The Lever of My Dolce Gusto is Stuck

One of the problems that our readers consult most frequently is, without a doubt, the issue of the lever that gets stuck in a Dolce Gusto coffee machine.

First, let’s put the problem into context:

When we talk about the lever on a Dolce Gusto coffee machine, we can refer to the control that is lowered and raised to puncture the capsule or to the horizontal lever on manual Dolce Gusto coffee machines that are used to select hot or cold water. In essence, the automatic Dolce Gusto coffee machines, except for the Mini-Me, do not have a lever, but rather the temperature of the drink is selected using a button.

Well, in today’s article, we will focus on the latter: the temperature selection lever.

If your problem is that the capsule holder is stuck, you’d better read this other article: My Dolce Gusto coffee maker is stuck. You should be aware that these are two different incidents.

dolce gusto mini me lever
Lever of the Dolce Gusto Mini Me coffee machine

All right, now that we know what leverage we’re talking about, let’s describe the symptoms of the problem. We usually receive comments from readers who tell us that this lever is stuck in the neutral point (it doesn’t move right or left; that is, they can’t select hot or cold water). The coffee maker is not able to take the water they have in the tank, and that the button light flashes alternately in red and green.

A situation which, as you can see in our power button light colours guide, is not classified as one of the typical mistakes of the coffee machine – and in many cases, it’s new coffee machines!

Well, the cause of this problem is not clear, but there are several solutions we can try before calling for service.

  1. The first thing is to make sure that the water tank is fitted correctly in its correct position. Slight misalignment may be invisible to the human eye, but it can cause the connection between the tank and the water pipe of the coffee machine not to close. This is the most likely – and most natural to check – the reason for the brewer not sucking up the water and not being able to perform the rinses. It never hurts to check. Also, remember that the capsule holder must be closed and the capsule holder lever lowered (not raised).
  2. Secondly, assuming that all the parts are correctly fitted, make sure that the lever is tightened – with some force – to the right side. That is, if we want a cold drink, we must press it well to the left, and if we want a hot drink, we must send it well to the right. There is no need to force or be rough. Still, if the lever does not reach the top, it will remain in an unanchored position and, therefore, will jump to return to its original position (the centre) as soon as the coffee extraction begins. Under normal conditions, the lever should hold itself in place until brewing is complete.
  3. Finally, it is not superfluous to check the instruction manual for our Mini-Me and remember what the manufacturer says when the red light is flashing, and the steps to follow to perform the first rinse:
mini me manual
mini me manual 2

You must be aware that the Dolce Gusto Mini Me is a peculiar coffee maker. It’s an automatic coffee maker, but the temperature is selected with a lever, like all other manual coffee makers. You can see the difference between the two types in the following article: Dolce Gusto Automatic or Manual? And this is a model that, despite its low price, has had quite a few problems with this issue. It is not difficult to find similar testimonials all over the Internet.

If none of the above advice works for you, it is probably an internal fault in the coffee machine, an electrical problem, a loose cable, or a connection that is not working as it should. As we have already said, this is a recurring problem in many Mini Me’s, even in brand new models or with very little use.

If you want to try to solve it by yourself (something we don’t recommend, unless you know very well what you are doing), you can start by reviewing this instructive video:

In any case, never stop reading and following these tips for Dolce Gusto coffee machines – your coffee maker will thank you for it!