Melitta is a German company based in the German city of Minden whose business lines range from the production of coffee (raw material) to coffee filters or, of course, coffee machines of various types. It has subsidiaries and factories all over the world (not for nothing are all the coffee machines built in the factories in the United States).

It has been roasting coffee for almost half a century. Melitta is, without a doubt, one of the great dinosaurs of our industry and has managed to preserve its immense legacy over time without losing its momentum or market presence.

As far as Melitta superautomatic coffee machines are concerned, the Germans focus their production almost exclusively on top-of-the-range automatic espresso machines and on drip coffee machines, the latter segment where it is considered a world reference.

Its production of consumables (paper filters, cleaning tablets, etc.) even covers the consumption sectors of other brands. It is no coincidence that many filter coffee machine users buy Melitta filters even if their machine is from another manufacturer.

On this page, we will provide you with links to the detailed analyses on our website of all the coffee machines. We will also comment on the differences between each model so that you can decide on your purchase with better criteria. By the way, before looking at each model, you might want to take a look at the different Melitta coffee machine user manuals available for a free consultation.

Melitta automatic coffee machines

Before buying a Melitta automatic coffee machine online, you should be clear about the entire range and the differences between the various models. It is a major investment, and it’s a good idea to have all the information in hand. Of the entire range of Melitta superautomatic coffee machines, the Caffeo Solo model is the most basic and does not include a steamer or special compartment for storing milk.

It is a coffee machine specifically designed for espressos and black coffees, so if you are thinking of buying a Melitta automatic coffee machine online with the idea of making cappuccinos and so on, you’d better choose other models.

The vaporizer/foamer function is present in the following models: Caffeo Bistro and Caffeo Gourmet. Both are essentially similar coffee machines. The main difference, in favour of the Caffeo Gourmet, is a renewed and cleaner control panel, and above all, a spectrum of five intensities (from very mild to very strong) to choose from when preparing the coffee much wider than usual.

However, none of them includes an automatic cappuccino (or Capuccinatore) preparation system. To enjoy this option, we must go to the superior model, the Melitta Caffeo CI, which also has an LCD screen and LED lighting on the cups. A superautomatic coffee maker that bets on technology and innovation without altering such a traditional process as the making of an espresso.

Finally, the Caffeo Passione is Melitta’s newest automatic coffee machine (to be launched in 2015) and also includes the coveted Auto Capuccinatore system. But the design and dimensions of this model also show a clear commitment to the compact coffee machine, designed for the modern home and kitchens with limited space available. It means that its water tank and coffee bean storage compartment are significantly smaller than the rest of the company’s automatics.

Melitta 2

All these automatic coffee makers work with 15 bar pressure, have an integrated grinder, automatic cleaning and decalcification programs, height-adjustable outlet nozzle, removable anti-drip tray and 1.8-litre tank (or 1.2 litres in the case of the Caffeo Passione and Caffeo Solo).

In addition, each one allows you to set different levels of intensity, size and temperature individually for each coffee we prepare, as well as the amount of milk froth in those models that have automatic cappuccino preparation.

Let’s get to know them better:

Melitta Caffeo Solo

This machine is composed of 3 models:

  • The Caffeo Solo (E950) that only makes espresso coffee, without a steamer.
  • The Caffeo Solo&Milk (E953), which has a milk frother, but has to be operated manually.
  • Caffeo Solo Perfect&Milk (E957) which already includes the automatic milk drink function.

Melitta Caffeo Bistro

It is the E960 model by Melitta, now discontinued. It has an information display, but the controls are still analogue (buttons and dials). The milk frother is much more complex and powerful than the classic Panarello of a conventional machine. Besides, it was a quite compact machine.

Melitta Caffeo Gourmet

We arrived at the E965 model of the brand, and it is also a discontinued model. It has a control panel with an informative LED screen, and it also has a double chamber for coffee beans in the grinder. That is an automatic coffee maker with two coffee tanks (Bean Select).

Melitta Caffeo CI Touch

Its nomenclature is E970, and it differs from the previous ones in the very wide configuration or customization possibilities it offers, and especially in the 1-litre capacity milk tank. It also has two coffee tanks to select the grain that we most desire at any given time.

Melitta E970-103 Caffeo CI One-Touch Fully Automatic Coffee Maker with My Coffee Memory and Milk...
Melitta E970-103 Caffeo CI One-Touch Fully Automatic Coffee Maker with My Coffee Memory and Milk...
Intuitive operation with memory switch and easy to use menu with LED illuminated control

An updated model was later released, called Melitta Caffeo CI Touch (Melitta F630), which, as its name suggests, has an entirely touch-sensitive control panel.

Melitta Caffeo Passione OT

It is a more recent machine, which appeared on the market in 2014. It corresponds to the F531 model, has a very compact design, and allows to make automatic cappuccinos. It is available with or without a milk container.

Melitta Caffeo Barista

The Barista model represents the top of the range of Melitta superautomatic coffee machines and has two different machines:

  • Barista T Smart (F830)
  • Barista TS Smart (F850-F860)

The TS Smart is available with the conventional milk tank (F850) or with a stainless steel tank (F860). The Caffeo Barista is the ultimate: plenty of automatic drinks to make at the touch of a button, mobile phone control, LCD screen, touch control panel, 1.8-litre capacity.

Melitta Purista 300 Series

It’s one of Melitta’s newest superautomatic coffee makers. It has been on the market since the summer of 2019 and is distinguished by being the smallest and quietest in the range, also the most basic, of course.

It doesn’t have a frothing device; it only allows you to make espressos. However, it does have a memory function so that you can save your favourite coffee settings.

This Melitta Purista is only 20 cm wide, but the water tank is smaller (1.2 litres capacity). It is the Melitta F230 model and is available with either a black or silver body.

Melitta CD-Purista Silver, Stainless Steel, 1400 W, 1 Liter
Melitta CD-Purista Silver, Stainless Steel, 1400 W, 1 Liter
Plug type: Type C/EF - 2 pin (Europlug/FR-DE Hybrid).

Melitta Avanza 600 Series

As its name suggests (600 Series), the Avanza model is immediately superior to the Purista. Its nomenclature is F270, and it is also quite compact (although not as compact as the previous one).

The tank increases to 1.5 litres capacity, and the fundamental difference with the Purist model is that it already includes a milk vaporizer for emulsification. However, we leave the automatic cappuccinos for other superior models.

Melitta Caffeo Variance CSP

Purista, Avanza and Varianza are Melitta’s latest and newest superautomatic coffee machines. Of all of them, the most advanced is the Varianza CSP model. It has ten pre-programmed recipes or coffee preparations, and the most important difference with the other two is that it allows you to make automatic lattes and cappuccinos. Proof of this is the external milk tank (not integrated) that it incorporates.

Which Melitta automatic coffee machine do you recommend?

For 90% of users, the E957 (Caffeo Solo Perfect&Milk) will be more than enough. If you belong to the remaining 10% with a very demanding profile who spend a lot of time messing around with their coffee maker at home, the Passione OT or the Barista TS Smart are better options.

Watch out because the variety of intermediate options on this brand is enormous, so it’s easy to get lost if you don’t spend some time reading and distinguishing exactly what it is that distinguishes each model.

Melitta drip coffee machines

Melitta drip (or filter) coffee machines are the brand’s flagship, and we can divide them into several groups according to their performance and target audience:

Firstly, there are three premium drip coffee machines, or top-of-the-range machines, such as the Melitta Aroma Signature, the Aroma Fresh and the Aroma Elegance. The Aroma Signature is a higher-ranking coffee machine. It offers such interesting extras as the sound warnings, the double boiler or the programming of the idle period after which the coffee machine turns itself off.

Both have a stainless steel housing and higher overall quality in both components and function lists. They are also larger and more expensive than any of the group of coffee makers we might call “mid-range“.

Above them, we would place the Melitta Aroma Fresh, which, in addition to the best features of the brand, has an integrated coffee grinder. We can enjoy a delicious freshly ground filter coffee, 100% fresh, without having to store an additional appliance in the kitchen.

The following Melitta drip coffee machines can be included in this medium-range: Look, Enjoy and Easy.

The Look is the most popular Melitta drip coffee machine with the most variations of the entire range. We can practically purchase a model customized to our taste: with or without a thermal carafe, with a stainless steel or normal front, with or without a timer and, of course, various combinations between them – the most versatile Melitta coffee machine!

The Enjoy and Easy are drip coffee machines that are very similar in performance, size and price. They differ only in design: The Enjoy has the filter holder and the top cover with a more cylindrical shape, while in the case of the Easy, this part is more oval. To decide between the two, you only have to take a look at their price and choose the best offer at the time of purchase.

Finally, we must talk about the two smaller coffee machines in the entire Melitta range: The Single5 and the AromaBoy. The former has a maximum capacity of 5 cups of coffee (as its name suggests), while the AromaBoy is a virtually individual machine that only brews 1-2 coffees with each cup. It’s also a model that Melitta has been making without any noticeable changes since 1979, for a reason!

Melitta 6707231 Aroma Boy Filter Coffee Machine, 500 W, Beige
Melitta 6707231 Aroma Boy Filter Coffee Machine, 500 W, Beige
Optimal brewing temperature for full aroma development and the ideal cup of coffee