Comparison between Nespresso and Senseo coffee machines

Nespresso or Senseo? The truth is that these are two very different options, and the choice between these two brands of capsule coffee makers is not easy. To choose the best Nespresso or Senseo coffee maker, nothing better than informing yourself first, taking a look at our coffee maker comparison. When you have all the facts, you can study the models available in each brand in more detail and make the best decision before buying your Nespresso or Senseo pod coffee maker. Let’s get started:

Advantages and disadvantages of Senseo coffee machines


  • Above all, the price of both the machines and Senseo products in the long term is much more affordable than Nespresso. Here you can buy the extensive range of Senseo single-dose: Senseo Capsule Store.
  • The value for money of some machines, such as the Senseo Cappuccino Latte, is excellent.
  • It is easier to buy them in supermarkets and department stores. Nespresso capsules can only be found in official stores.
  • You can make two cups of coffee at the same time!


  • If we’re very demanding about the taste of coffee, it’s evident that it doesn’t reach the excellence of the Nespresso capsules.

Advantages and disadvantages of Nespresso coffee machines


  • Nespresso coffee machines, in general, have a more attractive design and more options to choose from across the range. At Senseo, the offer is more limited.
  • Like Senseo, Nespresso only offers coffee capsules, but the variety and intensity of flavours are somewhat greater.


  • The price of both coffee makers and capsules is significantly higher compared to Senseo products.
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Conclusions of the comparison: Which coffee maker should I buy?

As we said at the beginning of this comparison, choosing between Senseo and Nespresso is not easy, as they have opposite characteristics to each other and the choice in most cases will depend on the particular circumstances of each user. Both Senseo and Nespresso offer only coffee capsules, so in this sense, you will not find differences. However, the range of flavours offered by Nespresso may be somewhat greater (but this will only be an advantage for the most demanding palates).

As for the machines, it’s evident that Nespresso coffee machines have more quality in both technical characteristics and finishes, but Senseo’s are much more economical, and the service will do the same for you. The Senseo Cappuccino, for example, offers perhaps the best value for money on the market.

In short, if you reach the budget, Nespresso coffee machines will be your best option, but if you choose a Senseo, you will not miss anything and enjoy equally good quality coffees.

Senseo and Nespresso Coffee Makers Most Valued