How Much does it Cost to Have a Capsule Coffee Maker?

One question that many people, including many of the consumers who already enjoy a capsule coffee machine at home, ask themselves is how much we spend on capsules at the end of the year, and what is the most expensive or cheapest option in the long term. At, we want to help you decide and to do so; we have carried out a study on the average cost of buying a capsule coffee maker and, logically, consuming coffees with a specific frequency at the end of the year.

NOTE: If you want to read a more extensive study applied to different types of coffee machines, read the following article: How much does a cup of coffee cost us?

how much my capsule coffee maker cost annually

Let’s assume an average consumption of one capsule a day (365 a year) and take for comparison the average prices of the most common varieties of coffee in official stores.

Logically these prices will vary depending on the offers or promotions we find, but the calculation will serve to give us an idea of how much it costs to have coffee machine capsules at home. Nor will we consider the cost of water/electricity because it is insignificant and because it will be the same for any brand.

The prices of the coffee machines vary a lot. Still, we are going to take as reference to elaborate our study the current rates (May 2021) of the most popular models of the moment in each brand (Inissia, Mini-Me, Vivy 2 and Senseo Original).

Once we’ve explained how we do our calculations, we’ll do the math.

How much does a Nespresso coffee maker cost?

Price of a coffee maker: 100 £ approx. (we take as reference the current model of Inissia)

Price of the official capsules: 0.35 cents = 127,75£ per year and 383,25£ in three years. We can save money buying compatible capsules.

According to these prices, the first year we will spend 227,75£, and in three years we will have spent 483,25£.

How much does a coffee with Dolce Gusto cost?

Price of a coffee maker: 90£ approx. (we consider for the calculation the current price of a Mini-Me)

Price of the official capsules: 0.30 cents = 109.50 £ per year and 328.50 £ over three years.

In other words, the first year we would spend about 199.50£, and after three years, our investment will be 418.50£.

How much is coffee with Tassimo?

Price of a coffee maker: approx. 60£. (we take as average one of the last models: Vivy 2)

Price of capsules: 0.31 cents = 113.15£ per year and 339.45£ over three years.

It gives us a total of 173.15£ spending the first year and 399.45£ after the first three years of consumption.

How much does a coffee with Senseo cost?

Price of a coffee maker: 85£ approx. (taking into account the average cost of a Senseo Original)

Price of the official capsules: 0.17 cents = 62.05 £ per year and 186.15£ in three years.

In total, 147.05£ for the first year and 271.15 £ after 36 months.

Senseo Twist white
Senseo coffee machines are the most economical in the long run due to the price of their capsules.

The conclusions of this study are obvious:

  1. The cheapest coffee maker in the long term, taking these numbers as a guide, is undoubtedly Senseo’s with an average of 271.15 £ of the total cost, well below the rest.
  2. The price of the machine does not influence so much in the long term. What is essential if you want to keep an eye on your pocket is the price of the capsules. As you can see, prior, there are significant differences in the price of the coffee machines, but after a few years, it doesn’t even show. If we change the costs of the coffee machines we have taken for those of any other model, and we will see that the results of the study are practically the same.
  3. Another exciting conclusion is that, contrary to the established opinion, if we choose a standard model of the coffee machine, the difference in costs between a Nespresso machine and any other brand is not as excessive as it may seem at first glance. Only 70 £ or 80 £ difference after three years, coffee maker and capsules included.

We have also not considered the consumption of prepared beverages, which need two capsules instead of one and can, therefore, trigger expenditure if we consume them frequently. It is especially true for the Dolce Gusto and Tassimo brands, so keep this in mind if you’re buying a coffee maker with capsules from these brands.

Do you agree with these conclusions?