Car coffee maker

They may not be very popular yet, but more and more manufacturers are launching their car coffee maker model or 12v coffee maker. We have decided to echo this trend in a specialized portal. If you want a car coffee maker, it is because you fulfil one of the following premises: 1- you travel a …

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Neapolitan coffee makers

Neapolitan Coffee Makers

Today we are going to know a type of coffee machine not too popular on the Internet but in Italy. And more specifically, in Naples, which is where this original way of preparing espresso coffee comes from. We are referring to the Neapolitan coffee machines, also known by the name of Cucumella. What is a …

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Top 10 Professional coffee machines for home

commercial coffee machines

In this article, we are going to talk about professional coffee machines: coffee machines that are far removed from common market standards. Their characteristics and prices do not have much to do with what we are accustomed to seeing in shop displays or large shopping malls. We’re going to get to know them in-depth. We’re …

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Built-In coffee machines

built in coffee machine

Today I have the pleasure of talking about one of those products that leave their mark. One of those inventions that, from the moment it was created and sold to the general public, necessarily started a separation between coffee consumers: those who have it and those who don’t. It’s the first time that coffee has …

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Cold brew coffee makers

cold brew coffee maker

Maybe the Cold Brew word won’t catch your eye, but it’s recently becoming a trend and gaining more and more followers among consumers. Cold Brew Coffee is what we call cold extraction, or what is the same: to prepare a coffee without hot water. The Cold Brew technique allows us to enjoy authentic espresso coffee …

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Vacuum coffee makers

Vacuum Coffee Makers

Maybe you are not satisfied with the traditional coffee. Perhaps you look for that little point of distinction and pleasure that the elaborations of artisan coffee give you. Then, yours are the vacuum coffee machines. They are also known as Cona or siphon coffee machines in other fields. These Cona or vacuum coffee makers provide …

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Hydro-pressure coffee makers

Hydro Pressure Coffee Makers

Hydro-pressure coffee makers, or steam coffee makers, are coffee machines used to make espresso coffee. But through a more straightforward and less expensive system than the traditional espresso machines (with pressure pump) that we all know. Following, we will describe in more detail how steam-pressurized coffee machines work. In the segment of hydro-pressure coffee machines …

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Combi coffee makers

Combi Coffee Makers

Combi coffee makers, or combined coffee makers, are perhaps more prevalent in Central Europe than in the UK or US, but even so, they still have their market share and a growing acceptance. They are practical devices because they save space and pots and pans in kitchens -which is not bad since we don’t usually …

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