Combi Coffee Makers

Combi coffee makers, or combined coffee makers, are perhaps more prevalent in Central Europe than in the UK or US, but even so, they still have their market share and a growing acceptance. They are practical devices because they save space and pots and pans in kitchens -which is not bad since we don’t usually have plenty of room- and they also tend to work very well as gifts. They are also known as 2-in-1 coffee machines.

For a new couple or a special friend, giving a coffeemaker of this type is synonymous with success. These are very original, efficient and high-quality appliances — a top-of-the-range gift, without a doubt.

On the other hand, they are also very peculiar coffee machines, obviously more expensive than a conventional coffee machine. Before buying a combi, we must be very sure that we are going to take full advantage of all its options. If this is not the case, we will be wasting the money, and we would do better to value the purchase of a drip coffee maker (or espresso machine) ordinary.

Do you know how many types of combi coffee machines there are? Well, there isn’t an exact definition in any dictionary, but generically we call any combi coffee machine that combines at least one coffee service with another or other different services (coffee or any other function).

Thus, we can find in the market two significant subgroups of combi coffee machines: breakfast centres and espresso and drip combi.

Breakfast centres

When we talk about breakfast centres, we are not referring to your favourite cafeteria or to the corner bar where all the workers go en masse on office mornings.

This type of combined coffee machines offers a coffee service -usually by drip-, a kettle, and a toaster with bread heating. That is to say, everything you need for a tasty breakfast (coffee, toasts, infusions) compacted and integrated into the same appliance.

Good exponents of this segment are the Beem Centres: the Ecco 3-in-1 and the Ecco deluxe 4-in-1, which are more modest and more advanced, respectively.

Of course, you can also go to our store and look at the toaster separately.

Combi espresso drip coffee machine

Apart from breakfast centres, there are other types of combi coffee machines that integrate various methods of extracting coffee in the same piece. They usually consist of an espresso and a filter coffee service, which allow us to cover a wide range of needs with just one coffee maker.

Faster espresso coffee, filter coffee with the capacity to prepare many cups at once, steamer to emulsify the milk instantly, the possibility in some cases of using ESE pods, in short, very versatile coffee machines designed to meet different demands without having to occupy double space or spend twice as much money.

In this type of combi coffee machines, we can establish two ranges; one where even the service of espresso machines is replaced by a less powerful one of hydro pressure. And another one where the design is more robust (finished of stainless steel, in many cases) and the service of espresso coffee does not differ in anything of which can give us a manual espresso machine that we used separately.

Best combi 2 in 1 coffee machine of 2021

Combi coffee machines or combined coffee machines are a little-known area in the world of domestic coffee machines on the Internet. They are very popular in Central Europe, although users who try them get so used to their advantages that they can no longer find a remedy in other coffee machines.

What is certain is that combined coffee machines, as well as kits or breakfast centres, have very particular characteristics that make them ideal for certain circumstances (large families, several coffee consumers in the same house but with different tastes), but very impractical in other situations.

So before buying a combi coffee maker, you should think carefully about whether it suits you or not. And that’s why we’ve put together this article.

Before you start, you can read all the analyses we have made of combi coffee machines on our website:

However, as in any branch of trade, within the combi coffee machines, there are specific models which, due to their quality, price or popularity, are particularly recommendable.

If you are starting to look at options within this type of coffee machines, and you are not sure where to start, comes to your rescue: we recommend that you first read our Buying Guide on Combi Coffee Machines, and secondly that you review these three models, which in our opinion are the best-combined coffee machines on the market.

Let’s go with the ranking!

The best Combi coffee machines of 2021

We have chosen three models because of their popularity, their performance, or their excellent value for money. Even so, bear in mind that there are combined coffee machines for all tastes and different from each other (some with espresso and drip, others with toaster, others with varying functions for coffee and infusions) and in the end, you will have to choose the one that includes the set of functions that you are going to use at home.

1º – Ufesa CK7355

The Ufesa CK7355 or Ufesa Duo Supreme is the leading coffee machine in this segment and has been for many years. It’s very personal bodywork in coppery orange, and the prestige of a well-known brand such as Ufesa are undoubtedly partly to blame for its success.

This is a coffee maker that combines two services: espresso and drip, both with a large capacity. It also has a steamer, heating plate, permanent filter… and one of the most competitive prices in the sector. A good sum of virtues for the best-selling combined coffee machine on the market.

Why did we choose the Ufesa CK7355? For its exceptional value for money.

Ufesa CK7355

2º – Prixton Bari 3 in 1

Prixton is a Spanish company that not many people know. This Prixton Bari is a really original proposal and very well resolved in its catalogue. It is a 3 in 1 coffee machine similar to the one we have seen before from Ufesa, with an espresso part (with filter holder) and with the section on the right dedicated to traditional American filter coffee, with its corresponding graduated glass jug.

The name “3-in-1 coffee machine” comes from the fact that, in addition to espresso and filter coffee, we can also prepare lattes or cappuccinos thanks to its adjustable frother. In reality, this would be applicable to many other models as well.

The espresso part works with a 15 bar pressure pump, while the filter part uses a 1.5-litre capacity drip jug (i.e. large size) and includes a permanent nylon filter.

Why did we choose the Prixton Bari? Because it is a recent machine, with good results.

PRIXTON Bari - Double Coffee Maker/Espresso Makers 3 in 1: Espresso, American and Cappuccino, 15 Bar...
  • Coffee machine 3 in 1: Espresso, American and Cappuccino. Italian, American and Steamer System.
  • 1850W 230V Express Coffee Maker and 15 bar Electromagnetic Pressure Pump.
  • Espresso coffee makers with shared water tank, 1.5 L drip jug and high–temperature resistant glass jug
  • Coffee maker with reusable nylon filter for the American system and double output metal filter for the Italian system.
  • The coffee maker includes a high-pressure funnel for each system and integrates independent thermostat for water and steam.

3º – Rommelsbacher EKS 3010

Our ranking of combi coffee machines would not be complete without this Rommelsbacher EKS 3010, the highest quality and performance model on the market, which holds a place of honour in this ranking in its own right.

On the downside, of course, is the high price. It is a rather expensive coffee machine compared to other combi machines, such as the Ufesa CK7355, and if you are not going to take full advantage of its capabilities, then perhaps the investment will not be worthwhile.

Budgeting aside, this Rommelsbacher EKS 3010 is a real marvel. It is made entirely of stainless steel; the espresso water tank is transparent, 19 bar pressure, water filter compatibility…

Why did we choose the Rommelsbacher EKS 3010? Because it is the highest quality and best performing combi coffee machine on the market.

4º – Beem Ecco Deluxe 4 in 1

And to conclude our ranking, an appliance that transcends the limits of the traditional concept of coffee maker: the Beem Ecco Deluxe 4 in 1. When it comes to preparing coffee, this breakfast centre offers an extraordinary filter coffee service, with a pivoting filter holder, thermal carafe and 1-litre capacity.

But we also find integrated, within the same set, a kettle to prepare infusions and a toaster that also has a slice warmer function (that is, we can make toast or simply warm a bun or a piece of bread without toasting it).

The kettles, by the way, can also be purchased separately in our online kettle shop.

Why did we choose the Beem Ecco Deluxe 4-in-1? Because in addition to making coffee, it includes a kettle, toaster and bread warmer, all in the same appliance.

BEEM Germany 4-in-1 Ecco Deluxe Breakfast Machine, 1.7 Litre, 3800 Watt
  • 4 functions together in a device coffee machine, filter holder for coffee, toaster and kettle
  • Full stainless steel top quality design
  • Compact and space-saving
  • Function display in front panel
  • With permanent filter - no purchasing of paper filters