The cheapest espresso machines

Cheap espresso machines are an object of greed on the part of many users, and this is normal. Many consumers still prefer the features of a traditional espresso machine, with the possibility of using the ground coffee that you like best and being able to manually adjust every detail in the preparation, as opposed to the automatism of modern capsule coffee machines.

But there is a problem: espresso machines are usually much more expensive than capsule machines. And we want to help those users who are still looking for a good espresso machine without having to scratch their pockets too much.

For this reason, and to help you out a bit with your next purchases and birthdays, we’ve put together a list of all the criteria you need to know to buy a cheap espresso machine and look good without hurting your pocket.

This list of cheap home espresso machines is made following the prices that Amazon had in force at the time of analyzing each one of them. You know that Amazon continually updates its offers, and at every moment, the prices that we reflect in the analysis can suffer slight variations.

As you can see, you have a good range of options on the online market to buy a good espresso machine for less than 100 pounds. So from now on, the price can no longer be an excuse.

Tips for buying a cheap espresso machine online

If you’re looking for an affordable espresso machine (from the old electric ones), you’ll have to give up a few things. And you’ll find several common patterns in these cheap espresso machines, which it’s a good idea to know about in advance. We’ve summarized them all for you in this list:

  • As the market stands, we can consider a cheap espresso machine if it costs less than 90 pounds.
  • The control panels will generally be straightforward and analogue (not digital). They are usually based on buttons and switches.
  • They can have 15, 19 or 20 bar pressure. There is no closed profile in this respect.
  • Almost all of them have an essential steamer to emulsify the milk.
  • The cup-warming tray, if fitted, is usually small.
  • Plastic body and finish. We cannot expect a significant presence of stainless steel with these costs.
  • They usually include a filter holder with a plastic handle and two filters. The measuring spoon is an optional accessory.

Some types of coffee machines also make espresso coffee, but differently. And some are cheaper than the armoured coffee machines or electric espressos that we’re evaluating on this page. These alternatives can be the following:

The best brands of cheap espresso machines

When buying a cheap espresso machine, it’s good to know some reference manufacturers. They are brands that stand out for offering excellent value for money throughout their catalogue. We are going to choose three, which are also Spanish.

Cecotec espresso machines

Cecotec is one of the largest firms in the entire electronics and household goods industry. They have an extensive catalogue with hundreds of references, and Cecotec’s cheap coffee machines section is also pervasive. Here are a few, but their list is extensive and continuously updated.

Cheap Ikohs espresso machines

When it comes to buying a cheap espresso machine, Ikohs is another brand to consider. It doesn’t have as many options as Cecotec, but its proposals are equally attractive. All Ikohs coffee machines are very cheap, although not all of them belong to the espresso machine segment. They are manufactured in Spain (Comunidad Valenciana), but the suppliers are Asian.

Cheap Solac espresso machines

Solac is a brand with much more trajectory and longevity than the two previous ones, and of course, more known by the general public. In its range of coffee machines, we find high range models, even super-automatic machines, but there are still very cheap Solac express coffee machines, like these:

What is the best cheap espresso machine?

It is very subjective because the best economic espresso machines are not necessarily the cheapest. If we have to choose three cheap espresso machines, we start with these. Remember that you can access their file with the detailed review by clicking on the blue button of each one:

Cecotec Cafelizzia

We have doubted until the last moment whether to include this model among the best cheap espressos because its price (£89.90 today) might exceed a little bit the price range we value in this article. But if we accept that value as a low price, there is no doubt that the Cecotec Cafelizzia should enter this ranking on its own merits.

It is a 1.2-litre capacity machine, stainless steel body, and an exciting bouquet of options not usually found in low price machines.

Ikohs Barismatic

The most interesting thing about this machine is its generous capacity (1.5-litre tank) and its immense simplicity. It is an ideal coffee machine for those who like to make espresso coffee in the morning without much fuss. Just the right functions and size, the price reduced to the maximum, easy to operate, what more could you ask for?

Ufesa CE7141

A classic among classics, this time with a new look, is the updated version of the legendary Ufesa CE7141 Duetto Creme, and it has all the same virtues. 1.5 litres in the tank, 15 bar pressure, 1050 watts of power, regulation of steam intensity, challenging to order more things in an espresso machine as cheap as this £99.00.

Should you buy a used espresso machine?

Apart from opting for the new models, there are two alternative ways that consumers take to buy the cheapest espresso machine possible.

The first way is to be on the lookout for cheap espresso machines, which periodically appear on Amazon or are repeated on select dates (Black Friday, Prime Day, Christmas).

The other way is to buy a second-hand espresso machine since Amazon offers an excellent service in this type of product. The reconditioned espresso machines carry the Amazon guarantee and are always checked and certified before being sold.

Either of these two options allows us to access very cheap espresso machines, with a discount on their original price, which is very attractive.

What happens is that the models available in the second hand Amazon espresso machine market are not always going to be the ones that interest the ones that fit our needs or us.

The best selling cheap espresso machines in 2023

It is the updated ranking of the cheapest espresso machines registered in this year 2023.