Top 5 Professional coffee machines for home

Are you in search of a professional coffee machine for your home? If so, it’s crucial to note that not all coffee machines are identical. There’s a significant difference between a professional-grade machine and one designed for the occasional coffee drinker.

When choosing a coffee machine for your home, you have two options: capsule and espresso. Coffee pod machines are very easy to use and require minimal maintenance, whereas espresso machines grind fresh beans for each cup of coffee.

If you’re looking for a machine that produces a high-quality cup of coffee, an espresso machine is the best choice. However, it’s important to remember that espresso machines require more work and can be either manual or fully automatic.

Guidance on selection criteria

First and foremost, let’s define the attributes that characterize a professional coffee machine for home use. Remember that we don’t require a coffee machine that can simultaneously prepare multiple beverages, but a high-quality compact single-station machine. Here are the characteristics:

  • Built-in grinder: The finest professional machines for home use come with a built-in grinder. This ensures fresh coffee beans and the best flavour by grinding the beans just before preparation.
  • Grinding parameters: Professional coffee machines grind coffee beans across a wide range, from coarse to very fine grinds. The ability to vary this parameter widely allows you to bring out the best in each type of coffee.
  • Built-in steamer: This enables trouble-free preparation of textured milk coffees. Professional machines feature a manual steam wand that lets you steam milk until it achieves a creamy froth.
  • Pump and boiler pressure: The best coffee machines possess a pressure gauge that controls the pressure in the brewing group, with the ideal being 9 bars. Some automatic machines offer 15-20 bar pressures due to the slightly different coffee extraction process.
  • Water filtration: The machine needs a system to remove impurities and ensure a great coffee taste.
  • Customisable settings: A professional machine should have settings to customise the coffee’s intensity, flavour, and temperature.
  • Ease of cleaning: Opt for a machine that’s easy to clean to avoid complications.
  • Durability: Ensure the machine is sturdy and long-lasting to avoid constant replacements.

What is the best professional coffee machine for home use?


This almost fully automatic coffee machine will make you feel like a professional barista and allow you to prepare a delicious, aromatic, and enjoyable coffee every time you want at your home. Due to its compact design and ease of use, yet offering one of the best coffee qualities in its category, it ranks at the top of our list.


The standout feature of this coffee machine is its design. The front panel comes with an intuitive touchscreen display used for control. There is also a power button to turn the machine on and off. The body of the Barista Touch is made of brushed stainless steel. The machine is available in three colours: brushed stainless steel, black truffle, and black stainless steel.

Its operation is very straightforward. There are 6 different drink options, accompanied by images, such as espresso, americano, and cappuccino. Once you select the drink, you can choose the grinding time, extraction time, single or double shot, and milk frothing (if using the automatic milk frothing function). The display also allows you to create, save, and name your drinks.

This machine features important functions like automatic cleaning, pre-infusion function, automatic steam wand, electronic temperature control system, Thermo-Jet water heater, and automatic/manual coffee quantity adjustment. Coffee bean container capacity: 226 g. Water tank capacity: 2 litres.

Milk frothing is arguably the highlight of the Barista Touch. You’ll have the option to froth the milk manually or in automatic mode, which many coffee machines in this price and quality range lack. The quality of the froth is excellent, even suitable for latte art.


This is a popular and cost-effective machine in terms of price-to-performance ratio. The Lelit Anita Recensione is perfect for your home.


This machine comes with a built-in grinder, ensuring you always have fresh and delicious coffee. The grinding control allows you to adjust the grind size for perfect flavour. Coffee grinding with 38 mm stainless steel conical burrs lasting 500 kg of coffee (50,000 espressos).

➡️ A special feature: a wide range of grind settings. You can grind for both espresso and French press.

The Letit Anita Recensione features a PID, an electronic system that detects the temperature in the boiler and controls the heating element with one-degree precision. The PID maintains the set temperature more accurately, which is one of the main components of success.

There’s an indicator that allows you to monitor the key brewing parameters more or less objectively. Naturally, they’re not perfectly precise, but nonetheless useful. You should be guided by 9-10 bars for a classic espresso. A semi-professional steam wand without a Panarello on a ball joint – performs better but requires significantly more skill than a Panarello.

Excellent elegant design and high-quality assembly, made in Italy. There is nothing in common with simple coffee machines where plastic and metal abundance overlap. Minimalist and comfortable controls. Very pleasant to use. The plastic water tank is likely the weak point in terms of quality.

Recommendation: This machine suits your needs if you enjoy espresso, Americano, and perhaps an occasional cappuccino for yourself or guests. If you only like cappuccinos and milk-based drinks, look for a coffee machine with a heat exchanger, which means a large steam boiler, so you won’t have trouble frothing milk.


This is a good single-boiler coffee machine for home use, ideal for those who don’t expect a wide range of very fine settings from the device, particularly in the number of coffee grinding variations. The metal conical grinders offer coffee grinding across 8 levels (It should suffice for domestic use while not as extensive as other coffee machine models).


Simultaneously, the Prestigio features a sensor-based grinding dosing technology, which proves quite effective in practice, providing consistently accurate dosing. The dosing precision will be a pleasant surprise for coffee enthusiasts who value their settings.

❌ The coffee bean container holds about 250 grams. Here lies one of the main drawbacks: the inconvenient design of the container. If you wish to replace the beans with other ones, you won’t be able to do so easily, as removing the container causes the beans to fall inside the mechanism. You would then need to retrieve and vacuum them.

Advantages of the Delonghi Prestigio:

  • Built-in tamper: A lever on the left side of the body acts as a built-in tamper, eliminating manual tamping and simplifying coffee-making.
  • Three pressure levels: The lever offers three pressure levels, allowing easy application of pressure to the portafilter for puck formation.
  • Mess-free: No mess associated with tamping, reducing the need for additional accessories.
  • Portafilter size: The machine has a 52mm portafilter, which is not an industry standard, potentially affecting replacement part availability.
  • Non-pressurized baskets: The Prestigio includes non-pressurized single-wall baskets, catering to more experienced coffee makers.
  • Robust portafilter: The portafilter is sturdy and carries substantial weight, conveying durability.
  • Warranty: Delonghi offers a three-year warranty on the unit.

Functionality and features

  • Separate hot water dispenser: The Prestigio includes a separate dispenser for hot water with adjustable water amount settings.
  • User-friendly operation: The machine’s operation is straightforward, allowing users to customize water amounts based on their coffee preferences.
  • Professional steam system: The coffee machine boasts a professional steam system, enabling effective milk frothing for lattes and artistic designs.
  • Removable drip tray: The drip tray is easily removable and convenient for cleaning.
  • Additional upper tray: An upper tray is available for smaller cups, enhancing versatility.
  • Cup warmer: The machine provides a heated surface for cup warming.
  • Water tank capacity: A 2-litre water tank ensures ample water supply.


The compact and automated Delonghi Eletta is one of the best options for domestic use, delivering results comparable to nearly professional espresso machines. Ease of use, numerous individual settings, and simple maintenance define this coffee machine.


The De’Longhi Eletta seamlessly merges understated style and significant functionality with conveniently placed control buttons. It features a capacious bean container and a 2-litre water tank, a visible and easy-to-understand display, and the ability to prepare nearly all types of coffee automatically. Complete with backlit cups, all packed into a compact and comprehensive model that operates quietly without clicking or squeaking.

The LatteCrema System milk frothing system by the LatteCrema brand will delight all milk coffee enthusiasts. Adjustable foam density and height, automatic operation, and easy self-cleaning of the milk unit block make using the LatteCrema System incredibly straightforward. The milk container has a lid to store it in the fridge easily.

The Eletta boasts the highest quality components: a modern burr grinder with 13 grind levels, a branded dispensing unit that maintains correct temperature and pressure, and a convenient adjustable dispenser.


The Philips Series 2200 is a fully automatic coffee machine, easy to use and manage, suitable for those looking for the simplest and most economical option.

The 100% ceramic grinders reliably and quickly grind the aromatic coffee beans, ensuring a perfectly uniform grind without overheating. The pump mechanism delivers a perfect pressure of 15 bars, allowing you to prepare professionally crafted traditional coffee.


➡️ Thanks to the intelligent AromaExtract mode, you can achieve a particularly aromatic lungo coffee.

The machine automatically sets the optimal temperature of 90-98 degrees and determines the desired water quantity. Program settings are done through the touchscreen display. The current selection is shown on the LED display.

You can choose one of two versions of this coffee machine: with an automatic LatteGo or Panarello milk frother. The first option is slightly more expensive but offers a fully automated process for preparing milk and coffee-based beverages. The second option is more economical but creates excellent froth and is easy to use and maintain.

➡️ With the MyCoffeeChoice menu, you can choose the dispensing settings:

  • Grind: 12 settings for adjusting particle size, enabling flavour experimentation.
  • Strength: Three settings for mild, medium, or strong coffee.
  • Dispensing capacity: Three settings based on coffee grounds, with adjustable spout height for cup sizes.
  • Automatic descaling mode: Option to adjust message frequency based on water hardness.
  • Channel cleaning program: Program for device cleaning.


Selecting a professional coffee machine for your home involves considering various factors contributing to a high-quality coffee experience. Whether you’re an espresso enthusiast or prefer a versatile coffee machine, the top contenders offer a range of features to cater to your preferences, along with their respective prices.

Here’s the summary of my top 5 professional coffee machines for home use:

RankCoffee MachineKey FeaturesPrice
1SAGE THE BARISTA TOUCHFully automatic ceramic grinders, intelligent AromaExtract mode, customizable settings, automatic milk frother options.£1,049.00
2LELIT ANITA RECENSIONEBuilt-in grinder, PID temperature control, wide grind settings, elegant design, suitable for espresso and French press.£579.00
3DE’LONGHI LA SPECIALISTA PRESTIGIOSensor-based dosing, separate hot water dispenser, professional steam system, compact design, adjustable grind levels.£599.00
4DE’LONGHI ELETTAFully automated, extensive customization, LatteCrema System milk frothing, modern burr grinder, compact and quiet.£357.16
5PHILIPS 2200 SERIESFully automatic ceramic grinders, intelligent AromaExtract mode, customizable settings, and automatic milk frother options.£379.99

Each machine caters to different preferences and needs, from automated systems to machines that allow manual adjustments for more personalized coffee creations. Ultimately, the choice depends on your desired level of control, milk frothing capabilities, grinder quality, and overall user experience while also considering the price point that fits your budget.