Dolce Gusto coffee machine injector – Maintenance

When we talk about the injector of Dolce Gusto coffee machines, we refer to the element responsible for perforating the capsules and “injecting” hot (or cold) water through the coffee capsules, hence its name. This nozzle has the shape of a needle cut in the form of an angle for a more efficient and gentle perforation.

Although it is one of the smallest parts of a Dolce Gusto coffee machine, it is one of the most important components of these coffee machines. If you want to obtain quality and full-flavoured beverages, both hot and cold, this nozzle must be in good condition. That’s why it is imperative to perform maintenance work on this sharp-edged component.

We have already discussed the cleaning and descaling of the Dolce Gusto coffee machine in other articles. We have placed special emphasis on cleaning the injector in all of them. As a tiny metal tube, it is very sensitive to limescale build-up. As it is in contact with the ground coffee from the capsules, it is very likely to accumulate coffee residue after each brew.

Dolce Gusto coffee machine injector
Dolce Gusto coffee machine injector

How does the water injector of a Dolce Gusto work?

Thanks to its sharp shape, the piercing needle, or injector, can easily pierce the plastic casing of the coffee capsules. The injector is lowered into the coffee capsule when we manually lower the lid of the capsule holder, which is the same system for all Dolce Gusto models. You will always hear a sound in the capsule perforation whenever you do this.

Once the needle is inside the capsule, we operate the upper lever to flow water from the tank to the injector. Inside the coffee capsule, the injected water increases its pressure and mixes with the coffee until it flows out of the capsule’s bottom into the cup. In the following video, you can see how it works graphically:

How to clean the injector of your Dolce Gusto coffee machine

It is already clear that the injector must be in good condition due to the important function it performs. We must ensure that it does not accumulate residues or impurities, but how can we proceed with maintaining this tiny part?

For this task, Dolce Gusto includes a cleaning needle in all its models, which is generally hidden behind the water tank. However, in some models, it is located in a separate compartment, as in the case of the Dolce Gusto Oblo. In the following image, you can see what it looks like:

What is the Dolce Gusto cleaning needle like
What is the Dolce Gusto cleaning needle like?

If you have lost your cleaning needle or can’t find it now, you can use a pin or similar sewing needle. These needles are not as ergonomic, but they’ll get you out of trouble.

Well, once we have the cleaning needle in our possession, we should remove any capsules in the capsule holder of our Dolce Gusto and make sure that the cover-the mechanism which raises and lowers the injector-is in the upward position. Next, clean the injector by carefully inserting the needle into the injector nozzle and moving it slightly up and down.

NOTE: Many users resort to cleaning the nozzle of their coffee machine when it is clogged, or the water is not served with enough pressure. Big mistake! We recommend cleaning the nozzle often to prevent it from getting clogged.

Finally, after unclogging the nozzle of your Dolce Gusto coffee machine, we advise you to start a coffee cycle – without a capsule, of course – so that the water passes through all the pipes and finally comes out through the nozzle. It ensures that the cleaning is 100% complete.

Final tips to keep the injector in good condition

Better safe than sorry! Follow these tips if you want to avoid problems with the injector and extend the life of your Dolce Gusto coffee machine:

  • Use the cleaning needle often. Don’t wait until the injector is stuck to remember to take the needle regularly, as we have shown you in this article, and you will avoid significant problems.
  • Always remove the capsules after use. If you leave the used capsule inside the coffee maker with the lever down, the injector will remain for many hours immersed in the wet coffee grounds in the capsule.
  • If you have not used the coffee machine for a long time (for example, when you return from your holidays), try to start a water cycle before preparing the first coffee. It will remove any residue or dirt that may have settled or dried out in there due to inactivity.