Comparison between Nespresso and Tassimo coffee machines

With this comparison between Nespresso and Tassimo coffee machines, we want to help you choose a coffee machine and get to know the advantages and disadvantages of each brand before you buy.

Take these recommendations as very general guidelines for choosing one brand or another. Remember that within each brand, there are many models, and among them, you should choose the one that best suits your needs. At the end of this Nespresso vs Tassimo comparison, you will find a list of the capsule coffee makers most highly rated by users.

Which is better, Nespresso or Tassimo? A preliminary view

First of all, we will emphasize the differences between the two formats so that you know how to distinguish them before you decide:

Nespresso machines are more expensive and only make espresso. Apart from the official capsules, there are dozens of other brands of capsules that are compatible with Nespresso.

Tassimo coffee machines are cheaper, but they don’t have compatible capsules, and you’ll have to stick to the official ones. There are not only coffee capsules but also capsules for milk foam, chocolate or tea preparations.

As you can see, no one brand is necessarily better than another, but you have to evaluate which advantages are more convenient for you according to your consumption.

Are Tassimo capsules compatible with Nespresso?

No, Tassimo is not compatible with any other format. Tassimo capsules are NOT compatible with Nespresso.

Advantages of Tassimo coffee machines over Nespresso

  • Tassimo has a greater variety of drinks of all kinds (not espressos; that’s where Nespresso wins). You can enjoy infusions, chocolates and mixed drinks always from top brands. That’s why they are trendy in companies and offices: they satisfy the tastes of many different users. Visit our Tassimo capsule online store to find out about them all.
  • The machines (initial investment) are somewhat cheaper.
  • All Tassimo coffee machines have an automatic alarm that warns you when it’s time to start a decalcification cycle. It is handy for keeping your coffee machine in good condition.

Disadvantages of Tassimo coffee machines with Nespresso

  • It is true that Tassimo capsules (T-Discs) are somewhat cheaper than Nespresso capsules, but beware: many Tassimo preparations require two capsules, in particular, all drinks other than black coffee.
  • There are no compatible manufacturers due to the exclusivity of the T-Discs barcode system. However, there are refillable capsules for Tassimo (you have to fill them yourself).
  • Tassimo has little variety of coffees compared to Nespresso.

Tassimo Coffee Selection – Costa

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Advantages of Nespresso coffee machines compared to Tassimo

  • Coffee machines, in general, have a more attractive design and more options to choose from. There is also a more extensive range of different coffee machines. We can say that the best Nespresso coffee machines (Lattissima or Creatista) are better than the top of the range Tassimo machines.
  • It has a much more comprehensive range of flavours than Tassimo, but be careful only coffee. You won’t find any other kind of drinks.
  • You can save a lot on consumables thanks to the number of compatible capsule brands available for the Nespresso format.

Disadvantages of Nespresso coffee machines compared to Tassimo

  • As a general rule, the coffee machines are a little more expensive, and so is the process of ordering the capsules (unless there is a physical Nespresso store in your city). Watch out because the latest models like the Inissia no longer accept Nespresso compatible capsules.
  • If you also want to enjoy tea, chocolates or other prepared drinks, you will have to look for another brand. At Nespresso, you only have coffee.

Tassimo Coffee Selection – Café Long

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Which coffee maker should I buy, Tassimo or Nespresso?

Summarizing all of the above, we can conclude that:

You should opt for a Nespresso capsule coffee maker if you don’t mind paying a little more in exchange for enjoying the best tasting, most aromatic coffee on the capsule market every day. It is also one of the strong points of Tassimo vs Nespresso: the very high quality of its products. But when it comes to coffee, we believe that Nespresso is one step ahead of all the others.

You should opt for a Tassimo capsule coffee maker if you are going to give your machine a more frequent use and need access to other types of high-quality drinks (chocolates, teas, etc.).

But beware, if you are going to drink coffee with milk (or cut, or any other preparation other than black coffee), the Tassimo capsules, although cheaper than the Nespresso ones, will be less profitable because, for each drink, you will need two. You can check here our annual expenditure comparison to find out more about this.

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