How to repair a Nespresso coffee machine

A common problem coffee machine users face is breakdowns and repairs. Today we are going to focus on Nespresso brand coffee machines, as we did in the past with the post of repairing Dolce Gusto coffee machines.

There are many reasons we need to repair a Nespresso coffee machine, and here we will mainly cover the most common ones. As you can imagine, practically every case is unique, and it is not always possible to establish valid guidelines or advice that will work in every case.

Let’s start at the beginning: when we detect a fault in our coffee machine, the first thing that comes to mind is whether we call a technician or try to find out the cause of the problem ourselves. It depends on the urgency of the matter and also on the skill or experience we have in dealing with it.

Even so, the option of Nespresso’s official technical service is not always the one preferred by consumers. Why? It’s very simple. Let’s be clear: among the possible Nespresso spare parts that are needed to replace parts the labour of the technicians who are in charge of the repair.

How much does it cost to repair a Nespresso coffee machine? Often it will cost the same or more than buying a new Nespresso coffee machine. This is why we have decided to give you some tips in this article and to list the most common problems affecting Nespresso coffee machines.

Repairing Nespresso coffee machines: Explanatory videos

If your Krups coffee machine is not working (Krups or Delonghi, it doesn’t matter which manufacturer), it can have many causes: the Nespresso coffee machine leaks water, the Nespresso coffee machine pump needs to be repaired, the condensers have stopped working, the coffee machine won’t turn on, or even because a component has broken or deteriorated more than it should.

When your Nespresso coffee machine doesn’t work, there’s nothing better than following a video tutorial before you throw your hands up in the air or call Nespresso’s technical service without stopping to look at anything.

If you prefer to repair your Nespresso machine yourself, watch these videos, which explain the solutions to some of the most common problems. Let’s get started!

When a Krups Nespresso coffee machine does not start, it may be due to the mainboard. Here we see how to fix this and repair the electronic board in your Nespresso coffee machine:

And finally, we see what to do when the Nespresso coffee machine loses water (super complete video):

There are hundreds of videos out there to find help. This two refer to the most common issues.

We also have to mention another common circumstance: the Nespresso coffee machine does not switch on. In these cases, apart from trying to replace the plate, it is likely that the solution will come from replacing the condensers. As we explain in another similar article: The Dolce Gusto coffee machine does not switch on.

Where are Nespresso coffee machines repaired?

If you need to repair a Nespresso coffee machine, you have three options:

  • Repair it yourself at home (and lose the possible warranty).
  • Send it to the Nespresso service centre.
  • Go to a specialised repair shop, which in addition to repairing the machine, will also be able to find the missing parts or spare parts for you.

How to dismantle a Nespresso Coffee Machine

If we want to investigate the cause of the problem with our Nespresso coffee machine, we will have to learn how to dismantle it and look inside it. Taking apart a Krups Nespresso (or Delonghi’s, which are practically the same thing) is not difficult, as they are all similar, and when you practice with the one, you know how to take it apart in the same way.

The only complication lies in the screws, as you need a specific tool to remove them (and to tighten them again): a 3.5 mm socket spanner. Not everyone has one in their toolbox, but luckily you can build one at home with your materials. It is very simple:

Once you are sure you can remove and put the screws on the Nespresso machine without any problem, it’s time to get your hands on the coffee machine.

Nespresso coffee machines: Useful accessories

In many cases, Nespresso accessories or spare parts will be your lifeline. If you need to repair a Nespresso coffee machine, it is not uncommon to be surprised to find that you have to replace a component or an internal part.

That’s why we’ve collected some of the most common Nespresso coffee machine spare parts here. All of them are suitable for any Nespresso coffee machine, regardless of the manufacturer. In other words, the spare parts for a Delonghi coffee machine are the same as for Nespresso Krups spare parts.

The water tank is one of the most common Delonghi (or Krups) coffee machine spare parts. Here you should remember that each tank has a specific size and shape for each Nespresso coffee machine model, so if you need a new one, you should buy just the tank refill for your coffee machine (and no other).

Water Tank for Nespresso Krups Essenza XN Series, MS-0039142
Water Tank for Nespresso Krups Essenza XN Series, MS-0039142
Original Manufacturer. Reference ms-0039142; Item or new spare part, professional seller for more than 30 years

This is the water tank of the Nespresso Citiz coffee machine (not Nespresso City, as many people say):

Water tank without lid for Nespresso Krups CITIZ XN series, MS-0055340
Water tank without lid for Nespresso Krups CITIZ XN series, MS-0055340
Water tank; ES0055340; Delonghi; Suitable for CitiZ EN165, EN265; Without Lid

Another of the most frequently needed Delonghi refills is the anti-drip tray (or drip tray). If yours breaks, the coffee maker and the kitchen counter will be splattered with splashes. Here’s the model for the Nespresso Krups Essenza coffee machine, but as we said in the reservoir case, these Delonghi parts are not suitable for any coffee machine: each model has its own.

Capsule Container for Nespresso Krups Essenza XN series, MS-0039170
Capsule Container for Nespresso Krups Essenza XN series, MS-0039170
Collection tray for Nespresso Krups Essenza XN series

Nespresso customer service phone number

In any case, if you need to contact Nespresso’s technical service, here is the Nespresso Customer Service information.

This is also the same telephone number as the Nespresso club, so if you are a member, they can also help you there. Unfortunately, there is no Nespresso forum where this type of question can be answered in writing.

Another possibility is to contact the Delonghi technical service, provided your Nespresso machine is made by Delonghi (you know that both Delonghi and Krups make Nespresso machines). You can contact them here: Official Delonghi Service Form.

NOTE: If you decide to dismantle a Nespresso coffee maker to fix it yourself, remember that you will void the warranty (if you still have it). If the coffee maker is very new, or you are not quite sure what you are doing, we recommend that you always contact the Nespresso customer service line.

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