Meaning of the lights on the Nespresso Vertuo

Nespresso VertuoLine coffee machines are extremely easy to use; we insert the coffee pod, press the button, and get the coffee.

But to get the most out of the Vertuo coffee machine, not only do we have to know how to prepare the coffee, but we also have to understand what is happening in the machine at any given moment. This can be seen through the lights on the on/brew button.

Under the brew button, coloured lights alert the user to the machine’s status. Generally, we ignore these signals if everything is going well with the coffee machine.

The concern comes when the machine stops heating the coffee, takes too long to brew or does not. And that’s when we start looking at the lights, wondering what they mean.

Nespresso Vertuo Next and Vertuo Plus Power Button Lights
Nespresso Vertuo Next and Vertuo Plus Power Button Lights

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Meaning of the lights on Nespresso Vertuo Plus

The Vertuo Plus model does not have an information display, so it alerts the user to the status of the machine by using the light on the power button. This lights up in different colours and at different flashing frequencies. Let’s look at each particular case:

The green light (Normal use)

The green light on your Vertuo Plus is not a signal for alarm. When you see the power button light up in this colour, it only means that everything is working normally and there are no errors or faults in the machine.

Depending on the frequency of rotation (in Vertuo coffee makers, there is no flashing, but rotation), and whether it flashes or not, it will mean something different:

Permanent green lightReady Mode
Green light with regular flashing: 1 / secHeating
Green light with slow rotationpod barcode reading
Green light with fast rotationCoffee brewing
Green light with three flashesProgramming confirmed

The red light (Warning or Error)

Like many other brands and electronic devices, the red light on the Nespresso Vertuo Plus represents a warning signal for a fault or error. So pay close attention to the status of your coffee machine if the button lights up in this colour. Below we explain how this red light can occur:

Permanent red lightDevice error
Permanent red light fadingCooling after overheating
Regular flashing red light: 1 / secError
The red light flashes two times and then turns to steady greenThe water tank is empty, or the pod is missing
Red light flashes two times and changes to steady orange lightError in special function
The red light flashes two times and changes to orange flashing lightError executing a special function
Three flashes every 2 seconds between steady red light periodsMachine Head in an unknown position
Permanent light, red on the left side, green on the right sideDecalcification alarm

The red light (steady on)

This happens when a fault, usually overheating, causes the coffee machine to enter an error state and lock up. To solve this problem, you should switch off and unplug the machine for at least 15 minutes until it cools down, clearing the error. When you switch it on again, it should work normally.

If you do not switch off your coffee machine, the red light will still fade to green if the error was caused by overheating.

The half-red and half-green light

When this happens, the light will be half red and green on steady, indicating that the machine needs to be descaled.

This will not immediately interrupt the coffee brewing function. However, descaling the machine as soon as possible is advisable to avoid further complications.

The red light flashes continuously

This signal indicates a problem with the coffee machine head. It could be that the coffee pod container is full, the pod reader is dirty, or there is a blockage.

Check that everything is in order, and then open and close the head pod holder to verify it is working. The machine will not allow you to brew coffee until you solve this problem.

The red light flashes twice and changes to solid green

There are two reasons why this signal may occur:

  1. When the water tank is incorrectly positioned.
  2. When the machine has problems reading the coffee pod.

Check the tank’s position and the pod, or try opening and closing the head several times to make the machine work.

It may also be that the red light, after flashing twice, turns not green but orange, either flashing or steady. This represents an error in the special functions that must be remedied by repeatedly switching the machine.

The red light flashes three times every 2 seconds between periods of steady red light

Only if the machine no longer recognises the position of the brewing head will this signal appear with the red light.

Open the head and press the lever upwards until it stops. Check that there are no obstructions. Empty the pod container and close the head again. This will solve the problem.

The orange light (Special functions)

When we talk about the special functions of the Nespresso Vertuo Plus coffee machine, we refer to cleaning, resetting to factory settings, emptying the water system and descaling. Each of these functions is coded to signal with the orange light as follows:

Permanent orange lightEnter the special functions menu
Regular flashing: 1 / secThe special function is running
One blink every 2 secondsDecalcification
Two flashes every 2 secondsDrain the water system
Three flashes every 2 secondsReset to factory settings
Three flashes within 3 seconds and again steady green light.Reset to factory settings has been completed.

The orange light flashing

This is the warning of the cleaning mode and should not be confused with descaling. Vertuo Plus enters cleaning mode by pressing the power button three times in less than 2 seconds. The machine’s water pump will start pumping three cycles in less than 2 minutes.

It is recommended to carry out this cleaning if you have not used the machine for several days. Everything must be clean before using the coffee pods again.

The orange light (steady on)

The orange light will come on steadily when the machine enters the special function or setting mode.

This mode is achieved by pressing the front lever down and the power button simultaneously for 3 seconds while the machine is switched off.

How to enter the configuration mode of the Nespresso Vertuo Plus
How to enter the configuration mode of the Nespresso Vertuo Plus

The orange light when flashing three times every 3 seconds

To reset your coffee machine to factory settings, enter the settings mode and press the front lever down three times. Then press the power button once. You can confirm that the machine has been reset when the orange light flashes three times for 3 seconds.

The orange light when flashing two times every 2 seconds

This will be the water tank emptying mode. To enter this mode, you must have the machine in setting mode and press down the front lever two times. Then press the power button once. The orange light will come on, indicating that the tank is being emptied and will only go out until it is empty.

The orange light when flashing once every 2 seconds

This will be the signal that indicates the descaling mode on your coffee machine. This is achieved by putting the machine in setting mode and pressing the front lever down once. Then press once on, and it will start the descaling process.

You can also see the orange light flash every 2 seconds when the machine goes into rinsing mode. You will find the way to enter this mode in the instruction manual.

Meaning of the lights on Nespresso Vertuo Next

Also, on the Vertuo Next model, there are different modes to indicate the status of the coffee machine through the lights that come on. Below, we explain each of them:

The white light (Normal use)

In this model, the white colour indicates that everything works normally. In other words, if the power button on your Vertuo Next coffee machine lights up white, you can be sure there is no fault or error.

*No light on the buttonMachine off
Fixed white illuminated buttonReady-to-brew coffee machine
Regular flashing white: once/secondCoffee maker preparing coffee

The orange light (Special functions/error)

The orange light on your Vertuo Next coffee machine can signify both the special function mode and a signal that something is wrong due to a fault in the machine. Below, we explain the meanings for each combination with this light:

Orange light flashing rapidly: twice/per secondCleaning mode
Orange light flashing rapidly: three times/secondDescaling/Draining
White light flashing: on to steady ON, then OFFHeating
Orange light flashing: lights up until it goes out, then it lights up.Cooling after overheating
Orange light flashing rapidly twice, then prolonged shutdownError
Orange button ON for 1.5 seconds, then OFF for 0.5 secondsThe water tank is empty
Orange light flashing five times within 10 secondsReset to factory settings
Orange and white light flashing alternately three times and then steadyDecalcification alert
White light flashing twice per secondSoftware update

You can find more information about your Vertuo Next coffee machine by downloading the instruction manual.