How to refill Nespresso pods

Refilling Nespresso pods is always a controversial task and not without controversy. Its advocates argue that refilling Nespresso capsules is risky, and there are no guarantees for the operation of our coffee machine. Users in favour of this practice defend the significant savings it makes, the possibility of enjoying the ground coffee you like. If the procedure is done correctly, you can reuse Nespresso pods without any problem.

We will explain to you how to refill Nespresso pods step by step and what to do with used Nespresso capsules. Also, what can be done with refillable Nespresso pods (those sold empty so that you can use your coffee blend with them), and then we will leave it up to you to decide whether to apply it or opt for the official and traditional pods.

How to refill Nespresso pods step by step

To refill Nespresso pods, the first thing you need is to have the following items and utensils at hand.

  • Scissors or a sharp knife.
  • Aluminium foil.
  • A used Nespresso pod.
  • Ground coffee or the blend of your choice.

Once we have all these tools ready, let’s start filling Nespresso pods as follows:

  1. First, take the Nespresso capsule, and remove the aluminium seal. You can use scissors or a knife for this. Then also remove the ring, which is located at the bottom of the pod.
  2. Empty the pod. To ensure that no residue remains, rinse it or wash it thoroughly with water.
  3. Take the aluminium foil and cut a square of approximately 4.5 cm on each side. This foil will serve as a cover for our new pod. The size of the aluminium foil is essential because if it is too small, it will logically not cover the capsule, and if it is too large, the pod can get stuck inside the coffee machine.
  4. Now take the ground coffee mixture and fill the empty pod. The most important part of this process is that the coffee is sufficiently well pressed (not too much or too little, without going over) and that we use the knife to remove the excess coffee from the base of the pod. The coffee must be well aligned with the base of the pod.
  5. Finally, cover the pod filled with coffee with the sheet of aluminium foil that we have cut in step 3. You must fold it over the edge of the pod so that nothing comes out.

As you can see, the method for filling Nespresso pods is straightforward. If you need any clarification, we recommend that you watch the following video:

 Is it worth refilling Nespresso pods?

In our opinion, which is very particular and subjective, it is not worth refilling Nespresso pods. The procedure can work in most cases (the examples we have given show this), but one of Nespresso’s strong points is precisely the taste of its coffees, which, as well as being very rich, are super varied and there is something for everyone.

If you’re looking to make savings, there are more reliable alternatives than refilling Nespresso pods, such as the one below: the reusable CoffeeDuck pods.

Alternatives to refilling Nespresso pods: CoffeeDuck

It is no longer filling Nespresso pods but instead reusing them, but well, if you are reading this article, we assume that you will be interested anyway, and that is why we think it is convenient to tell you about it here. You already know that there are numerous brands and options of pods that are compatible with Nespresso. The Dutch company CoffeeDuck goes one step further and markets a Nespresso-compatible pod that is also reusable. They are made of stainless steel, and of course, you can fill them with your favourite ground coffee.

The CoffeeDuck pods, apart from being reusable, have several advantages. Among them are that they are environmentally friendly, dishwasher safe (because they are made of stainless steel) and that they keep the traditional, creamy foam layer that characterizes Nespresso coffees intact.

There is only one drawback, and that is that there are some models of Nespresso pods with which the CoffeeDuck reusable pods are not compatible. In particular, as their manufacturer claims, Coffeeduck Espresso pods are compatible with all Nespresso machines marketed up to October 2010 (such as the Essenza or the Pixie), except for the Nespresso machines manufactured by Krups with 1-pin slots.

As of this date, the compatibility of CoffeeDuck pods has been reduced, although the Dutch brand has solved this problem by launching a second model of its reusable pods.

They differ from the first ones in that they are black while the others are golden. So if you have any doubts about your Nespresso machine, don’t worry: if your Nespresso machine is from mid-2010 or earlier, buy the golden CoffeeDuck reusable capsules. If it’s after 2010, then you should use the black CoffeeDuck reusable pods. With either option, you will avoid the process of having to refill Nespresso capsules.

Refill Nespresso pods in 15 seconds? Yes, with Klapcap

Finally, we introduce you to Klapcap, a mechanical device that only automates and speeds up the whole process explained above. It costs little money and comes with its own set of reusable pods for the Nespresso format (you can buy more if you run out).