Nespresso Coffee Capsules

When buying Nespresso capsules, users of these great coffee machines always encounter a common problem. You either buy them in a physical Nespresso store or buy them in the official Nespresso online store. Fortunately, we offer you an alternative: our Nespresso Coffee Pod Online Store.

Here you can buy all your favourite varieties, in large packs (30 or 50 units) to save on costs and shipping. If you are looking to purchase cheap Nespresso capsules, look around our store, and you will surely find exciting offers.

We present on this page as a small sample (there are dozens of different varieties). Still, by way of introduction, we will tell you that you can find two types of formats when you go to buy your Nespresso pods: the individual packs (of a single variety), which generally include ten capsules and the tasting packs that combine several boxes of different types to cover or discover a whole range of coffees with some common link.

The latter also usually involve a small discount on the price per pod compared to buying them separately.

Nespresso Original Coffee Capsules (Mixed) 50
Nespresso Original Coffee Capsules (Mixed) 50
Coffee Connoisseur; Nespresso - Coffee - Set; A pleasurable insight into the Fielfalt Nespresso - coffee
50 Nespresso Capsules Lungo Mixed Pack Variety of 10x Vivalto Lungo, 10x Fortissio Lungo, 10x...
50 Nespresso Capsules Lungo Mixed Pack Variety of 10x Vivalto Lungo, 10x Fortissio Lungo, 10x...
Original Nespresso Capsules; Delivered in Original Nespresso packaging; 50 Nespresso Lungo capsules

What you need to know about Nespresso coffee capsules

Before we get into the subject, here is a compilation of the most interesting articles and reports we have produced on the web about the world of espresso pods:

Where to buy Nespresso Capsules: Price and Tips

The price of Nespresso capsules ranges from 35 to 36 cents per capsule (official price in Nespresso stores). Naturally, sales on online platforms such as Amazon and others do not follow the same pattern as resellers juggle profit margins.

It is why Nespresso capsules are easier to find in packs of 30, 50 or even 100 units than in standard boxes of 10 (which are hardly sold individually, and if they are sold at all, it is usually at a higher price than usual).

Amazon users often take advantage of the large packs of Nespresso. They can make impressive profits when they detect an exciting offer and combine it with the Amazon Prime program (Amazon Prime users do not pay shipping costs). It’s all a matter of knowing how to search and move until you find the formula to buy cheap Nespresso capsules.

You can also take advantage of the Nespresso promotions from time to time. However, these are not usually as frequent or attractive as those offered by other capsule systems, such as Dolce Gusto. It is also not easy to buy Nespresso capsules in bulk.

In short: there is nothing like buying Nespresso capsules at Amazon (or on the Internet) to find exciting offers, buy Nespresso Packs, and above all, to access those varieties of coffee that they do not have in your general store.

It has also been proven that users in large capital cities (or in places where there are physical Nespresso stores) tend to be lazier when buying Nespresso capsules online and prefer the convenience of going to the official establishment and being attended to in person.

Which Nespresso Capsules to Buy? Varieties

It is always recommended to buy the official Nespresso capsules to preserve the guarantee of the coffee maker. Still, you also have the option of purchasing compatible Nespresso coffee pods, which are increasingly available in a variety of forms.

As far as flavours are concerned, the offer is enormous, so we cannot recommend any character. However, if anyone doesn’t already know (and this is something that many novice users are wondering), the Nespresso capsules are the only espresso.

There are many flavours, origins, blends and intensities (ristrettos, espressos, lungos) but always black coffee. If you want coffee with milk, cappuccinos or lattes, you will have to prepare them by foaming the milk yourself.

The 4 ranges of Nespresso capsules

There are dozens of Nespresso capsules with different flavours and aromas, but they are all grouped into 4 main ranges:

  • Ispirazione: generally very intense espressos (scores of 8 or 9 and upwards) inspired by the aromas and traditions of the main Italian cities. Each with its own qualities, of course.
  • Espresso & Lungo: The most traditional espressos. Different aromas and roasts for normal and long espressos (lungos). Also with some decaffeinated varieties.
Nespresso Capsules Black Black - 30 x Ristretto - Original Nestle - Espresso Cafe - Assorte
Nespresso Capsules Black Black - 30 x Ristretto - Original Nestle - Espresso Cafe - Assorte
Ristretto; Invigorating blend Ostafrikanischer and Südamerikanischer Arabicas; Intensity 10
50 Nespresso Envivo Lungo Coffee Capsules Pods
50 Nespresso Envivo Lungo Coffee Capsules Pods
50 Nespresso Capsules Envivo Lungo; Box contents: 5 bars of 10 Envivo Lungo capsules; Intensity: 9
  • Barista Creations: Here we find the most sophisticated Nespresso coffees. Creations aimed at baristas or more experienced baristas, in some cases flavoured (with cocoa, vanilla, caramel…) and specially designed to be used as a complementary ingredient in other preparations.
  • Master Origin: A superb selection of origin coffees from the best harvests in the world. Colombia, Ethiopia, India, Nicaragua, Brazil…
50 X Nespresso Master Origin Nicaragua Coffee Capsules
50 X Nespresso Master Origin Nicaragua Coffee Capsules
50 X Nespresso Master Origin Nicaragua Coffee Capsules; Guaranteed Authentic: 100% Nespresso capsules.
Nespresso Sortiment India (Espresso), 50 Capsules
Nespresso Sortiment India (Espresso), 50 Capsules
50 Nespresso new capsules India; 100% Original Nespresso Coffee Capsule; Master Origin
Nespresso OriginalLine Master Origin Variety Pack: Colombia, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Nicaragua,...
Nespresso OriginalLine Master Origin Variety Pack: Colombia, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Nicaragua,...
COUNT: 50 capsules per box. 10 Colombia, 10 Ethiopia, 10 India, 10 Indonesia, 10 Nicaragua

Apart from this broad grouping, each Nespresso capsule variety is categorised according to its intensity (with a score from 0 to 13, 13 being the most intense) and aroma (with three groups: intense, balanced or fruity coffees).

Vertuo Nespresso Capsules

The Nespresso Vertuo capsules are those used in the Vertuo coffee machines. They have nothing to do (neither the coffee machine nor the coffee pods) with the original Nespresso system. It’s an entirely different line. If you want to know more about them, it’s best to read the article we’ve linked to above.

How can I use Nespresso capsules without a machine?

Well, this may seem strange to owners of a Nespresso machine, but it can happen. You might get your hands on a promotion or some leftover stock, or someone gives you a pack of Nespresso capsules… and you don’t have a Nespresso machine at home. What do you do? Do you throw them away? Do you give them to someone else?

Well, no: you can use them for the purpose they were designed, i.e. to make coffee. How do you use a Nespresso capsule without a coffee machine? Well, in several ways. Take note of these ideas:

  • Break the capsule and extract the ground coffee. If there are several capsules, you will get enough to use it in another type of machine (such as a moka pot) or to prepare recipes such as Dalgona coffee, for example.
  • Prepare an infusion coffee, the old-fashioned way, with the ground coffee you have extracted from your pods. Clay pot coffee is an excellent alternative in this case.

In the following video, you can see the easiest way to use your Nespresso capsules without a machine (although they use another brand of pods, the process would be the same).

More details in this article: using coffee capsules without a machine.

Comparisons of Nespresso capsules versus other brands

When buying a coffee machine, if you decide to buy a capsule coffee machine, you will probably want to compare the different single-dose formats to be clear about the advantages and disadvantages of each one. It is often unclear the differences between one capsule format and another, especially if it is the first time we enter the world of pods.

In this section, we will review the essential differences between Nespresso pods and the other known formats. Let’s try to get to the point and be concise on this subject:

Nespresso vs. Dolce Gusto capsules

The fundamental difference between these two formats is that Nespresso only offers espresso capsules. In contrast, Dolce Gusto offers mixed coffee pods with powdered milk (for lattes, cappuccinos, lattes, etc.), as well as other preparations such as infusions, cocoa, chocolates, etc.

Nespresso vs Tassimo capsules

Key point: Tassimo has no private label or compatible brands. Apart from this, Tassimo also has herbal teas, chocolate and milk drinks, just like Dolce Gusto.

Comparison of Nespresso vs L’OR capsules

The Nespresso vs L’OR single-dose comparison is very interesting because it is confusing. The L’OR brand of compatible capsules for Nespresso coffee machines, and another is the L’OR capsule format for the Philips L’OR Barista coffee machine.

They are two different and incompatible formats.

The most important difference between the two is that the L’OR Barista capsules have a certain size, called XXL, which allows us to make enormous, extra-long coffees with this peculiar coffee machine.

You won’t find this quality in any Nespresso capsules. We can make a coffee a little longer than normal using the large size function of the coffee machine (i.e. prepare the coffee with more water), but the dose, understood as the grams of coffee contained in the capsule, will always be the same.

Nespresso vs Keurig capsules

Keurig is a brand of coffee machines and capsules that are very popular worldwide. It is certainly on a par with Nespresso regarding market share and reaches.

The comparison between Keurig vs Nespresso capsules focuses on variety: Keurig has almost 200 different types and flavours in its coffee capsules, of all kinds and of various sizes (they are not all the same). It is a much wider selection than we find in Nespresso single-dose capsules, which are much easier to obtain and distribute, of course.

Comparison of Nespresso vs Delta capsules

Lastly, let’s compare two capsule formats with a similar philosophy: both Delta and Nespresso capsules offer a very carefully selected range of espresso coffees, aimed above all at the espresso consumer. They avoid mixed preparations with milk or dairy specialities.

The difference, in this case, is in favour of Nespresso, which has a much wider distribution and a wider range of flavours, specialities and origins than Delta Q capsules.

If you like espresso, both Delta and Nespresso are a good choice, but be aware that Nespresso pods are easier to find. Oh, and another detail: Delta Q does not have too many brands compatible with its format at the moment (there are, but they are few and far between).

Options on the market for biodegradable Nespresso capsules

Compostable Nespresso capsules are an increasingly popular solution for consumers around the world. One of the big disadvantages of the massive use of capsules is the waste they generate, which is partly solved with compostable capsules.

For Nespresso machines, there are several brands that sell compostable coffee, such as Cafés Novell, DeBuenCafé or Café Baqué. Here are some references to give you an idea of their prices and varieties:

It never hurts to do our bit for the sustainability of the planet!

How to dispose of Nespresso capsules: Recycling and the environment

If you don’t opt for the compostables in the previous point, it is important that you at least have a clear idea of what to do with the waste you generate by consuming your Nespresso pods daily. If you are several consumers at home, you can accumulate dozens of empty capsules a week, which is a lot.

Remember that Nespresso capsules are made of aluminium, which is a highly recyclable material as long as you don’t throw it away, of course.

The first thing you should be aware of is the Nespresso recycling points. What are Nespresso recycling points? Well, they are physical places where you can take your used capsules, hand them in, and let them take care of the rest. All you have to do is remember to put them in a bag every time you remove a capsule from your coffee machine.

These points are usually located in Nespresso boutiques (physical shops) and some independent ones located in large shopping centres.

Even so, it is quite possible that you may not have a Nespresso recycling point near you, so you will have to take care of the recycling yourself. To do this, you can take note of the suggestions in this article: Where to recycle coffee capsules?

Or jump to the next and more “entertaining” alternative: crafts with Nespresso pods.

Nespresso capsule crafts: ideas

There is a whole universe of possibilities for Nespresso capsule crafts. Some of them we touched on in passing in our article on coffee capsule crafts. But you can also get concrete and experiment with ideas like these:

  • Jewellery: pendants, earrings, brooches, necklaces, bracelets….
  • Decoration and gifts: it is not difficult to make key rings, figurines, pins, badges… and then decorate them as you like with your own personal touch. They can be used for a gift or simply to decorate that sad corner of your house.
  • Lighting and lamps: if you use LED bulbs that fit inside the empty capsule, the possibilities are endless and the only limit is your imagination.
  • Flowers, pots, petals: If you’re crafty, you’ll find plenty of ways to transform a used nespresso capsule into something resembling a flower petal. Once you get it, the possibilities combining shapes, sizes and colours are incredible: vases, flower pots, flower vases…

Of course, the final ideas and the result will largely depend on your experience in the world of Nespresso crafts, as well as the tools and instruments that come with you: scissors, glue, resins, wires, a whole world to explore!

Frequently asked questions about Nespresso capsules

When a user considers which type or brand of coffee machine to buy, the capsules are undoubtedly one of the aspects that weigh most heavily in the choice. And for a first-timer, the doubts are many and varied (sometimes they may even seem absurd to those of us who already have experience in this industry).

So in this section, we are going to compile the most frequent doubts that users have about original Nespresso pods:

Can I adapt Nespresso capsules to Dolce Gusto?

We have put this first because it is undoubtedly the most frequently asked question by less experienced users. Everyone has a strange aspiration to use Nespresso capsules in Dolce Gusto machines (and vice versa). But the answer is no. It is not possible.

The capsules of the two formats have different materials and different sizes; the machines do not accept them. Nor are there any adapters as such, as we have already repeated on more than one occasion.

However, there are multi-capsule coffee machines, which allow you to use single-dose coffee pods of different formats in the same machine. But it is not possible to use a Nespresso capsule in a Dolce Gusto machine. Forget about it.

Do chocolate Nespresso capsules exist?

No, in the original brand format (which is reflected on this page), we cannot buy Nespresso chocolate capsules or any other non-coffee preparation. They are all espresso only. If we turn to the compatible brands, then there are several options:

Note d'Espresso - Chocolate - Instant soluble prouduct - Exclusively Compatible with NESPRESSO...
Note d'Espresso - Chocolate - Instant soluble prouduct - Exclusively Compatible with NESPRESSO...
Capsules compatible with Nespresso* machines; All the taste and aroma of choccolate enclosed in a 7 gr capsule
Caffètutto Plastic Free Nespresso Compatible Capsules | Hot Chocolate - Cioccolata Calda |...
Caffètutto Plastic Free Nespresso Compatible Capsules | Hot Chocolate - Cioccolata Calda |...
CIOCCOLATA CALDA - Rich decadent Italian Hot Chocolate; CLIMATE NEUTRAL - Our capsules are manufactured using renewable energy & resources
OLD DESIGN BrewBlack Intenso ESPRESSO ONLY - 50 Coffee Capsules | Nespresso* Original line...
OLD DESIGN BrewBlack Intenso ESPRESSO ONLY - 50 Coffee Capsules | Nespresso* Original line...
Legal Disclaimer: BrewBlack is not affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by Nespresso.

There is a chocolate-flavoured espresso variety (not pure chocolate, which is different), called Nespresso ciocattino:

Can Nespresso capsules be made cold?

This is a question that arises because Dolce Gusto coffee machines prepare hot drinks or cold drinks (with cold water, but cold).
And mainly this made sense for soft drinks and cool cocoa shakes, although later Dolce Gusto started to incorporate some summer coffee capsules such as cappuccino ice, for example.

In Nespresso coffee machines, this is not the case. All drinks are prepared hot because we repeat that all original Nespresso capsules are espresso coffee capsules, and their extraction temperature must be high. This does not prevent you from using your freshly made espresso in any other preparation, such as an iced coffee, a frappé, Dalgona coffee, or whatever you feel like.

There are some specific varieties for making an iced coffee with them (called Nespresso On Ice or Freddo). They are not very good but go ahead with them if your concept is cold Nespresso capsules. It doesn’t cost anything to try:

What are the best alternatives to the original Nespresso capsules?

To start with, you have two options. The first is to dive into the huge catalogue of Nespresso compatible capsules on the market, with dozens of brands, including prestigious brands such as Starbucks, Fortaleza and Gourmesso.

The second option, which is cheaper but more laborious, is to use the popular refillable Nespresso capsules and fill them with the ground coffee blend you like best.