Refillable capsules for Nespresso

With the rise of Nespresso coffee machines, alternatives to the official Nespresso Capsules, which are of excellent quality but which we already know are a bit expensive, are continually emerging on the market. There are three main options if we want to save money with our Nespresso coffee capsules:

  1. Use compatible Nespresso capsules, which are much cheaper than standard capsules. Here you can find them of all kinds: from the most basic (and most affordable) to gourmet capsules that in many cases equal or exceed the aroma of the official capsules, but also equal in price.
  2. Another possibility, cheaper but more difficult, is to fill Nespresso capsules. In the article we have just linked, you can learn more about this technique.
  3. And finally, the option we are going to talk about in today’s article: Use empty Nespresso capsules or Nespresso refillable capsules.

NOTE: Most Nespresso refillable capsules are compatible with the Inissia, Lattissima, U, Citiz and Pixie models, but not with the Essenza Mini and Prodigio.

What are Nespresso refillable capsules?

Nespresso reusable capsules are empty capsules, usually made of plastic and silicone (there are also stainless steel capsules, as we will see later), which have the same shape and dimensions as a standard Nespresso capsule.

They include a system that allows you to pour the coffee mixture you like, prepare the coffee in the coffee pot, clean it, and save it for another use.

Of course, Nespresso steel refillable capsules are more expensive and durable than plastic capsules.

They are also known as Nespresso compatible capsules for refilling, but they should not be confused with standard compatible capsules. Compatible capsules are single-use and come filled with coffee. Refillable ones come empty, and we have to refill them every time we make coffee.

As you can imagine, this type of refillable capsule or Nespresso refillable capsule is, in the long run, much cheaper than any other. Its durability depends on the manufacturer and the brand, but we can often make between 50 and 100 cups of coffee with a single Nespresso refillable capsule.

In the following video, you can see in detail what they look like:

Nespresso refillable capsules and disposable capsules

There are two main types of Nespresso refillable capsules on the market, and there is an essential difference between them: they can be reusable or single-use.

Nespresso refillable capsules (non-refillable)

The single-use ones behave in a similar way to the normal ones. You serve the coffee in them, put it in the coffee maker, extract the espresso, and throw it in the trash. They are not reusable.

They are cheaper, and logically the packages have more units (100 or 200). Capsul’In or Ne-Cap capsules are good examples of refillable, single-use Nespresso capsules.

Reusable Nespresso capsules (steel)

On the other hand, we have capsules that are not only refillable but also reusable. They are usually stainless steel Nespresso capsules, and we have to wash and dry them thoroughly after each use.

Theoretically, they can last a lifetime, although we cannot confirm this because they have not been on the market for so long that no one has been able to refute them or has encountered severe problems with the durability of these capsules.

We like EmoHome, DiCup and CoffeeDuck capsules. Here are more examples of Nespresso steel refillable capsules:

Where to buy Nespresso refillable capsules?

It’s not easy to know or find out where they sell empty Nespresso capsules. They are hardly sold in physical stores, and almost all the activity is carried out on the Internet. Hence, the easiest thing to do, as is often the case, is to buy your Nespresso refillable capsules from Amazon. You can also buy Nespresso refill capsules at Aliexpress, but you know that Amazon is more widespread in our country and has a larger market.

The refillable capsules for Nespresso are usually sold in packs of between 5 and 10 units reusable and several hundred single-use.

The manufacturer of empty capsules Nespresso usually specifies on its package, or in the information leaflet that accompanies them, how many uses it recommends making for each reusable capsule and the correct way to use them. We advise you to read these instructions carefully before using them for the first time, to avoid a mistake.

Here is a summary of the best refillable capsules for Nespresso, with their prices and offers completely updated:

Are Nespresso refillable capsules good?

Yes, they all follow the same system and carry all the guarantees. They are more than tried and tested before they go on the market, although some warn you that their refillable capsule only works in specific Nespresso coffee machines.

What happens is that you shouldn’t expect to get precisely the same result with refillable capsules as with single-use capsules. Why? Because as you use them, and even though the manufacturer guarantees their durability, the refillable capsule can become deformed or deteriorate. You can never be sure that the next cup will come out precisely the same as the previous one.

If you have a very new Nespresso coffee machine, we recommend that before buying refillable capsules online, make sure they are compatible with your machine.

Nespresso Seal Pods

Nespresso refillable coffee maker capsules may have a slight resistance to puncturing (lowering the dispenser lever) the first few times. It is something that softens over time and does not affect the performance of the coffeemaker as long as you do not force it or make a fool of it.

On the other hand, you should keep in mind that if you have a technical problem while using a refillable capsule (or a compatible one), even if it is not the direct cause of the capsule, your coffee maker will not be covered by the warranty.

Nespresso refillable capsules: Opinions and conclusions

Buying refillable capsules for Nespresso is an increasingly common practice among consumers. It´s forcing brands to increase and improve their supply to accommodate so much demand. In the end, we are the beneficiaries.

In our opinion, this type of refillable capsule for Nespresso has two significant advantages: on the one hand, its price, and on the other, the possibility of enjoying your favourite coffee blend without being limited to what Nespresso offers you.

But they also have several definite disadvantages:

  • You have to get it right with a ground coffee or a quality blend for the result to be optimal. You will also have to press it the right way (no more and no less than recommended). In short, greater responsibility for the user is discharged.
  • Nespresso refillable aluminium or plastic (non-steel) capsules can become deformed and deteriorate over time.
  • And finally: having to refill the capsule with coffee every time we enjoy the one, you lose the speed, immediacy and cleanliness of capsule systems.

Therefore, some say that to do it this way, it is better to forget about the capsules and prepare the espresso with a manual espresso machine, the ones of a lifetime. Well, there is nothing written about tastes. We’ve already given you as much information as possible, and now it’s up to you to decide.