Nespresso pro capsules

Nespresso Pro Capsules

Like many major brands in the industry, Nespresso has long had a unique product line geared towards office and workplace consumption. It is a different capsule system, more like the soft pods used by Senseo, and not compatible with Nespresso pods for home coffee makers. Its name is Nespresso Pro, and it comprises a wide …

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Where to recycle the coffee capsules?

Where To Recycle The Coffee Capsules

The recycling of coffee capsules, traditionally made of aluminium, has been the main problem of this format since its appearance in the mid-2000s. It does not seem to affect the sales of capsule coffee machines, but there is no doubt that concern remains in the sector and among consumers. What do I do with the …

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How to repair a Dolce Gusto coffee machine

how to repair a dolce gusto - How to repair a Dolce Gusto coffee machine

Dolce Gusto capsule coffee machines are fantastic for many reasons, including the low cost of purchase, the wide variety of beverages you can prepare, the possibility of using compatible and even refillable capsules, and so on. In addition, they are high-quality coffee machines that belong to the Nestlé food group, which guarantees that you will …

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The best coffee machine for small a business

The Best Coffee Machine For Small A Business

It is one of the biggest doubts of the most enterprising readers. Some people are thinking of setting up a small business (not a usual bar or café), such as a cake shop or a leisure centre with similar conditions. When thinking about offering coffee to their customers, they cannot afford the investment of thousands …

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The best coffee machines for the office

The Best Coffee Machines For The Office

Sooner or later, this is an issue that arises in any office or workplace where several people coincide in the morning for coffee. At some point, you might consider buying a coffee maker for the office or an appliance to replace the vending machine in which each coffee costs 50 or 60 cents (minimum) and …

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Hazelnut coffee

Hazelnut Coffee

Coffee and hazelnuts combine well, no doubt about it. That’s why there are numerous products and varieties of hazelnut-flavoured coffee on the market, which can be found in virtually any store. The strength and body of the coffee, especially the espresso, matches perfectly with the smooth and silky taste of the hazelnut. Whether in beans, …

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Nitro coffee

Nitro Coffee

Not too many years ago, some gourmet and speciality coffee shops in the United States began adding nitrogen to cold brew coffee to experiment and explore new ways of tasting coffee. And it turns out that the invention is successful, people like it, it starts to become popular, it is jumping the boundaries, and so …

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How to make the perfect coffee

How To Make The Perfect Coffee

There are many coffees, and they can be made in many ways. But if we are looking for the perfect coffee, then we must put aside our appetites and stick to a set of rules and fixed amounts. To make the perfect coffee in a coffee maker, there is no single methodology. It depends on …

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Dolce Gusto coffee maker colour designs

Dolce Gusto Coffee Maker Colour Designs

Dolce Gusto coffee machines are very recognisable on the market thanks, among other things, to their specific colour range. In almost all its models, we can find pieces in red, black, white, and silver. In this sense, the Nescafé firm presents a slightly more conservative catalogue than other brands, opting for a greater variety of …

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Manual or automatic Dolce Gusto

Manual Or Automatic Dolce Gusto

Which is better, an automatic or manual Dolce Gusto? It is the question many users ask themselves before purchasing their next automatic or manual Dolce Gusto coffee machine. The differences are not always clear to the consumer, especially beginners, which is why at, we want to explain them to you as clearly as possible. …

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Dolce Gusto coffee machines on sale

Dolce Gusto Coffee Makers On Sale

Dolce Gusto coffee machines are in fashion; everyone has one, and those who don’t want one have one. No one knows for sure if it is the right type of coffee maker for them. Still, constant marketing and promotions mean that everyone is on the lookout for the best offer on Dolce Gusto coffee makers …

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Refillable capsules for Nespresso

Rechargeable Capsules For Nespresso

With the rise of Nespresso coffee machines, alternatives to the official Nespresso Capsules, which are of excellent quality but which we already know are a bit expensive, are continually emerging on the market. There are three main options if we want to save money with our Nespresso coffee capsules: NOTE: Most Nespresso refillable capsules are …

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Portable coffee makers

Portable Coffee Makers

You’re a lone wolf. You live on your own, frequently travel at work, spend long hours in meetings or the car, but you don’t want to give up the pleasure of your coffee, anywhere and at any time. If you see yourself reflected in this profile, then don’t hesitate: you need to buy a portable …

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Italian electric coffee machines

Italian Electric Coffee Makers

Electric coffee makers? What kind of joke is this? Aren’t most coffee makers with an outlet electric? Technically yes, but in our industry, we refer to electric coffee makers when we talk about Italian coffee makers or Moka pots plugged into the mains and therefore do not need to be put on a fire to …

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