Coffee makers with a built-in grinder

The coffee machines with built-in grinders are the object of desire of the great coffee lovers. The freshly ground coffee gives the preparations an unmistakable taste and aroma, which real coffee makers know how to appreciate. And that is only given to you by a coffee machine that grinds coffee.

That’s why they always look for a good coffee maker with an integrated coffee grinder that allows them to choose the coffee beans of the brand and origin that they like the most (even making blends of several). And on the other hand, grind it just before filtering the water and enjoying an authentic, freshly brewed coffee.

We can’t ignore the detail of saving money and space in the kitchen, which means buying a coffee grinder separately.

Coffee makers with integrated coffee grinders are usually included in automatic espresso machines. On the other hand, manual espresso machines typically have a group with a filter holder where we pour the previously ground coffee.

Therefore, at the end of this article, we will include a list of the best automatic coffee makers with grinders that exist on the market today, according to our criteria.

We can find some filter coffee machines and another manual portafilter espresso machine with this instrument, but the most normal is to find automatic coffee machines with grinder.

Within the coffee machines that grind the coffee, we can establish two big groups: those that have stainless steel grinders and those that have ceramic grinders.

Ceramic grinders are much more durable. They do not heat up when grinding the coffee and therefore do not suffer damage, do not lose their sharpness and keep their grinding properties intact throughout the life of the coffee machine.

The grinder of an espresso machine looks like this:

grinder coffee maker

How does a coffee maker that grinds coffee work?

To find out how a coffee machine with a coffee grinder works, it is best to take a look at the following video, which shows you the process in detail:

Advantages of coffee machines with a built-in grinder

The main advantage of the automatic coffee machines with integrated grinders is, of course, the possibility to grind the coffee beans seconds before preparing them. However perfect it may be, the result cannot be compared to that of any other coffee machine.

Moreover, most coffee makers that grind coffee allow you to choose the thickness of the grind (finer or thicker ground coffee) to make the coffee just the way you like it. It is usually done through a control knob like this one:

Coffee makers with grinders grinding thickness

Disadvantages of automatic coffee machines with a built-in grinder

A coffee maker that grinds coffee, apart from its apparent advantages, also has some disadvantages, among which we highlight mainly three:

  • They are much more expensive than conventional espresso machines without a grinder.
  • They are much noisier because the grinding process, of course, cannot be done in silence.
  • They are much bigger than espresso machines without a grinder. Above all, the difference is in-depth, so bear this in mind when measuring the space in your kitchen before buying a coffee machine with an integrated grinder.

Where to buy coffee makers with grinders?

Unfortunately, the range of coffee machines with integrated grinders is not very extensive in general stores. In hypermarkets, department stores and appliance shops, you will generally find some of the most popular models of automatic coffee machines with grinders of specific brands and always in the lower range. But not much else.

If you want to buy a coffee machine that grinds coffee, we recommend that you do it online (in this review, you can find links to all the models we have discussed on Amazon) or in the online shops of each brand. It is the quickest and safest way if you are looking to choose from a wide variety of espresso coffee machines with integrated grinders.

Other automatic coffee machines with a built-in grinder

As we said before, automatic coffee machines with integrated coffee grinders are the most common segment. But not the only one, far from it. We can also find drip coffee machines and portafilter coffee machines with grinders. They are less numerous but also meet this requirement. Here is a list of those we have evaluated on our website:

Drip coffee makers with grinder

To get to the point, they can be divided into two groups: big and small.

The former is the top-of-the-range drip coffee machine and has all the equipment demanded of this type of coffee machine. Besides, they are programmable, and the finishes are first class. They are also quite expensive; it has to be said. Some examples are the Philips Grind&Brew, the Klarstein Aromatica or the Russell Hobbs Grind&Brew.

The small ones are much cheaper, but in exchange, they only have a deposit for 4-6 cups in each preparation: the Razorri or the TM-Electron brand.

More information in our post about drip coffee machines with grinders.

Espresso coffee machines with built-in grinder (manual)

An intermediate or hybrid option is the manual espresso machines, with portafilter, but using the ground coffee in the filter also allows you to use the coffee beans you like.

The Ariete Café Roma is a mythical model in this select group. However, the truth is that it is increasingly difficult to find one in the market, and due to the price difference, it is almost better to go for a super-automatic. Ariete, Sage, Royal Catering and Breville are some of the few brands that still bet on this particular configuration in some of their machines.

A super-automatic coffee machine with two coffee tanks?

It’s not the only one on the market, but there aren’t many other machines that offer this feature. And they are all very high-end. We are talking about the Saeco GranBaristo and its grain exchanger this time.

What is it about? Well, the grinder has two independent coffee tanks. You can have two different varieties or origins and choose at any time to grind whatever you want – a luxury only within reach of the most demanding!

The best coffee maker with grinder in our opinion

Although none of the machines shown on this page is bad coffee machines, and even less so (not in vain is it a selection of the best coffee machines with grinders), if we have to recommend the best espresso machine with a coffee grinder, we will go to one of the mid-range coffee machines of the big brands in the sector. For example:

We consider this set of models to be the best option for most users because of their value for money. Its control panel is very functional because its maintenance is straightforward (the components can be removed to clean separately) and because its features are more than enough to delight you.

Here are some examples:

Well, now you have no excuse to buy a good coffee maker with a built-in coffee grinder, with all the information at first hand. Which is your favourite? Do you know any attractive models we have not included in this collection?