Cecotec is a Spanish brand and very popular in some countries. The continuous readers of our page know it very well because one of its most successful product lines are the coffee machines (below we attach the reviews of the three models of Cecotec coffee machines that currently exist in the market), but its catalogue is much more extensive.

The company is relatively young in the industry: it was founded in 1995, but it is not until well into this 21st century that it begins to take on a really important presence. Conga hoovers and the Cecomix brand (mixers, kitchen robots, etc.) have contributed significantly to its success. Apart, of course, from the Cecotec coffee machines, which are the ones we are dealing with on this website:

Cecotec coffee machines: Prices

The most identifying quality of any product of this brand (not only of the Cecotec Cumbia coffee machines) is its quality-price ratio. They are very economical articles, which compete in the lower price sector of any segment… but normally offer features more typical of the medium range.

This gives them a very interesting competitive advantage in the eyes of users, as consumers normally look first at a price before any other feature of the product they are going to buy. When they go to buy a Cecotec coffee machine, they then find a fairly decent product considering what it costs.

What are Cecotec coffee machines like?

Cecotec coffee machines are very functional, and within their segment, they usually offer the basic features requested by the public (no more, no less). This means that when buying any Cecotec coffee machine, the user usually gets what he expects, without surprises, and this is usually positive for the brand image.

We should also point out that the three models they have on sale are espresso machines (for making espresso): one automatic and two armoured.

The other feature common to all Cecotec coffee machines is their low price. If you take similar models from other manufacturers, it will be difficult to find one cheaper than these brands with the same functions.

So, in summary, the common denominators of Cecotec brand coffee machines are

  • Functionality and simplicity.
  • Economical.
  • Espresso type (almost all, some are drip).

Long term problems, of course, they also have like all of them. To help you a little, we have compiled the most common ones -according to our readers- in this in-depth guide to problems and breakdowns in Cecotec coffee machines.

And what does that mean about cumbia coffee machines?

Nothing. It is just a brand name, which Cecotec uses to refer to all its coffee machines. We talk about Cecotec Cumbia coffee machines, as we talk about Mambo kitchen robots or Conga vacuuming robots.

All Cecotec coffee machines are Cumbia.

Cecotec Power Espresso 20

This is a very basic manual espresso machine, with no additional functions and designed solely to meet the needs of users who want to spend as little money as possible on a machine of this type:

We advise you to read their review here carefully.

Cecotec Power Espresso Matic

A slightly improved version of the previous one, with better finishes and a fully digital control panel. The greatest virtue of the Power Espresso Matic: the possibility of preparing automatic coffees, selecting a pre-determined size (short or long espresso) so that we don’t have to worry about stopping the flow of water. Just press a button, and place the cup underneath – just like capsule coffee makers!

Cecotec Power Espresso Professional

The difference between this “Professional” version and Cecotec’s other Power Espresso machines is simply the presence of the pressure gauge, which allows you to control the extraction pressure (bars) of the espresso more precisely. This is an option that only the most expert consumers in this art will appreciate and take advantage of… hence the name of the machine.

It is overshadowed by the new, more powerful Barista Pro, but it is certainly more economical.

Cecotec Power Instant-Cino

The Instant-Ccino is another armchair espresso machine, but a little more advanced. The fundamental difference with the previous one is that it has an integrated milk tank, and that means that we can emulsify the milk directly from the tank and prepare a cappuccino or latte without having to make the foam ourselves by hand. Logically, it is more expensive than the Power Espresso, but it still maintains a very attractive price for what it offers.

This is a type of coffee machine with little competition; there are only 4 or 5 models on the market with these characteristics.

Cecotec Power Espresso 20 Barista Pro

The most “professional” or advanced version of all Cecotec espresso machines, with a 2.7-litre tank, integrated pressure gauge, double boiler with independent Thermoblocks, as well as separate hot water tap and steamer. Built 100% in stainless steel. You can read more about it in its specialized review.

Cecotec Power Espresso 20 Barista Aromax

Practically identical to the previous one but adding a grinder that allows us to enjoy freshly ground espresso coffee. Aroma in every sense of the word.

Cecotec Cafelizzia

The Cecotec Cafelizzia is a coffee machine very similar to the successful Delonghi Dedica. It has a steamer, pressure gauge (to be chosen), stainless steel body and two different finishes: red or metallic. A tank of 1.2 litres capacity and an excellent quality/price ratio, as is the norm in the house.

Cecotec Power Espresso 20 Tradizionale

A manual espresso machine that provides nothing substantially different from the rest of the brand’s similar coffee machines… apart from an eye-catching retro-style design, with wood and stainless steel finishes, embossed front panel…

Perfect for giving away, even if in terms of performance, it’s a little more of the same.

Cecotec Power Matic-Ccino

This is a super-automatic coffee maker that allows us to make various complex preparations (with milk foam) in seconds, just by pressing a button, unlike the previous model, which is a manual arm coffee maker.

The Cecotec Power Matic model is available in 4 versions: on the one hand, we can choose the black or white finish, and on the other hand, we can choose between the 7000 Series (basic) and the 8000 Series (more advanced and with touch screen). The quality/price ratio in any version we choose is unbeatable; we would say that this is the best quality/price automatic coffee machine that can be achieved at present.

Cecotec Cumbia Capricciosa

The Cumbia Capricciosa is a very, very small espresso machine with a capacity of only 0.6 litres, whose main feature is that it has no arm or filter holder when in use. Instead, we find a plastic dispenser that acts as a single filter and allows us to use both ground coffee and ES single pods without having to change parts.

Cecotec Coffee 66 Heat

Cecotec drip coffee machines are not as popular as espresso machines, but they do have the same characteristics and goodness as their range sisters. They are aimed at the general public and have an excellent quality-price ratio. They are cheap and functional.

This Cecotec Coffee 66 Heat is the most basic. It has a 1.5-litre capacity, a glass carafe and a coffee reheating function.

Cecotec Coffee 66 Heat Filterkaffeemaschine 1,5 L 950 W Hitzebeständige Kanne Dosierlöffel Exteme...
Cecotec Coffee 66 Heat Filterkaffeemaschine 1,5 L 950 W Hitzebeständige Kanne Dosierlöffel Exteme...
Reheat function and Keep warm function with auto off function.; It includes measuring spoon to help you prepare and calculate the amount of coffee.

Cecotec Coffee 66 Smart

Simply the “smart” (i.e. programmable) version of the above. The features and capacity are essentially the same, but this Coffee 66 Smart model has a digital display and a timer that allows you to program the coffee maker to make coffee at just the time you want.

Italian Cecotec Mimoka And Moking Coffee Machines

In the Italian coffee machine market, Cecotec’s two proposals are the Mimoka and Moking models. Both Cecotec’s Italian Mokas are offered in various sizes and differ in that the Mimoka is made of aluminium, and the Moking is made of stainless steel, and therefore valid for induction plates.

Cecotec Coffee Grinders

Cecotec also has coffee grinders for sale to accompany its wide range of espresso machines. Specifically, the first was two appliances called Titanmill 200 and 300, respectively. In 2020, a third, much more powerful machine was added to the catalogue, called the SteelMill 2000 Adjust.

Cecotec Titanmill 200

Cecotec Titanmill 200, a blade grinder with 200 watts of power, 50 grams of capacity and double-bladed titanium-coated blades. Its greatest virtue is its unbeatable value for money.

Cecotec Titanmill 300 Duoclean

This is a more advanced model, which has more power than the previous one and has the novelty of the double glass: in addition to the traditional glass with a double blade, the mill includes a glass with four-blade blades, which are used to crush and chop all kinds of ingredients.

Cecotec Steelmill 2000 Adjust

This is already a mill with proper grinding wheels (not blades), much more suitable than the previous ones for grinding coffee. It has 170 watts of power and can store up to 250 grams of coffee beans. It allows us to choose between 17 degrees of grinding, from the finest to the thickest.

Is It Worth Buying A Cecotec Coffee Machine? Opinions

Comments on Cecotec coffee machines are generally positive, and the fact is that Cecotec appliances generally enjoy good press among consumers.

If you are one of those looking for a good quality/price coffee machine, then Cecotec is your brand. But you must be aware of its limitations and that you cannot expect wonders or miracles within such an economic firm.

Cecotec brand coffee machines are not exempt from quality, and they have a good price. But you have to keep your feet on the ground. Many of the negative criticisms or comments about their products (especially about the most basic coffee machine, the Power Espresso 20) are caused by over-optimistic expectations.

Which Company Is Cecotec?

Despite the fact that it is an increasingly popular company, the fact that until recently, it did not have mass distribution in large supermarket chains means that many users have not yet heard of it.

And of course, sooner or later people end up coming across some interesting product in their catalogue, and they look for information about the brand. Who is Cecotec? How about Cecotec? And what brand is it?

Well, as we mentioned at the beginning of this page, Cecotec is a company that was founded in 1995 and is based in Valencia. It is a Spanish company that has managed to make its way into the complicated -and crowded- market of small household appliances and home appliances. It currently distributes to many countries around the world, and its catalogue offers nearly one hundred references.

The virtues that have led to this success, in broad terms, are the following:

  • Avant-garde: Cecotec is a company that has had a special ability to produce and market its own versions of the most innovative and popular items on the market. What became fashionable about vacuuming robots? Well, there were the Cecotec Conga. The fever of the kitchen robots vs Thermomix? Well, they also brought out the Cecotec Mambo. The same goes for electric scooters, oil-free fryers… whatever market segment emerges, Cecotec has the capacity to cover it.
  • Price: The quality-price ratio is one of the great competitive advantages of the firm. When consumers compare Cecotec household appliances with those of other manufacturers, they often find the same features, with some additional innovation (some appliances are given a twist) and with a much tighter price.
  • Intelligence in distribution: Cost savings are achieved, among other things, thanks to a modern and intelligent distribution policy, far from the outdated traditional trade models. Many of the Cecotec products are not going to be found in the hypermarket in your city, but in return their presence is common in Amazon, they greatly enhance the sales campaigns (Black Friday, etc.), and have a powerful system of affiliates thanks to which they get the big media also talk about them and promote their products.

Where Does Cecotec Manufacture?

Another common fear of first-time buyers, when they find very cheap appliances and a manufacturer unknown to them, is to know what brand is Cecotec, who manufactures it, and if they are reliable. More precisely, they need to dispel the suspicion that they are Chinese products (which is the first thing that comes to mind for everyone).

And they do not. As we have already said, Cecotec is a Spanish company, Valencian for more signs, and has its manufacturing plants within the national territory.

Cecotec: Customer Service

Cecotec’s customer service is quite active and is mainly articulated through the Internet. On their own website, they have a form from which you can direct your query to the appropriate department depending on the problem you have (Cecotec technical service, returns, queries about orders you have placed with them, etc.) If you need Cecotec spare parts, for example, this is the way to request them.

As it is a company with such a strong commitment to online trade, its customer service is a key point for its success (as it does not have its own physical shops where it receives its customers).

On the other hand, the fact that they do not have a direct contact telephone number to resolve any doubts or requests is a detail that puts more than one buyer off.

More About Cecotec: Spare Parts

Another of the most common questions among consumers is how to get Cecotec spare parts. And the answer is easy: on the brand’s own website.

On the Cecotec page, you can find, within each section, the spare parts or accessories you need for your household appliance. For example, within the Vacuum Cleaners menu, there is a section for Spare Parts; in the Kitchen menu, you have Accessories; by unfolding the Ironing menu, you can find Accessories… and so on.

It is also possible to buy Cecotec spare parts at Amazon. Not all of them are there, but most of them are, especially the Cecotec hoover spare parts. It is a good option if you have Amazon Prime and you save the shipping costs, or if you can apply some discount. Here are some examples:

Cleaning Accessory Kit For Conga Excellence Robot Vacuum Cleaners : 4 Side Brushes, 1 Central...
Cleaning Accessory Kit For Conga Excellence Robot Vacuum Cleaners : 4 Side Brushes, 1 Central...
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LOETAD Replacement Pads for Cecotec Conga Excellence 990 5 Cloths for Vacuum Cleaners 6 Hepa Filters...
LOETAD Replacement Pads for Cecotec Conga Excellence 990 5 Cloths for Vacuum Cleaners 6 Hepa Filters...
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Pack of 10 Louu Conga Excellence Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Side Brush Parts Replacement Parts
Pack of 10 Louu Conga Excellence Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Side Brush Parts Replacement Parts
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