The best super-automatic coffee machine to buy

This guide will help you choose the super-automatic coffee machine that best suits your needs, comparing the different brands and models. Therefore, this article aims to give you a clearer idea of which super-automatic coffee machine best suits your interests (consumption, tastes, available budget, etc.).

Top 10 best brands of super-automatic coffee machines

When we talk about the best brands of super-automatic coffee machines, we always refer to manufacturers with prestige and extensive experience in the super-automatic coffee machine sector.

We will leave out very well-known brands in the coffee machine sector, such as Nespresso because they either do not have or have very little variety of this type of coffee machine in their catalogue.

Top 1. Delonghi super-automatic coffee machines

We start with what is, if not the best brand of super-automatic coffee machines, then the best known and most popular on the Internet. It is also the one that generates the most sales per year.

Its catalogue is the widest of all manufacturers, with dozens of different models in three large series: ECAM, ETAM and ESAM coffee machines. We talk about all of them in-depth in our guide to Delonghi super-automatic coffee machines.

Top 2. Saeco super automatic coffee machines

With Saeco, it is the same as with Delonghi: at one time, it was the market leader in this sector of Internet coffee machines, thanks to the immense quality and the many models in its catalogue.

However, the new Saeco super-automatic machines are now born under the name of Philips (commercial issues). So although the old Saeco super-automatic coffee machines are still among the best on the market, they will not be replaced in time.

Top 3. Philips super automatic coffee machines

Philips Saeco super-automatic coffee machines have gained more market share thanks to their alliance with the Italian giant. The models in its “Series” range are very popular, with prices ranging from the most economical to the medium-high range. A machine for every user profile.

Top 4. Krups super automatic coffee machines

Together with Delonghi, Krups super-automatic coffee machines have the widest range of models in the industry. Sometimes it isn’t easy to classify or distinguish between them.

Of these, we particularly highlight the low-cost automatic coffee machines, where Krups competes head-to-head with everyone else for market leadership. We talk about them in our guide to Krups super-automatic coffee machines.

Top 5. Cecotec super automatic coffee machines

Maybe your budget isn’t that big, but you don’t want to give up all the basic (and some advanced) features of a super-automatic coffee machine. Cecotec is the answer to your needs.

This is perhaps the best value-for-money super-automatic coffee machine on the market. Cecotec coffee machines are divided into three series (6000, 7000 and 8000) and two colours: black and white.

Top 6. Siemens super automatic coffee machines

Siemens super-automatic coffee machines are less known to the public, as they compete only in the high-end super-automatic coffee machine market. Therefore, they have a more demanding user profile.

Top 7. Bosch super automatic coffee machines

Bosch does not have a very extensive catalogue of super-automatic coffee machines, but the few Bosch models available on the Internet are high-end, so we include them in our top list. The Bosch VeroProfessional, VeroCaffe Latte and VeroAroma machines stand out for their versatility. But again, they are only for users willing to make a large investment.

Top 8. Jura super-automatic coffee machines

Jura’s super-automatic coffee machines are high-end models, outperforming their competitors in both performance and espresso quality and price.

But if you are looking for the best-performing super-automatic coffee machine, Jura is a brand to consider. Here is a selection of the most important ones:

Top 9. Melitta super-automatic coffee machines

Many of the best super-automatic coffee machine brands are German, which is no coincidence. Guaranteed operation and a sober design are essential for complex machines with many functions.

Melitta’s super-automatic coffee machines make up one of the market’s most extensive (and powerful) ranges, with models to suit all tastes and pockets. The most basic is the Caffeo Solo (E950), a great starting point if you want to get your first automatic coffee machine.

Top 10. WMF super automatic coffee machines

The WMF super-automatic coffee machines are a rare treat because they have long since been discontinued and are difficult to find on the Internet. The company has opted for other, more affordable types of machines. These models were truly beasts of burden, with a precision and quality of espresso delivery unmatched in the industry. But of course, the price was also on a par with such excellent performance.

The best super-automatic coffee machines of 2022: Analysis

This market has hundreds (if not thousands) of references worldwide and new models constantly appearing, so it is difficult to say which is the best automatic coffee machine for the home. But our mission is to try to answer such a common question.

To do so, we have prepared a top 5 super-automatic coffee machines, with the models that, due to different criteria, we consider to be the most outstanding.

In all cases, we recommend you directly access their file (own review within the web) for more detailed information.

Delonghi Primadonna EVO

The Delonghi Primadonna series of automatic coffee machines represents the entrance door to the Italian firm’s top-of-the-range domestic machines. They are models made for the most demanding user but still have an affordable price as long as it is worth the investment.

We highlight the Primadonna EVO version, which corresponds to the ECAM 510.55 model.

  • Touch screen.
  • It allows for making 14 automatic drinks, including chocolate.
  • Built-in milk tank and automatic preparation of cappuccinos and lattes.
  • It can be controlled by a mobile phone.
  • 1.8 litres capacity.
  • Programmable automatic cleaning of both the water and milk tanks.
  • Personalise the settings for each drink, and save them in your user profile, so you don’t have to repeat them.
  • Screen menus in English.
De'Longhi Primadonna S Evo, Fully Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, Espresso and Cappuccino...
  • Coffee LINK APP: Thanks to Coffee link app, you can discover unlimited personalization options and get advice and suggestions to enrich your Coffee preparation experience
  • VARIETY OF Coffee CHOICES: You can personalise everything: from aroma level to milk quantity to coffee quantity and temperature; then save preferences for up to six user profiles
  • MY function: Personalize each beverage adjusting aroma and Coffee/milk quantities, to enjoy your favorite drinks; intuitive control panel with clear graphic display and touch buttons
  • HOME COMFORT: Elegant design of a coffee machine for barista-quality coffee at home; bean-to-cup machine that serves you 13 delicious Coffee-shop classics
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The carafe comes with an integrated clean function; after beverage preparation, all parts in contact with milk are automatically washed with hot water and steam

Krups Espresseria Quattro Force

We can highlight several models from Krups, but we have chosen the best representative of its mid-range: the Espresseria Quattro Force. It has everything a medium-high profile user could demand (including automatic cappuccinos), but it remains reasonably priced. It’s only, but: it does not have an additional entrance for ground coffee.

  • 1.7-litre capacity.
  • LCD screen.
  • 6 different specialities.
  • Automatic cappuccinos by pressing a single button.
  • Special hydraulic system for filtering the coffee
  • Conical grinder with a capacity of 275 grams of coffee
  • AutoClean automatic cleaning system.

Saeco PicoBaristo

Saeco’s top-of-the-range automatic coffee machines have a standard that shines above the rest: the Pico Baristo. It is conceived as a “domestic” version of the hyper-specialised (and very expensive) GranBaristo, which is possibly the best super-automatic coffee machine in the world, but whose price makes it inaccessible to the common public. This PicoBaristo is still highly-priced but more earthy.

On the scale, it would be the next (or superior) model to the Incanto or the Philips 5000 Series.

  • 1.8-litre tank.
  • 13 automatic and customisable drinks.
  • Integrated 0.5-litre milk tank.
  • Ceramic grinder with 12 adjustment levels.
  • Can memorise up to 4 user profiles.
  • Includes accessories, water filters, greasing fluid, water pH test, and cleaning brush.

Cecotec Power Matic-Ccino

This is a Spanish super-automatic coffee maker, and we include it for its excellent quality and price. Don’t expect perhaps the greatest precision, the most careful finishes, or the reliability of the great Italian espresso brands. But we assure you that you won’t find a machine with this level of performance on the market at such a low price.

  • 1.7-litre capacity.
  • LCD screen.
  • Automatic cappuccinos and lattes.
  • Allows you to customise the intensity, temperature, cup size and milk emulsification time.
  • Programmed rinsing and cleaning system.
  • 19 bar pressure pump.
  • Grinder with storage for 250 grams of coffee.
  • Milk tank included (0.4 litres).
Cafetera Megautomática Power Matic-ccino 8000 Touch Serie Bianca
  • Megautomatic coffee maker with plug&play system that allows you to prepare all kinds of coffee automatically at the touch of a button; adapts to all tastes thanks to custom4you system with fully...
  • Interactive touch control panel with LED touchscreen display highly intuitive and very easy to use; includes 400 ml capacity fulllatte milk tank as an accessory that connects to the coffee maker and...
  • The highest quality coffee at the best price: no capsules need thanks to its 250 g tank for coffee beans with lid that preserves the aroma better and integrated ceramic grinder with 5 selectable grind...
  • ForceAroma technology with 19 bar pressure pump for the best cream and maximum aroma; perfect results by preparing American coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte, hot milk or infusion water in just a...
  • Careful design with elegant lines that adapts to any environment; AlwaysClean system with individualized circuit cleaning to always keep each of the parts of the coffee maker, allowing to select the...

Jura A1 Piano

We finish with a Jura automatic coffee machine. The Swiss company is one of the most prestigious firms in the industry (only working in the automatic sector), and this A1 Piano model is one of its most basic proposals. If you are only interested in espresso coffee and not in milk foam preparations, this is one of the best you can find on the Internet. Moreover, it is super-compact. However, it prepares your pocket because you have to pay for the quality.

  • 1.1-litre water tank.
  • Coffee grinder with a 125-gram tank.
  • Independent entrance for ground coffee.
  • Automatic cleaning and water rinse.
  • Compact body, super-reduced dimensions.
Jura CD Piano Black Pressure Coffee Maker A1, Plastic, 1450 W, 9 liters
  • Pump capacity: 15 bar. Creamy foam. Programming the amount of water. Coffee strength can be adjusted each time. Sensitive-Touchscreen Technology display. Energy Save Mode - ESM . Power switch:...
  • Adjustable coffee spout height: 55 - 141 mm. Ground coffee container. Water tank capacity: 1.1 L. Water tank: 1. Grain tank capacity: 125g. Coffee grounds container capacity (maximum number of...
  • Power: 1450 W. Power consumption while waiting: 0 W. Energy consumption: 4 Wh. Energy consumption in E.S.M. mode: 4. Weight: 8.8 kg. Width: 23 cm. Height: 32.3 cm. Depth: 44.5 cm. Energy efficiency:...

Types of super-automatic coffee machines

This is the segment of coffee machines with the highest price range in the whole industry. You can find models for just over 200 pounds, up to professional machines of several thousand. To help you find your way around, take a look at the three main types of automatic coffee machines and some of their features:

Basic range automatic coffee machines

  • They cost around 200-300 pounds.
  • They are only suitable for espresso; they do not have automatic cappuccinos.
  • Automatic specialities are usually different sizes of espresso.
  • Basic materials (mainly plastic)

Mid-range automatic coffee machines

  • We can place them in the range of 400-600 pounds.
  • They have more automatic specialities (generally from 4 or 6) and already include automatic cappuccinos with or without a milk tank.
  • They usually include an LCD screen to view status information or better navigate the menus.
  • Higher quality materials and more careful finishes.
  • They allow you to customise each preparation’s size, intensity and temperature.

High-end automatic coffee machines

  • From 700 pounds upwards.
  • Large menu of drinks and specialities available, over a dozen.
  • Built-in milk tank, always.
  • TFT colour screen.
  • Various user profiles.
  • Stainless steel bodies, large dimensions.
  • Includes advanced functions such as mobile connectivity, milk foam density selection, grinders with two coffee tanks, water filters, etc. (to name a few examples).

I want my automatic coffee machine now! Final opinions

Well, you’re tired of reading dozens of articles, comparisons, and complete guides like ours… and you have to decide now. Or maybe you already have the final decision in your head, and you must press the buy button to make the payment. And, of course, you need a little push. Well, here are our conclusions:

  • If you only drink espressos: a low-end coffee machine like the Delonghi ECAM 22.110 or the Philips 2000 Series will do. The Melitta Caffeo Solo E950 or the Jura Ena coffee machines are other models that only prepare espressos.
  • Are you looking for an automatic cappuccino machine? Please read our guide or go to the latest Philips LatteGo model. The Krups and Delonghi mid-range automatics are also a sure bet.
  • If you use regular, pre-grinded coffee, don’t bother spending the money. A good coffee machine is useless if you don’t use the best coffee beans.

✅ Advantages of super-automatic coffee machines

  • They make it possible to obtain good coffee with little effort and barista knowledge.
  • You can configure any coffee to your taste.
  • They incorporate a grinder as standard, and the freshly ground coffee is unbeatable.

❌ Disadvantages of automatic coffee machines

  • The initial investment is large.
  • You will get more out of them as you take advantage of them.
  • They are usually very bulky devices.
  • They need more attention and maintenance than the user normally thinks.

Super-automatic coffee machine or espresso?

This question usually refers to the comparison between super-automatic vs manual espresso machines (those with a filter arm or holder).

Generally speaking, if you are a skilled barista and have some skill and experience in making espressos, you will always want to control all the steps of the brewing process on your own. You will also have the necessary tools and accessories, such as a good coffee grinder or a milk frother. A handheld espresso machine will therefore give you more freedom.

On the other hand, if you are less experienced and want to get the best possible results comfortably and quickly, then the super-automatic is the best option (but you know you will have to pay a high price for it).

Automatic coffee machine or Nespresso?

By extension, this is the usual question that users make when comparing super-automatic vs capsule coffee machines (whether Nespresso or any other brand).

Both machines share similar advantages: they are fast, clean and convenient.

But the main difference is basic and heavy: coffee that comes packaged and compacted in a capsule will never be able to compete in aroma and freshness with the freshly ground coffee you use in a super-automatic.

The choice is yours, knowing that some are much cheaper – initially than others.

Coffee recommendation for super-automatic coffee machines

We have repeated it several times throughout this guide: not even the best automatic coffee machine in the world can work miracles. Even if you spend a thousand pounds on one of these machines, if you use a normal or bad coffee from the corner shop, the result will be a walking espresso.

You must use top-quality raw materials to make the most of your automatic coffee machine’s capabilities. Whichever one you want, but a good, naturally roasted coffee bean. You can look at our coffee bean store or our post about the best coffee in the world to get some ideas about it.