Capsul’in – Nespresso compatible pods

If a few months ago we were talking about Emocup, the refillable pods for Dolce Gusto, today we do the same with Capsul’In, a very similar system of empty pods compatible with Nespresso coffee machines.

The empty Nespresso capsules should not be confused with the pods compatible with Nespresso (which already have the coffee prepared inside), nor with the permanent refillable pods (like the CoffeeDuck), which you can refill over and over again. Capsules Capsul’In is an equivalent product, for example, to the well-known Ne-Cap pods.

Capsul’In is disposable pods (one pod = one coffee), but they come empty, and we can refill them with the ground coffee blend we like best, even with decaffeinated coffee! They can also be filled with infusions, chocolate powder or other types of preparations. The great advantage of these Capsul’In is not only that they save money, but also that they allow you greater flexibility in their preparation than traditional Nespresso capsules, which you already know are only used to prepare coffee.

The Capsul’In compatible capsules have the same shape and have an identical design to the official Nespresso capsules:

Nespresso Capsulin capsules

How are Capsul’In compatible pods used?

The instructions for use are very simple. Pour the ground coffee into the empty pod (thanks to the dispenser, you will always apply the right amount) and then place the aluminium foil on top as a cover. These lids are self-adhesive, so it should not be difficult for us.

When we have the pod ready and well closed – remember to check the lid well because if it is not well sealed, the water will leak out everywhere – we only have to put it in our Nespresso machine and lower the lever. The pods, like all refillable ones, are made of plastic and are a little harder than the usual ones. It means that it can cost you more than the usual amount to lower the lever.

Do you have any doubts about these refillable pods for Nespresso? Well, don’t worry, because, in this video, you can see in more detail how the Capsul’In compatible pods are prepared and how they are used in a Nespresso coffee maker:

Presentation of the Capsul’In pods

The refillable pods Capsul’In are presented in packages of 100 units, which contain 100 pods, more than 100 aluminium lids (this is a very interesting detail because if one of them breaks, you don’t have to waste the pod) and a black plastic measuring spoon, which serves to pour the right dose of ground coffee into your refillable pod Capsul’In.

The price of each of these boxes of 100 pods is around 10 pounds, so each unit costs about 10 cents. Obviously, the price of ground coffee must be added to this cost, but even so, the total is well below the 35 or 36 cents that each official Nespresso pod costs.

It is what a box looks like when we open it:

capsulin nespresso

Opinions about Capsul’In pods

In general, these Capsul’In are very well accepted by Nespresso coffee machine users, and their quality is beyond all doubt. However, as with any system of refillable pods, you have to take into account both the pressing of the coffee and its quantity. It is not uncommon for the first few attempts to make the coffee too watery or too thick.

We should also note that there is no instruction leaflet or manual in the box to guide the user. The truth is that the use of the pods is very intuitive, but it would not be wrong to get some advice from the manufacturer. For example, the mentioned precaution with the pressing of the coffee, or the convenience of using a very fine grind (the one suitable for espresso) instead of the standard coffee packages sold in supermarkets, which usually have a medium thickness grind, not suitable for espresso.

Finally, we would like to inform you that the Capsul’In Nespresso refillable pods are also available in sets of 200, 500 or even 1000 pods.

Have you ever used this type of compatible pod for Nespresso? Do you know other systems? What has been your experience with them?