My Dolce Gusto coffee maker is stuck

We can refer to two different situations when talking about a stuck Dolce Gusto coffee machine. 1- The coffee capsule may be stuck inside the coffee machine, and 2- The coffee machine does not brew coffee because of internal clogging. As they are completely different situations with different causes, we cannot apply the same solution in both cases.

In the first case, we will see that in some cases, we are not even able to lift the lid of the capsule holder, and therefore we are unable to extract the capsule holder. In this situation, the injector will still be inside the coffee capsule and removing the capsule holder can break or bend the injector.

In the second case, after a certain time of use, our Dolce Gusto coffee machine starts to be stuck, and the coffee comes out of the nozzle with much less pressure than usual, which results in less body and a poorer quality foam or cream. In some cases, the coffee machine sticks completely (it clogs).

Dolce Gusto coffee maker stuck – capsule stuck

In this first case, which usually occurs when we forget to remove the coffee capsule after brewing, we cannot open the capsule compartment because the nozzle is still injected.

Perhaps several hours have passed since it was used, and the wet coffee grounds have dried out. Or possibly the capsule has swollen due to pressure, and then its dimensions are much larger than usual, and it cannot move. In any case, the important thing is to be patient and never force the capsule or the compartment, as this could break or bend the injector!

Capsule stuck because dried coffee residues

If you find it impossible to remove the capsule with slight movements, the best thing to do is start the coffee maker as if you were going to make coffee. Let the water flow through the needle and the coffee capsule (remember to put a container underneath to catch the spillage), which will soften the dry residue and make the movement of the needle more natural.

Try to lift the lever again to open the compartment, but remember, always gently. If you see that it still resists, repeat the operation as many times as necessary. Eventually, it will give way. And for another occasion, always remember to remove and throw away the used capsule after making your coffee.

The lever is in the coffee brewing position

Suppose you have a manual Dolce Gusto coffee machine. In that case, you may have left the activation lever slightly activated, which prevents the coffee machine from opening the lid of the capsule holder. All you have to do is turn the lever to the centre position, and it should allow you to remove the capsule holder.

The lower part of the capsule has been bent

In some situations, especially when using compatible capsules, the capsule’s bottom may bend, causing the whole coffee pod to shift and rotate. When the capsule moves out of place, the coffee capsule forces the nozzle and traps it so that the machine will not let you lift the lid of the capsule holder.

You must remove the water tank and the drip tray to tip the machine over to solve this problem. Once in this position, using a rigid but thin utensil, you must push the capsule below to reposition it. Once you have done this, the machine should allow you to open the lid.

Coffee capsule stuck in Dolce Gusto capsule holder
Coffee capsule stuck in Dolce Gusto capsule holder

How do you unclog a Dolce Gusto coffee maker?

We understand that the Dolce Gusto coffee machine is clogged when the nozzle or needle through which the water is injected is obstructed and, therefore, does not let the coffee come out (or does so, but with very little force). In these cases, it is recommended to follow two steps:

  • First, use the cleaning needle of your Dolce Gusto coffee machine to unclog the nozzle. What, you don’t know that your coffee machine has a cleaning needle? You haven’t read the instruction manual? Hehe, yes, many users are surprised, but all Dolce Gusto coffee machines have a cleaning needle hidden in the back of the machine, which is used for precisely this kind of case.
Oblo Dolce Gusto cleaning needle

Using the needle regularly will prevent many clogs, so don’t wait until you find your coffee machine clogged to use it. This process will ensure that the nozzle is always free of debris and impurities. In the video we have recorded below, we show you not only how to use the cleaning needle but also how to disassemble the entire coffee injection assembly:

  • Second, we advise you to remove coffee residue and dirt not only from the outermost part of the spout (which is where the needle goes) but from the entire inside of the coffee maker. To do this, you should start a descaling process.

Sometimes, coffee residues originate and are deposited inside the coffee group pipes. Each time the coffee is prepared, the force of the water itself drags them along until they accumulate in the nozzle. If you don’t know how to descale your coffee machine, take a look at the following step-by-step guides:

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