Krups automatic coffee machines

We are not going to discover the Krups brand at this point. It is one of the world’s best-known manufacturers, not only for its own coffee machines (some are manual espresso machines, but most are the super-automatics that will be featured in this article) but also for its collaboration as the manufacturer of some iconic models of both Nespresso and Dolce Gusto. Almost nothing to the machine.

The Krups range of super-automatic coffee machines is very curious because almost all of them are medium or basic range. In a catalogue that offers dozens of different references, it is surprising that there are none that clearly stand out as “top of the range“.

So when you buy a Krups automatic coffee machine from Amazon, you should be very clear about what you will find. Few frills, very similar designs, and many similar machines with constant renewals and nomenclature updates. It can be a bit of a hassle for the novice user, so here we are to clarify the picture a bit.

There are essentially three new series of Krups automatic coffee machines (Essential, Arabica and Evidence) and three older classic models: Roma, Pisa and Milano. Here you will find all the versions and variants available of each of them:

The best Krups automatic coffee makers 2022

This is one of the manufacturers with the most extensive catalogue of automatic coffee machines, so we are going to give you a brief overview of each model so that you can find out which machine corresponds to which nomenclature and how they differ from each other. All these Krups super-automatic coffee machines have an integrated grinder and a tank of between 1.6 and 1.8 litres capacity.

These are the main differences:

The Evidence machines are bigger and more expensive; they go up to 2.3 litres of the tank.

The Milano, Arabica, Essential and Roma are more basic and do not have an automatic cappuccino function. There are versions that have the Krups milk frother included, which you can connect directly to the coffee maker, but this does not mean they can make One Touch cappuccinos (at the touch of a button). Only the Evidence and the Arabica Latte have that.

Is that clear to you? Well, before you start, here’s a comparison of Krups automatic coffee machines with the most important and common models available.

Krups Essential EA81P070

We start with the entry model to the Krups range of automatic coffee machines. The Essential, which, as its name suggests, is the most essential or basic of all the proposals.

This does not mean that it is always the cheapest, because there may be some older models that are very cheap, but it is the most basic version, with most plastic materials, with buttons instead of a screen, and with various sizes of espresso as the only automatic preparation available.

Krups Essential EA81M8

Same as above but with the XS6000 foamer already included in the package.

Krups Essential EA8161

The basic one, but in white.

Krups Milano EA8150

The Krups EA8150 is a classic model that has been around for many years. It is Krups’ popular super-automatic 15 bar espresso machine, also known as Krups Milano. Its design is innovative thanks to the side panels with slots, and it has Claris water filters. It has three brewing functions (coffee, steamer and hot water) instead of the usual two. It includes a grinder with a capacity of 275 grams—a water tank with a capacity of 1.5 litres, slightly smaller than its automatic sisters.

There is also the Krups EA8160 (discontinued) and the EA8170 that we see below.

Krups Arabica EA8170

This differs from the more basic models in that it has a digital panel (not all buttons).

Krups Rome EA8108

Within the Essential range, the EA8108 model is known as Krups Roma.

Krups EA8105

This is the Krups Roma model but in white. Different from any other automatic coffee machine you know.

Krups Piano

One of the old models, already very difficult to get. The Krups Piano (model EA8255) differs from the rest in its system called Auto-Capuccino, which serves to prepare cappuccinos automatically. The control panel is perhaps the simplest in the whole range, and the water tank (1.7 litres) is slightly smaller than that of the Espresseria but larger than that of the Krups Milano.

Krups EA8340

This is a model that is already part of Krups’ mid-range of automatics. The previous Milano and Essential models could still be considered as the basic range, as most of them do not allow the automatic production of milk foam drinks. Their price range is increasing and, of course, their performance is also increasing.

The Krups EA8340 has a 1.7-litre capacity, 15 bar pressure, auto-cappuccino system, and monochrome LCD display. It has a built-in clock, water filters, programmable memory… in short, a lot of details that we do not find in the above-mentioned automatic coffee machines.

Krups EA850B

If we go one step further, we find the powerful Krups EA850B, whose most outstanding feature is the full-colour LCD screen, as well as the automatic cappuccino preparation system. Thanks to its transparent spigot, you can suck the milk directly from any external container, froth it and pour it into your cup without you having to do anything.

It is the successor to the Krups EA8448 (Krups EA84 Series), whose design and functions are practically identical.

Krups EA8110 Arabica

The basic model of the Krups Arabica machine line. Without screen and without automatic cappuccinos.

Krups EA8118

This is the Espresseria Arabica Quattro Force model. It does not allow to make automatic cappuccinos. For that, you have to go to the Arabica Latte. Its recipes are espresso, ristretto and regular coffee. It differs from the previous EA8110 in the casing, which is more colourful and has better finishes, but its performance is exactly the same.

Krups Quattro Force Arabica Latte EA819E10

The super-automatic Krups Espresseria QF (Quattro Force) Lattespress, or Arabica Latte, is a slightly superior version of the above, as it allows for automatic cappuccinos. The list of automatic drinks of this Arabica Latte model is 5: espresso, ristretto, lungo, cappuccino and latte macchiato. It also has a water filter system.

Krups Compact Cappuccino EA8165

Also known as Krups Pisa. This is a very old model that is constantly being renewed and whose most recognisable feature is the red colour of the casing and the possibility of connecting an automatic foamer directly to it. Compact Cappuccino is its modern name.

Krups EA891810 Evidence

Better known as Krups Evidence, just like that. It is the top of the Essential and Arabica lines, with more up to date models, a much larger tank (2.3 litres) and a multitude of versions that often differ only in body colour or finish. It is also somewhat more expensive, of course.

Krups EA8948 Evidence Plus

As the name suggests, Evidence Plus is the most advanced version of the Krups Evidence automatic line. It has a touch screen, a direct connection to the XS6000 foamer (included) and a huge menu of 19 automatic specialities (3 of which are for tea or infusions).

Krups Evidence Plus EA891D

Same as above, but with stainless steel bodywork (front panel).

Krups EA8911

Same model as above, but with white body

Krups EA894T

The “T” is made of titanium. A special finish for the top of the Krups super-automatic range.

Krups EA8250

German version (usually imported) of the Krups Lattespress, with black plastic housing, automatic cappuccinos and digital LCD screen for easy navigation through all its options.

Krups EA8298

Same as above, but with some chrome or metallic finishes.

Krups EA826E

Exactly the same as the Quattro Force Lattespress (but before such a nomenclature appeared). You will notice that both the design (without the QF logo) and the functionalities, including the automatic cappuccino, are the same. Please note that only the front panel is made of metal. The sides are made of plastic.

One point against it has no additional entrance for ground coffee.

Complements and accessories for Krups super automatic coffee machines

Like all major brands of automatic coffee machines, Krups also markets a wide range of its own accessories. From descalers to cleaning tablets, water filters or the separate milk frother (the Krups XS6000). In many cases, you can use generic brands. Still, if you spend money on such a powerful machine, you should not take any risks and always use the Krups coffee machine accessories recommended by the manufacturer. We recommend this.