Coffee Thermoses

When you are a coffee aficionado or heavy drinker, you like to enjoy your favourite drink wherever you go. On a trip, a hike, a walk, or simply at work. And then you realize that you need to buy a thermos for your coffee.

Then you start looking at the coffee thermos, and it turns out that there are so many options and so many types on the market that you don’t even know where to start – if I want a coffee thermos to keep it warm for a while! Well, don’t worry because it’s normal to get lost. Luckily, we are here to help you choose the thermos flask for your coffee that best suits your needs.

You can start by taking a look at our showcase of the best coffee thermoses of the moment:

What is a coffee thermos?

Let’s start by giving an overview of this type of product. Thermos flasks for coffee are a subset within the generic thermos flasks for beverages. These are thermos flasks specially designed to keep the coffee hot (there are also cold thermos flasks, whose purpose is to maintain a cool temperature inside) and whose design is also adapted to coffee consumption. Aesthetics, materials and sizes revolve around this, our favourite drink.

As coffee is a drink that is usually consumed very hot, most coffee thermoses have insulating coatings and handle to prevent coffee or tea from burning. Prevention is better than cure (burns, in this case).

We should also mention mugs or thermos cups for coffee. These are individual cups with a lid (so as not to spill the interior) and with thermal materials specially designed to conserve the heat of the interior. Thermal coffee mugs are the ideal complement if you like to drink coffee in the street or at work – and an ideal gift for special occasions! We discuss these products in more detail in our guide to thermal coffee cups.

The best-selling thermos is always the 200 ml Ibili thermos. (although there are more sizes), which is not necessarily the best hard thermos on the market, but it is the one that best combines price and functionality.

Large coffee thermoses (1 litre)

There are coffee thermoses in many sizes, takeaway coffee thermoses, tumbler-type containers… but if you’re looking to buy a large (but really large) coffee thermos, the ones you need are these ones below.

We’re talking about 1-litre coffee thermoses, the largest ones available on Amazon. Keep in mind that a portable coffee thermos usually has a capacity of between 250 and 450 ml… rarely reaches half a litre. So these XXL large coffee thermoses are simply the best of the best.

Are small or large coffee thermoses better?

When we are going to buy a good coffee thermos, one of the first doubts we have to solve is its size and the use we are going to give it. A thermos cup for coffee, for almost individual use, is not the same as a large thermos flask for coffee, designed for large services.

Small coffee thermoses are usually for individual use. We use them to drink coffee at work or on the street (this is a common custom in the United States, but also increasingly seen on our streets). A good example is the famous Starbucks coffee thermos, to name but one.

If you need a good thermos of coffee to go, we have several in our online shop. You can find them in the shop window above.

Small coffee thermoses are also known as one-hand thermoses. They often serve to insulate the temperature of all kinds of liquids, and therefore there are single-handed thermoses specifically for sportsmen.

Large coffee thermoses, on the other hand, are similar to a coffee machine or table-top carafe. They come in various sizes but usually range from 1 to 2 litres.

A coffee thermos jug is very useful, for example, if we have a meeting or a visit of several people at home, we can prepare a large amount of coffee for everyone, but we will need a large coffee thermos flask if we want it to stay hot on the table after a few minutes. It is also common to find a large thermos flask for coffee at business breakfasts, hotel and restaurant buffets, or caterings.

As you will have seen in the initial gallery of our page, we have enough large coffee thermos to cover any demand and need.

Coffee thermoses with dispenser

These are not take-away coffee thermoses but industrial thermoses that have a much larger capacity and are, of course, not portable. Generally, these industrial coffee thermoses are used in catering or at large events with many people. The coffee is prepared beforehand and then placed in these containers so that each guest can help themselves to the amount they want.

When buying a thermos coffee dispenser, we are going to find jugs or jars with a capacity of up to 2 or 3 litres. They are usually made of stainless steel, and the dispenser at the top allows for slow and safe pumping or pouring without spillage. Sometimes they can be confused with the classic coffee jugs, some of which are thermal… but these are much larger and, as we have said, very much focused on use in the hotel and catering industry.

How to sublimate a thermos coffee cup?

Sublimation of a thermal coffee cup is an increasingly popular process. Instead of buying customised coffee cups, we can sublimate our cups and incorporate the design that we like best. Here we leave you with this very useful and clear explanatory video where you can learn more about this process. The best way to have a personalized Thermo coffee cup!

Where can I buy coffee thermoses?

In our shop, we have everything: electric coffee thermoses, original coffee thermoses, a good portable coffee thermos, so if you need to buy a coffee thermos, you will surely find what you are looking for here.

However, when looking for a coffee thermos, you should also look in the household/kitchen or even sports sections of the department stores. Contrary to what many consumers think, the coffee thermos shelves are not always located next to the coffee makers, but rather in the kitchenware area.