Krups is a manufacturer of household appliances of worldwide renown, and in the coffee sector, they are also a guarantee company. In addition to manufacturing capsule coffee machines for the Nespresso and Dolce Gusto brands, and also positioning itself as a reference in coffee grinders (examples), Krups markets its line of coffee machines. We are going to focus on the latter, and not so much on Krups Nespresso or Krups Dolce Gusto coffee machines.

The range of Krups automatic coffee machines is quite extensive and is mainly focused on the automatic espresso machine segment. Its flagship is the Krups Espresseria line, a model that started with the Krups EA70 and, with various variations and improvements, has continued to develop with the Krups Piano and Krups Milano.

If we prefer a manual espresso machine, cheaper, we also have a great alternative, most of them in the mid-range of this segment. We will now take a closer look at each of the models.

Guidelines for buying a Krups coffee machine: Prices and models

Below, we’re going to give a brief overview of the main models, along with purchase links and full reviews on our website in case any reader needs to study them in more depth. We will focus mainly on the manual espresso machines, since as you will see below we already have a specific guide for the Krups automatic machines.

By the way, you can find out more about them by consulting the instruction manuals for all Krups coffee machines.

Krups Manual Express Coffee Makers

There aren’t many of them, but they’re worth knowing:

Krups XP5620 Classic Pro Inox

The Krups XP5620 Classic Pro Inox is a coffee maker with very similar characteristics to the old Expert Pro Inox but with a stainless steel body. An upgrade or redesign of a legendary model, for those who do not mind paying a little more. It has electronic temperature control and, in general, features more adapted to the needs of demanding consumers, with a medium-high profile.

Krups Calvi Steam & Pump XP3440

We continue with a review of this poker of manual espresso machines from Krups with the Steam & Pump, a coffee machine whose distinctive features are the milk vaporizer and the temperature control system. If you like to control all the details of making your coffee, this Steam & Pump will give you more satisfaction than the more conventional ones.

Krups XP3440 XP344010 Espresso Machine Stainless Steel 1.1 litres Black/Silver
4 Reviews
Krups XP3440 XP344010 Espresso Machine Stainless Steel 1.1 litres Black/Silver
  • Patented Krups "tamping system" for perfect espresso
  • Universal filter holder: suitable for 1-2 cups
  • 15 bar pump pressure
  • Special steam nozzle for optimal milk foam
  • Capacity water tank 1.1 l (removable)

Krups Calvi Latte XP3458

The Krups Calvi Latte, as its name suggests, is an evolution of the Krups Calvi XP3440, which incorporates a much more complete milk emulsion system. Apart from the traditional steamer, it incorporates a sleeve capable of collecting the milk from the container in which it is stored and emulsifying it directly.

It is a very narrow machine, very practical and capable of fitting in anywhere, but also with a smaller tank than the rest of its range sisters (1.1 litres).

Another advanced function of this model is the electronic temperature control (PID), a detail that will undoubtedly be appreciated by the most demanding baristas. In short, the most advanced armoured coffee maker of the German brand.

Krups Opium XP3208

The cheapest of all. Krups gets on the trolley of low-cost armoured coffee machines, and launched in 2019 this Opio XP3208 with the same essential features as the previous ones (steamer, cup warming tray, 1.5-litre tank) but without any artifice, worse finishes and at a much lower cost.

Krups XP320840 Opio Steam and Pump Coffee Machine, Black
360 Reviews
Krups XP320840 Opio Steam and Pump Coffee Machine, Black
  • 15-bar pump pressure for professional results
  • Tailor every cup to your palette with adjustable manual settings
  • Steam nozzle for indulgently frothy milk
  • Choice of one or two-cup filter lets you control the strength
  • Coffee tamper helps you seal the coffee before brewing for maximum flavour extraction

Krups Virtuoso XP442

The Krups Virtuoso is a model launched past 2020 and stands out for its stainless steel body and good quality finishes. It has a 1.1 litre tank and a super-compact design.

Krups Super-Automatic Coffee Makers

The Krups super-automatic coffee machine catalogue is one of the most extensive and complete at the moment, so we have prepared a specific guide to know all the options that exist:

Complete guide of Krups automatic coffee machines

What if I want a Krups coffee machine with a grinder?

Krups coffee machines with an integrated grinder are usually all super-automatic coffee machines… but there is one exception. This is the Krups Grind and Brew KM8328. A great high-end filter coffee machine, it allows you to enjoy freshly ground filter coffee (nothing like what you get from a pre-ground packet bought in the shop).

It has a 1.25 litre water tank capacity, 1000 watts of power, LED touch screen, everything you would expect from a filter coffee machine of this calibre and price.

Krups drip coffee machines

We have already seen the top model, the Krups KM8328, but there is another group of very interesting Krups filter coffee machines for coffee lovers. Most of them belong to the medium-high range of this type of machines… it is not easy to find a cheap Krups drip coffee machine (for that there are other manufacturers on the market).

It is true that in some countries Krups espresso machines are quite popular, but in Central Europe this is not the case, and we should not neglect such an important part of the brand’s catalogue as this one:

Spare parts for Krups coffee machines

When we talk about spare parts for Krups coffee machines, almost all we find on the market are water tanks for the capsule machines they manufacture for both Nespresso and Dolce Gusto.

However, it is also possible to buy spare parts for Krups espresso machines, such as filters and filter holders, steam nozzles, or various internal components. Many of them are elements of wear and tear, but others are parts that can solve a breakdown and save us from having to buy a new machine.

Piston With Rings (Model ms-0697072)
Piston With Rings (Model ms-0697072)
Original Manufacturer. Reference ms-0697072; Item or new spare part, professional seller for more than 30 years
Krups XP22 Series Genuine Coffee Machine Filter Handle
Krups XP22 Series Genuine Coffee Machine Filter Handle
Krups Genuine Coffee Machine Holder Handle; Genuine Krups replacement / spare part
HÃhe: 49 mm; Farbe: schwarz; Material: Kunststoff; Krups MS-623323
Tefal MS622718 Original Press Plate; Compatible devices : coffee maker and espresso / Krups KP PJ PV coffee machine
Krups – ms-622557; Siege of reservoir Dolce Gusto Espresso
kp50 Krups ms-622557

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