Are Nespresso machines noisy?

Are Nespresso machines noisy? It is the question that many users are asking themselves, and that contributes to a debate that is increasingly present in the discussion forums and specialised blogs of the sector.

Nespresso coffee machines have always been accused of being noisy. Still, the little stigma that Nespresso machines make a lot of noise seems to have been exacerbated by the appearance of the Inissia model.

It is difficult to say whether Nespresso coffee machines or the Inissia makes a lot of noise or not. Many times it is a question of personal perception or even of the environment.

Still, if we read the comments and opinions of many users, some even on this very blog, and also in the opinion sections of Amazon, we conclude that the noise in Nespresso coffee machines, and especially the Inissia, is a little above average. It is an a priori fairly unanimous assessment, which has been picked up by various media.

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Why does Inissia make noise?

It is clear that all coffee machines, without exception, make a little noise during preparation. Still, we must ask ourselves why Nespresso coffee machines, and particularly the Inissia, make more noise than the others.

It is possible that the arrangement of the parts of the coffee machine and the choice of materials, which in the case of the Inissia are almost entirely plastic, have influenced this. Nespresso decided to opt for a substantial reduction in both the costs and the final price of the machine for the user.

Could this have influenced the fact that the quality of the fixings and assemblies is not the usual one, and therefore the noise reverberates or is transmitted outside the coffee machine? We cannot know for sure, but it is undoubtedly a strong hypothesis.

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Are Nespresso coffee machines noisy? Our opinion

In our opinion, it is a proven fact that some Nespresso models, and especially the Inissia, make more noise than usual in other coffee machines. But at the same time, we understand several things:

  • Firstly, this is not necessarily a problem for most users. If the Inissia makes noise, some users may tolerate it better than others, and those who are less happy are the ones who will complain and attract attention.
  • Secondly, they are not the only coffee machines that make more noise than they should. Other models produce a lot of noise, and the difference between them does not seem so high as to fuel a debate. Nor are we going to get to the point of measuring how many decibels of a difference there are, are we?
  • And thirdly, the fame and elitism of the Nespresso brand may play against you when it comes to resolving situations like this. The price of coffee machines and the demands of their users are quite high, and the tolerance factor for these details may be reduced in the case of Nespresso products.

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