My Dolce Gusto doesn’t pour water

If a coffee pod machine has a problem, in most cases, it is related to a lack of water when brewing coffee. Although this problem affects all brands equally, Dolce Gusto coffee machines are slightly more prone to it.

Before we look at why your coffee machine doesn’t brew water, we recommend that you download the user manual for your model. Even if you don’t need it today, you may need it another day.

The injector of the Dolce Gusto is blocked

In our experience, it is most likely that your Dolce Gusto coffee machine does not deliver water because the injector is blocked. It is very important to understand the signs indicating this is the problem to avoid frustration.

If the injector is the cause of the lack of water, we must turn on the coffee maker:

  1. We see the light on the power button (green)
  2. Be able to hear the pump running.

If either of these two conditions is not met, the cause of the problem will be something else. To unlock the injector, you must remove the water injector assembly:

  1. Lift the pod holder cover
  2. Remove the pod holder
  3. Lower the pod holder cover
  4. Use a metal pin or a flat-head screwdriver to remove the assembly
  5. Clean the whole assembly and nozzle with water, using the small pin provided on the back of the machine to unblock the injector (taking care not to puncture or lose the rubber seal around the nozzle)
  6. Put everything back together

Descaling the Dolce Gusto coffee machine every 4-6 months is advisable. It will prevent blockages in the nozzle and internal components, such as the heating element, which cannot be accessed manually as with the injector.

The thermal fuse of the pump is blown

If your coffee machine turns on, but when you operate the brew lever, you do not hear the water pump running, one of the causes may be a lack of power supply. It is not one of the most frequent causes of failure, but it can happen, and fortunately, it is easy to diagnose.

You must disassemble the coffee maker and access the pump to check it. In the pump’s electrical connections, you will see a white wire with a thermal fuse connected in series, which you must disconnect to check continuity.

If the fuse is blown, there will be no continuity and no power to the pump. Make a note of the characteristics of the fuse and buy a replacement.

Dolce gusto not pouring water blown thermal fuse
Dolce gusto not pouring water blown thermal fuse

The pump is mechanically blocked

If we can see the light on the power button of the Dolce Gusto and we can also hear a buzzing sound coming from the pump, we can rule out the previous problem as the pump is receiving power. However, there is no water pumping because some impurity or residue clogs the pump’s internal components.

I advise using the rubber handle of a screwdriver to give it a few gentle taps while turning the machine on and off to unblock the internal mechanical components. If this doesn’t work, you can either take it apart and loosen them manually or buy a new pump.

These pumps sell for £15 to £20, so I recommend buying a new one rather than taking it apart, as the problem may eventually reappear as you use the machine. Write down the characteristics of your Dolce Gusto pump and filter your search on Google.

Characteristics of an ULKA pump
Characteristics of a ULKA pump

The Dolce Gusto only pours water when I hold down the lever

Sometimes, the coffee machine does not dispense water unless you hold down the lever and immediately see the red light flashing. This issue is caused by the pod holder not being correctly positioned or the detection system of the pod holder being broken.

The problem may be in the coffee pod holder or in the sensor that detects the pod holder. If you want to solve this problem quickly, you have to bypass the output of the control board, although this option is the least recommended for safety reasons.

If you want to do it properly, you must first check if the problem is in the pod holder; to do this, you only have to bring a metallic object close to it; if it attracts the pod holder, it is fine. Then you should order a spare sensor and replace it.

The water tank does not dispense water

In this case, the light and the pump will work; however, no water will come out, and the lights will start flashing red and green alternately. This colour coding indicates that the pump is not receiving water, so the problem is either in the tank or the pipe that carries water from the tank to the pump.

The first thing to do, although it is very basic, is to disconnect the tank full of water and press your finger on the valve at the base to check that it is working properly. If this valve is working properly, it is advisable to disassemble the machine and check the pipes that connect the tank to the pump, as there may be a blockage somewhere.

Water tank valve
Water tank valve

Of course, we assume the tank is correctly installed in your Dolce Gusto.

The importance of the decalcification process

The decalcification of coffee machines is essential to clean the internal circuits of the remains of lime and other impurities that the water leaves with use. Most users do not decalcify their Dolce Gusto coffee maker often enough; therefore, it gets damaged, and no water is poured in.

Fortunately, the problem of your Dolce Gusto not pouring water is not severe and can be solved in many cases by starting a decalcification cycle. We recommend reading our Dolce Gusto coffee machine decalcification guide if you do not know how to do this. So now you know, get a Dolce Gusto descaler kit and work.

On the other hand, it’s also a good habit to “hearyour coffee maker when you start it up. Even if the Dolce Gusto doesn’t pour water, you can pay attention to its sound during the heating and extraction phases and thus sense whether all the internal components (such as the water pump or the boiler) are working as they should.

Or if there is some strange noise, some particular part may fail. With a little practice, you’ll get to know your coffee maker like the back of your hand, and this experience will also help you detect other breakdowns or problems not necessarily related to water.

The Dolce Gusto recommendations

It is also worth paying attention to the recommendations made by Dolce Gusto herself when our coffee maker does not pour water. We have copied the company’s diagrams in their entirety, which can serve as a guide for you to know how to act in these cases:

No water comes out of the Dolce Gusto user manual
No water comes out of the Dolce Gusto user manual

As you can see, Dolce Gusto suggests that you distinguish whether the coffee maker makes a noise and whether the blocking handle can be lifted or is blocked. Different action guidelines to ensure that you cover and check all cases.

You can also read the following articles and guides related to the maintenance of your Dolce Gusto coffee machine:

By following these good practices, you will avoid problems with your Dolce Gusto coffee machine and will not have to worry about repairs or unexpected operating errors. Just as a summary, please, watch this video: