Troubleshooting Philips coffee machines

Philips troubleshooting

With more than 50 years in the coffee machine market, the Philips brand has always been known for being at the technological forefront with its machines. It was the first brand to develop a single-serve coffee machine globally. It manufactured it for Senseo, which, together with Saeco and Gaggia, now belongs to the Philips family. …

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Gaggia Troubleshooting

Gaggia troubleshooting

Gaggia is an Italian brand of small household appliances that has been producing and marketing espresso machines for domestic and commercial use for more than 45 years. And although the brand was acquired just over 20 years ago by Saeco International Group (a subsidiary of Philips), it still has its design line. Gaggia coffee machines …

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Tassimo troubleshooting

Tassimo troubleshooting

Of all the capsule coffee machines, Tassimo coffee machines are, without a doubt, my favourite. I like them because they are small, quiet and offer a wide range of high-quality coffees, but also because there are hardly any problems. Moreover, when we find a problem with a Tassimo coffee machine, it is usually very easy …

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Tassimo button lights and their modes

Meaning of the Tassimo lights

All coffee machines (of any type and brand) have a small control board and a microprocessor. The more complex it is, the more possibilities the machine offers. Tassimo capsule coffee machines are some of the cheapest on the market. Although they are of high quality, the cost reduction is partly felt in their technology. As …

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Problem with Tassimo coffee machine won’t turn on

Tassimo wil not turn on

As language can sometimes be very ambiguous, we will define very well what problem we are referring to in this article and what are the symptoms. This way, we will only retain your attention if your Tassimo coffee machine presents the same conditions we are referring to and not others. Many people consider equivalent phrases …

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Tassimo water leakage problems

Tassimo has leaking issues

Water leaks in Tassimo coffee machines are one of those evils that we have become habituated to live with. We think it is inevitable that after some time of use, our Tassimo capsule coffee machine will end up leaking water somewhere. Nevertheless, we can prevent them in most cases by regular cleaning and maintenance. However, …

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Melitta Troubleshooting

Melitta troubleshooting

The Melitta brand, known for more than 100 years, especially in Germany, for discovering and developing the coffee filter, was also a pioneer in vacuum packaging roasted coffee and launching electric filter coffee machines on the market. This brand has always been characterised by being attentive to the changing times. It now offers a complete …

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Kopi Luwak coffee or Civet coffee

Civet coffee

For many people, coffee is indispensable in their lives, and many of us cannot start the day without a cup of coffee. But as much as we love coffee, our knowledge is limited to the classic bean varieties and more traditional preparations. However, a small group of coffee enthusiasts always want to go one step …

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What is Lingzhi black coffee?

lingzhi coffee

Lingzhi coffee is one of those coffee variants that fall squarely into diet products and consists of adding an ingredient to coffee to enhance or achieve certain properties. In this case, Lingzhi black coffee is characterised by two features: The presence of the reishi mushroom, which, when dried and pulverised, is mixed with the coffee. …

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Nespresso water leak problem

Nespresso coffee machine leaks

Nespresso coffee machines are undoubtedly the best capsule coffee machines on the market. We are not only talking about the variety and quality of their coffees but also about the reliability of their coffee machines, which rarely fail. However, if one failure affects Nespresso coffee makers, it is water leakage. Nespresso manufactures more compact and …

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Lavazza Troubleshooting

Lavazza troubleshooting

This well-known Italian brand not only imports coffee from different parts of the world to offer its great blends but also produces high-quality coffee machines. With its slogan “Italy’s favourite coffee”, Lavazza claims that millions of Italian families prefer its products. More than 30 years ago, Lavazza launched its first automatic coffee machine with the …

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No water coming out of the Nespresso coffee machine

no water comes out from my Nespresso

As with all the problems with Nespresso coffee machines that we have analyzed on the blog, we will try to cover all the possibilities of why water does not come out of your coffee machine. We will look at why it happens in both newly purchased coffee machines and those we have used for years. As each …

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Pressure problems in Nespresso coffee machines

Nespresso pressure issues

As we have already mentioned in this blog on other occasions, to prepare the perfect espresso, we need to fulfil a series of requirements regarding the coffee we use and how the coffee machine prepares it. Without going into too much detail, we can summarize that we need the following: 7 grams of fine ground …

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Bialetti Troubleshooting

Bialetti troubleshooting

With over 100 years of experience in manufacturing its products, Bialetti is now part of Italian popular culture. It is the preferred brand of coffee machines in many Italian households, even over coffee machines manufactured by other larger brands. Bialetti has expanded its product portfolio, now offering classic Moka coffee makers, drip coffee machines, and …

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Nespresso does not make a cup of adequate volume

Nespresso does not make a cup of adequate volume

Before even getting into the problem of a Nespresso coffee machine that serves coffees with too low volumes, it is necessary to understand how much coffee a Nespresso machine serves when we press any of its buttons. It is normal to find two buttons on most models, one for espresso and one for lungo, although …

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The Nespresso coffee machine does not heat the coffee

Nespresso does not heat the coffee

Even though there is no exact defined measure to prepare a perfect espresso, there is a generalized consensus that certain criteria should be maintained when preparing this ideal coffee. These are the following: Quantity of ground coffee: 7 grams Type of grind: Relatively fine The temperature of infusion: 86 degrees Celsius The temperature of the coffee …

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Meaning of flashing lights on the Nespresso

Meaning of the Nespresso lights

The states of the lights of our Nespresso coffee makers have the purpose of informing us of the state in which the coffee maker is at any given moment. It is not easy to interpret what is happening to a Nespresso coffee machine through the combinations of steady or flashing lights. Over the years, Nespresso …

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Are Nespresso machines noisy?

Are Nespresso machines noisy

Are Nespresso machines noisy? This is the question that many users are asking themselves, contributing to a debate that is increasingly present in discussion forums and specialised blogs in the sector. Nespresso machines have always been accused of being noisy when they do not make much more noise than other capsule coffee machines. This article …

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Delonghi drip coffee makers Troubleshooting

Delonghi Drip coffee machine troubleshooting

Delonghi manufactures capsule coffee makers for Nespresso and Dolce Gusto and has a line of super-automatic, espresso, and drip coffee makers. And it is in this guide we are going to deal with all those problems that, at some point, can affect your drip coffee maker (or combi). Note: In the case of the “combi …

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Ariete Troubleshooting

Ariete troubleshooting

With more than 50 years of experience, Ariete is known as an Italian brand with a long history in small household appliances. It entered the world of coffee 37 years ago, but it was only six years ago that it catapulted its coffee machines to success with its innovation and creativity. The portfolio of coffee …

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Delonghi Magnifica Troubleshooting

Delonghi Magnifica troubleshooting

It can be quite frustrating to buy a great coffee maker, such as the Delonghi Magnifica, and suddenly realize it presents problems without knowing what to do. With this in mind, we have designed this complete guide to cover the most common faults of the Delonghi Magnifica and their solutions. Do not forget to check …

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