How to repair a Nespresso coffee machine

Coffee machines are prone to frequent breakdowns due to their high usage rate and compact design. These machines use high-temperature water (up to 95ºC) and high pressure (up to 19 bars).

Nespresso is a well-known brand for quality coffee machines, but even these machines can experience issues. If you have a Nespresso machine that needs repair, I can help guide you through the diagnostic process and provide advice on how to fix it yourself based on my experience repairing these machines.

However, it’s important to note that if your machine is still under warranty, you should contact the Nespresso technical service and keep your purchase receipt. Contact information for Nespresso service can be found at the end of this article.

Diagnose the fault of your Nespresso; malfunction or breakdown

To troubleshoot your Nespresso machine, you must diagnose the issue and determine whether it’s a malfunction or a breakdown. Before taking action, you should assess whether the machine performs worse than when you first purchased it.

If you notice that your coffees are being served colder, shorter, or with a worse taste, these are likely malfunctions and no breakdowns.

On the other hand, if your machine is not dispensing any coffee, the coffee is coming out completely cold, the water is leaking from areas other than the spout, or the machine is not turning on at all, these are considered breakdowns.

How to troubleshoot a malfunction of your Nespresso

If you’re experiencing performance issues with your Nespresso, cleaning and maintenance may be the solution based on my experience.

It may seem surprising, but thoroughly cleaning the machine and descaling can often solve most problems. This will help ensure water can circulate through all components properly and reach the necessary pressures and temperatures.

However, if you’ve already performed these maintenance tasks yourself or your Nespresso is still not producing the expected quality of coffee, continue reading for further troubleshooting steps.

How to troubleshoot a breakdown of your Nespresso

If your Nespresso fails significantly in any of the abovementioned areas, it’s considered a breakdown.

For example, a reduced water flow is one thing, but no water coming out is a breakdown. The same applies to the coffee’s temperature, pressure, and taste.

Additionally, exceptional situations such as excessive water leaks from the nozzle or any dripping from the base are also considered faults. Other malfunctions include extraordinary noises, smells, smoke, or cracking noises from the machine.

How to dismantle a Nespresso coffee machine

Disassembling Nespresso coffee machines can be simple if you have the correct tools and are patient. However, some plastic parts may not come off easily.

For instance, Pixie and Inissia require a Torx T20 screwdriver bit, whereas Citiz has oval screws that need a specific bit head:

Types of screwdriver tips needed to disassemble a Nespresso
Types of screwdriver tips needed to disassemble a Nespresso

After loosening the visible screws with a flathead screwdriver and a plastic element like a credit card, you’ll need to separate the casings.

Plastic tabs hold together all parts of the Nespresso coffee machine’s structure, so you should exercise caution while disassembling the coffee maker to avoid breaking them. This is where skill and patience play a more significant role than strength.

Repairing Nespresso coffee machines: Explanatory videos

There are two primary types of breakdowns that commonly occur in Nespresso coffee makers. The first occurs when the machine fails to turn on, often due to an issue with the control board capacitors. The second occurs when the machine leaks water from the head or the base, typically caused by damaged O-rings.

I recommend purchasing a new control board instead of attempting to replace the capacitors, as it can be a difficult task. Here’s a video demonstrating how to fix a coffee maker that doesn’t turn on or loses power after turning it on:

I have also provided a video tutorial on repairing a Nespresso coffee maker leaking water. The video shows the replacement of the entire brewing unit, but you may be able to save time and money by searching for a worn O-ring or a broken plastic component to replace instead:

Although there are various other malfunctions that may occur with Nespresso coffee makers, the two described above are the most common ones. You should be able to fix these issues by using the videos provided.

➡️ However, if you encounter other problems, I have created a comprehensive guide that covers all the possible malfunctions you may face with a Nespresso machine.

How to get a Nespresso coffee machine repaired?

You have three options:

  1. Do it yourself at home, which may void the warranty.
  2. Send it to the Nespresso service centre.
  3. Take it to a specialized repair shop that can fix the machine and source missing or spare parts for you.

Nespresso customer service phone number

In any case, if you need to contact Nespresso’s technical service, here is the Nespresso Customer Service information.

Nespresso US

Nespresso Canada

Nespresso UK

Nespresso AUS

You may also contact the Delonghi technical service if your Nespresso machine is manufactured by Delonghi (as both Delonghi and Krups make Nespresso machines). You can access their service form via the official Delonghi Service Form link.

It is important to note that disassembling a Nespresso coffee maker on your own will void the warranty (if still applicable). If the machine is relatively new or you are uncertain about the repair process, it is recommended that you contact Nespresso’s customer service line for assistance.