Nespresso coffee machine user manuals

One of the characteristics of Nespresso is that it is a brand with a very varied product line, and the vast majority of models are still in production. Coffee machines launched on the market many years ago are still in use and sold worldwide.

Although it is a mistake, most of us do not keep the manuals, warranties, or packaging of the appliances we buy for a long time. We tend to throw them away as soon as we check that they are working properly, or, at best, we keep them in a drawer for a few months and then throw them away when we remember we have them there.

What happens then? When we need to check the user manual for any issue with our Nespresso, we don’t have them. There is a good chance that you will have questions about cleaning your coffee machine or understand why the lights are flashing. Cases, where the coffee machine is faulty will be rare; however, only with the user manual will you be able to rule out a fault or not.

Don’t forget that the user manual for your Nespresso machine is independent of the manufacturer (usually Krups or Delonghi). In other words, you should look for user manuals by model and not by brand.

For example, the user manual for a Krups Essenza coffee machine is the same as the user manual for a Delonghi Essenza. We point this out because many users confuse the model with the manufacturer of the coffee machine. Here is the complete list of Nespresso coffee machine user manuals.

Nespresso offers one of the most comprehensive user manuals in the industry, printed in black and white but with real photos of the coffee machines and their technical data. Here is an example:

Nespresso Citiz user manual example
Nespresso Citiz user manual example

Download user manuals for Nespresso coffee machines (in PDF)

Thanks to the professionalism of this brand of the Nesstlé group, you can download the user manual of the Nespresso coffee machine you need. Below you can find user manuals from the oldest to the newest. If you are looking for the Nespresso Citiz user manual (one of the best-selling and most popular), you can find it here; if you need the one for the Maestria (not so well known), it is also here.

Below you can find the user manuals for Nespresso Milk Frothers. If you have any questions regarding an Aeroccino attached to the machine, check the list of manuals above, such as the one for Nespresso Citiz&Milk:

If you need the manual for a specific Nespresso machine and, for whatever reason, you can’t find it in the list above, don’t hesitate to let us know. You can do it in the comments section.

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  1. I picked up an original Aeroccino from a car boot sale recently (model no. 3190). Are you able to make the user manula for this device available fro download?

    Many thanks in advance if you are 🙂

    • Hello Charles,

      We have uploaded some Aeroccino user manuals on this page after your request. Please, let us know if these user manuals help you.


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