared with the Chemex coffee maker

If you own an iconic Chemex coffee machine, you will already know its history and how German Peter Schlumbohm designed it in 1941. This patent in the US would culminate in a prolific career as an inventor, the Chemex being a simple piece of work that united science and marketing in a magnificent product. From the …

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How much does it cost to have a coffee pod machine?

Price comparison between Nespresso and Amazon

Many people wonder how much we spend on coffee pods per year and which is the cheaper or more expensive option in the long run. We studied the average cost of buying a coffee pod machine and, logically, the cost of coffee consumption over the year. Let’s assume an average consumption of one pod per …

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Dolce Gusto compatible pods

Complaints about the performance of compatible Dolce Gusto capsules

We have already written many articles about compatible coffee pods, and now it is time to talk about Dolce Gusto compatible pods, one of the most popular brands among European coffee pod machine users. That’s why there is a wide range of compatible pods in Europe and not so much outside Europe. If you are …

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Precautions, maintenance and cleaning of Moka pots

Moka pot flat filter with small blockages

Most users of a Moka pot fall into the error of thinking that, as it uses a simpler technology than other coffee makers, they can forget about its cleaning and maintenance. However, this is a big mistake. Whether you are an experienced user of Moka pots or have just acquired your first coffee maker, here …

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How to clean a burnt Moka pot

Burnt Moka Pot

Owners of a Moka pot are often faced with a very unpleasant aesthetic problem: the heat of the cooking fire burns or wears away the bottom of the Moka pot until it turns black. This situation happens mainly if we heat our Moka on a traditional gas cooker. In this article, I explain how to …

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