Saeco Odea Go

Name: Odea Go
Brand: Saeco
Type: Espresso
Operation: Automatic
Capacity: 1.5 l.

Saeco Odea Go is a super-automatic espresso machine, which allows you to do all the steps of coffee preparation at the touch of a button. This means: grind the coffee, filter it, inject the water and serve it to you with a delicious cream at the perfect temperature – just by pressing a button!

You can select and adjust dozens of features and options throughout the process, although you cannot program them. This kind of detail is not important for most users, but it explains the price difference of this fantastic Saeco Odea Go with other more expensive super-automatic coffee machines.

In addition, you can buy the spare part for the brew chamber separately, a part of the Saeco brand itself that is compatible with the Odea, Intelia and Talea coffee machines.

We will go into more detail later on. Still, we can tell you in advance that the Saeco Odea Go is an excellent option if you want to buy a high-end automatic espresso machine for your home without having to take out a loan from the bank and renounce only very specific and secondary functions.

Saeco Odea Go – Colour range

The Saeco Odea Go has a quality that is unusual for espresso machines, and that is its variety in the range of colours. There are several models, including a very striking redone, but we will stick to the two versions on sale on Amazon: a more classic silver and the black one, and a very nice cream or vanilla one. As it usually happens, there is a slight price difference between both. Whether it compensates you or not… is up to you.

Saeco Odea Go coffee maker
Saeco Odea Go coffee maker
Product description: Saeco Odea go – Coffee Pot – Espresso; Product Type: Coffee maker – Espresso

In our opinion, the vanilla-coloured Saeco Odea Go is much more attractive, really beautiful, and goes beyond the common standard that prevails in this type of coffee machine. You can see it in detail in the picture below. The Odea Go in black and silver, on the contrary, has a much more sober and conventional style. You choose!

Features of the Saeco Odea Go

The list of features of a coffee machine as complete as Saeco Odea Go is very extensive, so that we will summarize here only the most important ones:

  • Coffee grinder system, with the possibility of adjusting the grinding process to perfectly grind any type of bean.
  • The grinders are ceramic: this allows them to last longer and also to be somewhat quieter.
  • We can select the amount of coffee we want in our espressos (long, short…). A difference from more advanced coffee makers is that for example the Saeco Odea Go does not allow you to select the intensity (stronger or lighter) of the coffee.
  • Panarello: distribution of hot water and steam This means that with this magic wand you can both vaporize milk (to make milk foam) and get hot water to prepare infusions.
  • We love the Lift button: it is used to adjust the height of the nozzle where the coffee comes out, so that we can use different size cups and glasses.
  • The heating system of the boiler is Thermoblock.
  • The anti-drip tray can be removed for easy cleaning.
  • The pressure pump of the Saeco Odea Go is 15 bar.
  • It has a cup warmer in the upper part of the housing.
  • The tank for the coffee beans has a capacity of 180 grams.
  • The capacity of the water tank is 1.5 litres.
  • Its approximate dimensions are 31 x 37 x 41 cms.
  • The coffee maker weighs about 8 kilos.
  • The length of the cable is longer than normal: 1.2 metres. This allows you many more possibilities when looking for the location of your coffee maker.
  • The boiler is made of stainless steel, a material of the highest possible quality. The external housing is made of hard plastic.

Advantages of the Saeco Odea Go

  • The button that allows to automatically raise or lower the nozzle to adjust the height of our cups is a very pleasant surprise.
  • That the grinders are ceramic and not steel.
  • Their maintenance is very simple, since it is enough to extract the whole group of coffee and to rinse it once a week.

Disadvantages of the Saeco Odea Go

  • Its price, the quality has to be paid. Although with the offers of Amazon the discount is very considerable and we recommend to take advantage of it as soon as possible.
  • The Saeco Odea Go is a heavy machine that takes up a lot of space… you should look for a definitive and spacious location for it.
  • The transition between steam mode and coffee mode is a bit slow, as you have to wait for the boiler to adjust its temperature to each mode.

Saeco Odea Go – videos

To buy a coffee machine of the calibre of this Saeco Odea Go, it is advisable first to review videos about its operation, such as this one here. A complete review that unravels all the secrets of this great automatic espresso machine.

Why buy a Saeco Odea Go?

The Saeco Odea Go is a very popular choice among users who want to buy an automatic espresso machine.

Saeco has a very wide range of automatic espresso machines, such as the Xsmall, the Intelia or the Minuto. Still, this Saeco Odea Go is usually more popular with users than all of them. It has a very accessible profile and is somewhat cheaper, although the truth is that with Amazon’s offers, the price difference between all models is very small.

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