Coffee storage container

OK, let’s get to work. You buy your coffee bean packs in bulk (in very large quantities), and they last a long time open, or you grind them beforehand, but you don’t want them to lose their freshness. Where do you put them? Do you serve any container you have at home? Do you leave the pack closed with clothes to peg, and that’s it? Not really. If you really care about the quality of your coffee, you should keep it in the right place. And that place is the airtight coffee containers.

Coffee containers are usually completely airtight containers designed to keep the coffee (and any other ingredients) as fresh as the first day.

They should not be confused with coffee cans, although they are more or less the same, and certainly not with coffee thermoses (which are used to store ready-made coffee). Cans are cans, and containers are containers. It’s true, but the difference must be made clear. We will discuss this point in more detail later on.

If you are going to buy your coffee containers to shop for your ground coffee, you can do so in any home improvement or even decoration shop. You also have many on Amazon, as you can see in this shop window:

What is the purpose of a container of ground coffee?

Above all, to preserve the aroma and avoid the oxidation of the coffee. You should use it whether you grind coffee at home and have a certain amount leftover, or if you buy pre-ground coffee (from the packaging) or coffee beans, and once you open the package, it lasts a lot of days. It’s always better to keep the coffee in one of these airtight containers than to close the bag or the original package with a tweezer.

And remember that these containers can be used to pack both ground coffee and coffee beans (also for other ingredients, of course, but we’re talking about the coffee we’re dealing with)

Characteristics of a coffee storage container

How so? Does something as simple as a coffee container also have defining qualities? Well yes, my friends, you have to pay attention to some details, like these:

  • It must be airtight. The main function of a container for storing ground coffee is to preserve the freshness of the product. And to do this, it is essential that it does not let in any outside air. A coffee container must be airtight.
  • Opaque. Light is the enemy of coffee and many other foods. Avoid exposing it to natural light and never keep coffee in glass or transparent containers.
  • Good material. It does not need to be bombproof, it is enough to insulate the temperature enough so that the contents of the container do not change. The best are stainless steel coffee containers.
  • Adequate size. You must estimate how much coffee you will grind each time, and get a container where you have everything left… but without too much space. There are usually containers with capacities ranging from 250 to 700 grams.

Differences between a coffee container and a can

  • The cans are square or rectangular. The containers are cylindrical.
  • The containers have an airtight lid, the cans do not.
  • The cans are made of tinplate (obvious), brass or aluminium. Coffee containers are almost always made of stainless steel.
  • Many containers come with a measuring spoon.

The cans are usually more beautiful and decorative, but we always recommend the containers to keep the coffee properly and guaranteed.

The best coffee container: SILBERTHAL

If you are going to buy a container to store your ground coffee, and you don’t mind, there is a model that stands out from the rest: The German firm SILBERTHAL.

The most interesting part of this coffee container is the lid. If we look at it from above, we will see a kind of wheel with numbers, which is nothing more than a calendar. When you store the coffee, you mark the date on this wheel so that you always know how long it has been stored there. Of course, the material is of the highest quality, is lacquered in black, and has a capacity of more than enough for about 500 grams of the product.

We must also point out that the CoffeeGator company has a similar container on the market, also in different sizes and with the same characteristics.

Coffee dispensing containers

We have already talked about the dosing coffee containers on our page (coffee dispensers). They are used to store ground coffee, but they also have an opening system or tap that always serves the same dose of coffee in your cup or on the filter of your coffee machine, automatically and precisely.