Saeco coffee machines have all the prestige of one of the reference brands in the sector of coffee machines for both domestic and catering. Buying a Saeco coffee machine has interesting advantages, such as purchasing spare parts and accessories directly from its official website and the magnificent technical support that Saeco (or Saeco) offers.

But it is also true that in the last few years, the Italians, with the help of Philips, have focused their business on the segment of superautomatic coffee machines, making them less popular among the less affluent consumers. Later on, we will talk about this important alliance for the market.

In any case, a coffee machine at home lasts for many years, and today we still have thousands of Saeco armoured coffee machines running in homes around the world.

Apart, of course, from the outstanding quality of their coffee and the durability of the machines, the latter attributes are common to all Saeco coffee machines and are endorsed by hundreds of opinions from consumers around the world. You only have to go online to find a lot of positive references in this respect.

The prestige of any Saeco coffee machine is shown by its ability to satisfy the most demanding users’ needs. Whatever you are looking for, there will be a Saeco espresso machine model to suit your budget. And in case there is anyone who does not know it by now, the Italian firm has always specialized in the espresso segment and only markets espresso machines (manual or automatic, but especially the latter).

Comparison of Saeco espresso machines

If you want to know all the details of each model at once, the best thing you can do is take a look at our Saeco coffee machine comparison table. For each model, we include its most important data, as well as a direct link to its file (review on our website) and its purchase page.

Bestseller No. 1
Saeco 10004476 Espresso/Coffee Machine for Coffee Lovers or just for the office
Saeco 10004476 Espresso/Coffee Machine for Coffee Lovers or just for the office
For coffee lovers or simply for the office; Material: plastic; Package weight: 907 kg; Pack size: 296L x 524H x 504W
Bestseller No. 2
Saeco Lirika One Touch Cappuccino Titan Espresso/Coffee Machine
Saeco Lirika One Touch Cappuccino Titan Espresso/Coffee Machine
One-Touch cappuccino; 2 coffee cups simultaneously; Hot water dispenser (no steam); Integrated Pinless Wonder Cappuccinatore
Bestseller No. 3
Saeco Coffee Machine Xelsis-Part Replacement
Saeco Coffee Machine Xelsis-Part Replacement
Compatible with the following devices:; 10003301, 10003311, 10003312, 10003313, 10003314, 10003315, 10003380, 10003054,

Remember that this is a brand with a fairly extensive catalogue of references, so this is just a small sample of the five we consider most representative.

So you don’t have to dive into the web for more information, here is a list of the most interesting articles and content we have published to date on Saeco coffee machines: opinions, comparisons and reference material for those who already own them.

If you have a Saeco espresso machine at home (or are thinking of buying one), you will certainly be interested in these readings.

All Saeco coffee machines: Opinions and models

Here is a list of the main models of Saeco espresso coffee machines at Amazon (both manual and automatic) so that you can get to know the entire Saeco range first-hand. Whatever you are looking for, there is a Saeco coffee machine for you.

Saeco espresso machines (with portafilter)

We started with the Saeco manual coffee machines. Years ago, they were among the most popular on the market, especially, as we have already said, the mythical Poemia. But today, they are no longer on the market, and they will last as long as the old models can (which will not be long, though).

For quite some time, they were market leaders because we don’t forget that Saeco in Italy is synonymous with espresso.

Of all the Saeco coffee machines with a portafilter, we will highlight the following ones for their history and longevity:

Saeco Estrosa

Saeco Estrosa is a manual espresso machine with better finishes and materials than its little sister, the Saeco Poemia. Discontinued many years ago, as seen from the now outdated design.

Saeco Poemia

Poemia, the most economical option within the Saeco coffee machines in its espresso version, is always of first quality. It has a version in stainless steel that is quite interesting, although more expensive.

It was Saeco’s best-selling espresso machine on the market for years before the Italian company focused only on automatics. Unfortunately, it has also been discontinued.

Saeco Aroma Nero coffee machines

Another discontinued machine, with great popularity in Latin America and qualities similar to the Poemia.

The upper version has a very robust stainless steel body without any cracks. But there was also the more modest Saeco AromaNero, the entry-level machine in the Saeco range of manual coffee machines.

In general, the entire line of Saeco Aroma coffee machines has performed excellently over the past decade and has provided great benefits to the Italian firm.

These machines came out very well. I’m sure you can still find various second-hand Saeco Aroma machines on some platforms.

Saeco Baby Espress

The Saeco Baby Express coffee machine is part of that core of machines that have not been marketed in some European countries. In Latin America, on the other hand, you will know it well. It had this old look (available in white and also black bodywork), and it’s one of these portafilter coffee machines that, if you take good care of it, will last a lifetime:

It has a more current version, called Saeco New Baby Express.

Saeco Via Veneto

Another machine that was not sold in some European countries, but was sold in other countries, was the Saeco Via Veneto. It was still an armchair coffee machine, but it represented a higher range than the previous ones for more demanding users.

The Saeco Via Veneto had a built-in grinder, a feature that is very much appreciated in armoured coffee machines today and which was even more attractive (though rare) at the time. As you can see, it looked really good:

Saeco automatic coffee machines (with built-in grinder)

When we talk about Saeco coffee machines with grinders, we refer to these. In this case, the grinder becomes a common denominator. All Saeco automatic coffee machines have ceramic grinders, not steel ones, which prevent them from overheating during grinding and leaving that unpleasant burning taste in the coffee.

Before you start, keep in mind this scheme of how the current models are distributed according to their range:

We will not go into too much detail in the explanations because we have already discussed them in detail in our guide to Saeco superautomatic coffee machines. It is the summary list of all Saeco coffee machines on Amazon that belong to this segment:

Saeco Intelia

If you were looking for a good Saeco automatic coffee machine in the last decade, you probably ended up checking out this Intelia model. Possibly the most popular Saeco coffee machine on the market at the time. The Saeco Intelia automatic coffee machine was sold in several versions with different finishes and prices and found its successor in the Incanto, which gave the baton to the 5000 Series already under the Philips brand.

Saeco Intuita

The Intuita was a cousin of the Intelia. Its features are very similar, but the outer casing is made of a different material, and it has a very optimized control panel. It is now discontinued, and it isn’t easy to find second-hand models.

Saeco Syntia

At the same level of range as Intuita or the Intelia, we can place the Syntia. It is an automatic with slightly less power and tank volume than the Intelia.

Apart from these details and having a slightly different control panel, this coffee machine with practically the same features as the two mentioned above. It is also discontinued.

Saeco Xsmall

The Xsmall, superautomatic espresso machine with ceramic grinders, ESE single-dose compatibility, programmable memory, a virgin at a very competitive price. The mythical body with those curved lines is discontinued and replaced by the newest Philips 2000 Series!

Saeco Odea Go

One of the most popular automatic espresso machines on the market, with a wide variety of colours to choose from. The Saeco Odea Go coffee machine is widely sold in Central and South America.

Saeco Minuto

Saeco Minuto, this model was later assimilated to the Moltio, and this then became the Philips 3000 series.

Saeco Moltio

The Moltio model was once one of Saeco’s top-of-the-range models. Of all the superautomatic coffee machines offered by the Italian firm, this Moltio is undoubtedly a superior product, another level. It features the coffee bean switch (double coffee tank) or automated cleaning and decalcification functions. The coffee circuit is automatically cleaned with water every time the coffee machine is switched on or off.

Philips HD8769/08 Saeco Moltio Automatic Espresso Machine 1.9 Litre, 1850 Watt, 15 Bar, Black
Philips HD8769/08 Saeco Moltio Automatic Espresso Machine 1.9 Litre, 1850 Watt, 15 Bar, Black
Perfect froth thanks to the dual chamber milk carafe; Coffee without the wait thanks to the quick heat boiler

Saeco Incanto and PicoBaristo

The Incanto is a later model than the Moltio and differs fundamentally from it. It allows the preparation of drinks with milk foam -cappuccinos and latte macchiatos- intuitively. That is: by pressing a single button without having to move the cup from one place to another. If you don’t mind paying a little more, and you will take advantage of the automatic cappuccino production, then Saeco Incanto should be your choice.

Just above the Incanto is the Saeco PicoBaristo, a successor improved and extended with incredible technology, especially in everything related to water treatment and its impurities.

Saeco Lirika

In Saeco’s mid-range, we find the Lirika, with a capacity of 2.5 litres. A huge machine is marketed in 3 versions (Basic, OTC and Plus) and is very much oriented towards vending and use in offices or workplaces.

Saeco 10004476 Espresso/Coffee Machine for Coffee Lovers or just for the office
Saeco 10004476 Espresso/Coffee Machine for Coffee Lovers or just for the office
For coffee lovers or simply for the office; Material: plastic; Package weight: 907 kg; Pack size: 296L x 524H x 504W

Saeco GranBaristo

The next step is above the Picobaristo and very close to the top of the Italian brand’s range. 1.7-litre capacity and up to 18 different specialities at the touch of a button. Oh, and it can also be controlled via the mobile phone! Do you want to know more about this monster? You can read its review here.

Saeco HD8967/01 GranBaristo Avanti Kaffeevollautomat Silber
Saeco HD8967/01 GranBaristo Avanti Kaffeevollautomat Silber
Dishwasher-safe drip tray, pannarello and jug; Cleaning the coffee circuit and automatic descaling

Saeco Royal and Royal Office

Saeco’s Royal and Royal Office range offers premium coffee machines with automatic cappuccino preparation, which differ from the rest, mainly in their size. They are quite large coffee machines with above-average capacity. The Royal, for example, has a 2.2-litre water tank and numerous personalization options.

The Royal Office model is a variation of the normal model, with very special features in terms of capacity: a 6.5-litre water tank, storage for 900 grams of coffee, a waste collection tray of almost one litre, a coffee machine specially designed for use in public buildings, offices and so on.

Saeco Aulika

The Aulika model is difficult to find, but it is the natural evolution of the Royal that we have reviewed before. We highlight the double water circuit, with two water pumps and two boilers.

Saeco Exprelia Evo

We are not afraid of being wrong when we say that this Exprelia Evo is at the top of the range of Saeco’s domestic coffee machines.

It is a coffee machine that offers the maximum performance in any functional aspect that we can demand: ceramic grinder and eight grinding thicknesses, OLED screen, pre-infusion system, milk vaporizer, automatic preparation of up to 5 different types of drinks, in short, if you have a budget to access it, it is undoubtedly one of the best coffee machines in the market.

Saeco hD8858/01 exprelia Machine-Stainless Steel Milk Churn, Silver
Saeco hD8858/01 exprelia Machine-Stainless Steel Milk Churn, Silver
Herrlicher integriertre with Milk Jug with Vacuum Cleaner for perfect hygiene; SBS Saeco Brewing System for easy adjustment of the individual power and Cream

Saeco Xelsis

At the top of the range of Saeco’s superautomatic coffee machines and accompanying the Exprelia, we find this Philips Saeco Xelsis, with 12 ready-made drinks with a direct selection button, integrated AquaClean technology, ceramic grinders, profile memory, everything for the most demanding amateur.

In addition to these models, Saeco also markets other professional coffee machines with a more focused orientation towards vending and small businesses. You can take a look at them here: The ten best professional coffee machines for the home. One of the best known is the Se-50:

Saeco SE-50 industrial coffee machine

In the Saeco industrial coffee machine range, we highlight this SE50, which logically – look at the image – is intended only for use in businesses (small, or with no space to use a machine with several groups of coffee) or for really high profile and demanding amateurs who have no qualms about investing in this calibre.

We can talk about its 2600 watts of power, the 2.5 litres water tank, the three Thermoblock heating systems that are mounted, or the stainless steel boiler. But we would still fall short. You’d better study his review for yourself:

Which Saeco coffee machine to buy for home?

Well, now that you know them all, it’s time to decide. We will help you by indicating the suggestions according to your profile or needs.

When you buy a home Saeco coffee machine, we take it for granted that we are talking about the automatic ones because the manual ones have been out of the catalogue for a long time. In this sense, the most balanced option is the PicoBaristo. The Lirika is somewhat cheaper, but the difference is small, and it is a more outdated model, although it has excellent performance.

If budget is not a problem for you, you can go up and look at a Xelsis or a GranBaristo. But analyze them well and be sure you will not waste them because their list of features is very extensive, and you will pay for them all upfront.

What are the old Saeco coffee machine?

If we are strict, the old Saeco coffee machines are almost all those in the brand’s catalogue, as nowadays they are nearly all out of print and production has been stopped. There are only a few left for sale on Amazon.

However, if we look back a few years, we find some models that dream of old machines from another time that is now impossible to find even in second-hand markets.

Some examples of old Saeco espresso makers:

  • Philips Saeco Poemia, Estrosa, Stratos and Via Veneto (all these manuals).
  • Minuto, Moltio, Xsmall, Intelia or Intuita in the automatic segment.

The relationship between Saeco and Philips: A bit of history

Saeco and Philips continue to market their machines separately, but the Italian firm has fewer and fewer models in its catalogue. Many are being left out of the marketplace, but they are not bringing out new, updated machines. It seems that Philips’ goal in the short or medium-term is to keep Saeco’s brand name only for top-of-the-line models.

It is because, in 2009, Philips bought Saeco for £170 million. Logically, the effect was not immediate, but the unification of machines and sales lines under the Philips brand has been unstoppable over the years. Saeco then becomes a brand under the umbrella of the Philips group (as can also be Senseo, to cite one example).

Not for nothing, Saeco’s official website has not existed for a long time as such; if you access, your browser will redirect you to the Philips website (where Saeco machines have their own space, though).

So what do I choose – Saeco superautomatic coffee machine or Delonghi?

If your goal is to get a super machine, and you’ve looked at these two iconic Italian brands, let’s take a quick look at their major differences. In short:

  • If your goal is a top-of-the-line machine, at Saeco you will find powerful options, but somewhat more affordable.
  • If you are looking for just a normal, mid-range machine, Delonghi has much more variety and more flexible solutions for any user profile and budget. But by far, too.

Of course, we only talk about Saeco as an independent brand. In the mid-range segment, you can always turn to the automatics marketed directly by Philips.

Remember that for more details and to evaluate each brand on your own, you have an extensive guide of Delonghi superautomatic at your disposal.

Saeco coffee machines and the coffee pods

Are Saeco pod coffee machines a myth? No, they exist. But they are not domestic machines. Saeco professional coffee machines ( then some Saeco pod machines, such as the Onda, which uses single-dose format Nespresso and also Espresso Point.

The Saeco Area pod coffee machine is much more powerful oriented to be used in companies and workplaces with many employees. It is compatible with Lavazza Blue pods.

In a higher range is the Saeco Dually, which has two groups of coffee and is already designed, of course, for cafes and hotel businesses. It is also fed with Nespresso and Espresso Point capsules.

Without a doubt, a curious bet of the brand for the Saeco coffee machines of capsules only in the line of professional machines.

Spare parts for Saeco coffee machines: Spare parts and more

One of the great advantages that we find when buying a Saeco coffee machine is that we get a great brand of machine, in which we will not encounter problems if we need any spare parts at a given time.

Even today, it is possible to find spare parts for Saeco coffee machines on Amazon from models that are no longer sold but logically remain in operation for many years.

The range of Saeco spare parts available today is extremely wide and ranges from filters or complete filter holders to coffee groups or various repair kits.

Replacement Portafilter Basket for SAECO 53mm Espresso Machines, 14g Double Shot - by EDESIA ESPRESS
Replacement Portafilter Basket for SAECO 53mm Espresso Machines, 14g Double Shot - by EDESIA ESPRESS
Manufactured in Europe using patented punch technology to ensure consistency.; Full specification and dimensions - see photos.
Saeco 996530003229 (11005921) Black Brew Unit 8Gr
Saeco 996530003229 (11005921) Black Brew Unit 8Gr
This is an O.E.M. Authorized part; Fits with various saeco brand models; Oem part # 996530003229
Saeco 996530067961 (11026924) Portafilter Pres/MEC
Saeco 996530067961 (11026924) Portafilter Pres/MEC
This Is An O.E.M. Authorized Part; Fits With Various Saeco Brand Models; Oem Part # 996530067961

When buying your Saeco coffee machine parts, always remember to check that they are valid for the exact model you have at home. Many are identical, but only work on certain machines, and you have to buy exactly the one you have at home – another part won’t do.

Check our post: Saeco – Problem Solving for more information about repairs.

Doubts before buying a Saeco coffee machine: Prices

In general, Saeco coffee machines are not economical. However, we should be aware of this if we know that we are dealing with one of the leading manufacturers in the domestic espresso sector.

Years ago, if you were looking for cheap Saeco coffee machines, you had the option of a manual espresso machine, especially the Poemia and Estrosa models. Today this option no longer exists, as the brand has focused only on super automatics.

In this range of Saeco superautomatic coffee machines, logically the prices go from the most economical ones, £300 (or more), to the more than one thousand that the high range ones can cost (later we will tell you which ones).

So that you can see them all updated in real-time, here is the complete list of the machines available:

Saeco 10004476 Espresso/Coffee Machine for Coffee Lovers or just for the office
Saeco 10004476 Espresso/Coffee Machine for Coffee Lovers or just for the office
For coffee lovers or simply for the office; Material: plastic; Package weight: 907 kg; Pack size: 296L x 524H x 504W
Saeco SM5572/10 – Coffee Maker (Freestanding, Espresso Machine, 1.7 L, Coffee Beans, Ground...
Saeco SM5572/10 – Coffee Maker (Freestanding, Espresso Machine, 1.7 L, Coffee Beans, Ground...
Model Number: SM5572/10; Item Package Quantity: 1; Package Weight: 9980 grams; Package Dimensions (L x B x H) in cm: 29 x 46.6 x 50

Second-hand Saeco coffee machines? A way of saving

Buying and selling second-hand coffee machines is a common practice in the market, but much more so in the sector of superautomatic machines because their high prices can benefit from greater savings if a second-hand model is found with little use.

So do we recommend buying a second-hand Saeco coffee machine? Yes, but don’t get your hopes up. The stock is very limited; it won’t be easy to find one. And among the ones that exist more than one is the old armoured coffee machines that we have talked about in previous sections.

In the case of finding a second-hand Saeco automatic coffee machine, then yes: it can be a good option because they are machines prepared to give many services, and if someone sells them, likely, they have not used them much.