Saeco Xsmall

Name: Xsmall
Brand: Saeco
Type: Espresso
Operation: Automatic
Capacity: 1 litre

The Saeco Xsmall, also known as the Philips Saeco Xsmall or simply Philips Xsmall, is one of the main exponents of the range of automatic espresso machines from the Saeco – Philips company. With the Saeco Xsmall, the Italian firm puts the accent on size, and reduces the dimensions of its machine to the maximum to offer us a super-compact automatic espresso maker.

The Saeco Xsmall is a coffee machine with an ergonomic design and more rounded lines than normal. All its controls are located on the central handle of the machine, always very close to hand. And when we say “ergonomic” we mean that it is very easy to perform everyday operations such as filling the water tank, or removing the cup tray for cleaning.

And above all: its possibilities. Saeco has managed to fit a whole range of basic functions into the Saeco Xsmall espresso machine (and some not so basic) without affecting the small size of its maker. Do you want to know them all? Then pay attention and keep reading:

Saeco Xsmall: main features

In this section we summarize the most important characteristics of the Saeco Xsmall coffee machine, so that you can get to know its strong points and also the main differences we find when comparing it with other machines.

  • The coffee circuit is automatically cleaned with water every time the machine is switched on or off. In this way we don’t have to keep an eye on the cleaning (the Saeco Xsmall is a very easy to maintain maker) and we make sure that the taste of our coffee will always be fresh and won’t lose qualities over time.
  • It uses 100% ceramic grinders, just like other Saeco models such as the Intelia. Ceramic grinders have two main advantages over steel ones: Firstly they are quieter, and secondly they do not overfeed and therefore do not alter or require the taste of the coffee beans.
  • The grinders can be adjusted to obtain up to 5 levels of granularity in the grinding: very fine or coarser, depending on whether you want an intense coffee with a lot of body or a softer preparation.
  • We can store the settings of our favourite coffee in memory.
  • Includes integrated milk frother. We can enjoy any preparation with fresh milk, cappuccinos, lattes… a marvel whose operation could not be simpler: the skimmer injects steam when immersed in the milk, and in a few seconds we have at our disposal a dense, creamy and freshly prepared foam.
  • The preparation system can be removed from the maker for rinsing or cleaning outside in much greater comfort.
  • The boiler is made of stainless steel.
  • Approximate dimensions: 29,5 x 32,5 x 42 cms
  • The coffee bean deposit has a capacity of 180 gr.
  • The waste compartment can hold about eight drinks.
  • The water tank is removable and has a capacity of 1 litre.

Colour range of the Saeco Xsmall

Espresso machines are not often available in several colours, but the Saeco Xsmall has a range of three models, which are quite sober as is traditional in this segment of espresso machines. You can choose to buy our Saeco Xsmall in black, white or silver-grey – which do you like best?

Advantages of the Saeco Xsmall

  • The Saeco Xsmall is a coffee machine that is very easy to maintain, thanks above all to the automatic cleaning of the coffee circuit, and the possibility of removing the entire internal preparation system for rinsing or cleaning more easily.
  • Possibility to adjust the level or granularity of the grinding process.
  • It lives up to its name: it is one of the smallest makes in the automatic espresso machine segment.
  • Its price is lower than other espresso machines with similar characteristics.

Disadvantages of the Saeco Xsmall

  • You cannot adjust the coffee dose on the fly.
  • We cannot use ground coffee with the Saeco Xsmall.

Saeco Xsmall: videos

Before buying your coffee machine we recommend that you watch this video carefully where we can get a full analysis of the Saeco Xsmall, as well as see it live and in operation.

Why buy a Saeco Xsmall?

The Saeco Xsmall is an automatic espresso machine with outstanding performance, on a par with any other model considered to be top of the range. Still, in our opinion, it has the advantage that its price is significantly lower than other coffee machines that are over £300 and £400 with a slack.

We believe that such a price difference does not proportionally translate into large differences in the functionality and quality of the coffee maker, and that is where the Saeco Xsmall wins by a landslide over its competitors. And it also has the added bonus of its small size (for an automatic espresso machine).

NOTE: This Saeco Xsmall model has been replaced from 2015 by the Philips 2000 Series, which inherits all its qualities and external appearance. However, both coffee machines are still available and of course this Xsmall. We do not know how long the latter will remain in stock.

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