The lever of my Dolce Gusto is stuck

When we talk about the lever of a Dolce Gusto coffee machine, we specifically refer to the mechanism that is moved to either side to choose between hot or cold water.

Certain Dolce Gusto automatic models, such as the Genio, Infinissima Touch, Eclipse, or Magesto, do not incorporate a lever. Instead, the beverage temperature is selected using a touchscreen interface.

If you are experiencing a problem with the lever of the pod holder, which is responsible for lowering the injector to puncture the pod, it is important to note that this is a separate issue. In such cases, we recommend reading the article “My Dolce Gusto coffee machine is stuck” for appropriate troubleshooting steps.

dolce gusto mini me lever
Lever of the Dolce Gusto Mini Me coffee machine

Reasons why the Dolce Gusto coffee machine could be stuck

When the temperature selector lever malfunctions, two situations may occur:

  • It may get stuck in its central position without moving to the right or left.
  • It immediately returns to the central position when it is moved.

In the first case, the coffee machine does not produce or make sound. In the second case, the machine spits out coffee just a second before returning to the centre position, and the button flashes with a warning.

In my power button light colour guide, Dolce Gusto does not classify this situation as a typical malfunction. Although this problem’s cause is unclear, several solutions can be tried.

Stuck temperature lever:

A stuck lever is usually caused by a fault in the internal mechanism or misuse.

The front lever that pierces the pod must be down for the temperature lever to move freely. If this is not the case, the internal mechanism will prevent the upper-temperature lever from moving.

Make sure that the central lever is completely closed. It is preferable not to use pods in this case. You can apply pressure with your hand to hold it in position. If the temperature lever is still stuck in its centre position after trying to move it, I´m afraid the mechanism is probably damaged and cannot be repaired.

Temperature lever returning to the centre position

This lever will only remain in the extremes if everything in the brewer works properly.

That is, whether the lever stays on one side or the other depends on the commands sent by the control board. If the card detects a fault, it will return the lever to the centre position.

  1. The first thing is to ensure the water tank is correctly positioned. Even a slight misalignment may not be visible to the naked eye, but it can affect the operation of the flow meter and send a fault signal to the control board.
  2. The second cause may be related to the pod holder. If it is not correctly positioned, the magnet inside will not send the correct signal to the control board, preventing us from brewing coffee for safety reasons.
  3. Other faults that can cause the lever to return to the centre position include problems with the thermostat or the control board. However, when this happens, it is advisable to consider buying a new Dolce Gusto rather than trying to repair it.

Finally, checking the instruction manual and ensuring you use the machine correctly is advisable.


I have a personal preference for Dolce Gusto coffee machines, but based on my experience in repairing such machines, I have found that when internal failures start to occur, particularly related to plastic parts inside the head, the thermostat, or the control board, it is often more advisable to purchase a new coffee machine.

When a coffee maker begins to experience issues with components like the temperature selector lever, additional failures may likely arise in the near future.

If investing in a new coffee pod machine is not feasible, I suggest alternative options such as the more affordable Moka pot, French press, or manual pour-over coffee makers. These alternatives can still provide a satisfying coffee experience.