How to preserve coffee?

More and more users are becoming aware of the importance of the raw material in making their espressos (or any coffee, for that matter). A freshly ground coffee does not taste the same as one that has been open or exposed to the air for weeks, although sometimes the palate “gets used to” tasting regular or directly very bad coffees.

Fortunately, this trend is changing, and there is a clear interest in the market to know how best to preserve coffee, and especially how to preserve coffee from beans.

In this article, we will discuss various ways of preserving coffee and also point out some tips for preserving coffee that can always come in handy.

Tips and tricks for preserving coffee

There are many ways to preserve coffee, but not all of them are correct. After roasting, coffee starts to oxidize on contact with air and can lose its aroma and taste completely in just 7-10 days. Hence the importance of preserving it properly.

If you want to know the best tricks for preserving coffee, read on below:

Where to keep your coffee?

The first thing to consider is where to store the ground coffee (the same for the bean). We should look for a place preferably fresh and without humidity. Without direct sunlight, and without the temperature rising by 20º C. Apart from, logically, keeping the product in an airtight container.

Applying the same criteria, we should avoid storing the coffee near the kitchen, the toaster or the oven, as they are almost permanent sources of heat. For example, a very common mistake is to keep the coffee jar in some wardrobe or drawer just above the glass-ceramic. Big mistake!

Following this, another very common question arises: should we keep the coffee in the fridge? And, in general, the recommendation is that NO.

It is clear that refrigerators meet the general requirements of freshness and the absence of sunlight. Still, they are not always free of humidity and are also a source of odours and aromas unrelated to coffee. No, it is not recommended to keep coffee in the fridge.

In any case, and while you are looking for the ideal place in your kitchen to store your coffee, remember always to do it in an airtight container. One of the typical glass jars with rubber or silicone gaskets will do perfectly, although there are also somewhat more sophisticated jars built ex-profeso to preserve the coffee. You can see several in our guide to the best coffee storage jars.

Vacuum packing the coffee

To understand the importance of preserving coffee in a vacuum, one must first know how it begins to lose properties. Coffee becomes a “delicate” product after the roasting phase – not before. On contact with the air, an oxidation process begins, which ends up diluting and deteriorating the characteristic aromas and flavours of fresh coffee.

For this reason, vacuum packaging – a process that consists of extracting all the air from a container – is a powerful ally if we want to keep the coffee in perfect condition. Vacuum-packed coffee is not in contact with oxygen and therefore keeps its organoleptic properties intact for much longer.

The users of a vacuum packing machine know how to benefit and make the most of these advantages. And, if you are worried about how to preserve your roasted coffee, it is time to think about getting one of these.

Preserving coffee beans, better than ground

If you want to keep the coffee once opened, it is better to make it in beans than the ground. The reason is very simple: ground coffee has a much larger surface area exposed to air. It is therefore much more vulnerable to the processes of oxidation and deterioration that we mentioned earlier.

So you know: if you can, keep the coffee beans and grind only the amount you need for each preparation.

Buy your coffee in small quantities

This is especially important if you buy it already ground, buy the smallest packages you can because this way you will keep them open for less time.

If you prefer to keep the ground coffee in airtight bottles, just the same: try to keep them as small as possible. If you want to make sure that the ground coffee stays in glass jars even longer, use some film paper (or transparent film) stuck to the walls of the jar and just above the surface of the coffee. This will encourage the separation between the air and our coffee.

Another option is to visit our online shop to buy a can to shop the coffee; there are really beautiful ones!

To preserve the coffee beans, it is best to store them in an airtight can (with a silicone seal or gasket) or in a vacuum coffee machine, like this one.

Delonghi 5513290061 500g Vacuum Coffee Canister
Delonghi 5513290061 500g Vacuum Coffee Canister
Vacuum Sealed for freshness; Capacity: 1.2l / 500g of beans or 800g of coffee grounds; One step sealing

The best way to preserve ground coffee

Ok, in case you have already ground more coffee than you need (or you have bought a pack of ground coffee and you have it open), the best way to keep the ground coffee is in a degassed bag.

These are special bags for preserving coffee, in which the coffee is vacuum-packed but which have a degassing valve, which lets out the gases but does not let the oxygen into the package. In this way, the coffee is kept practically intact.

Also very practical are the coffee bags that have a special sealing system, which ensures the hermetic seal is much more reliably than the typical clothes pegs.

And now that you know how to preserve your coffee once it’s opened, let’s go to the next level:

How to preserve freshly brewed coffee

So far, we have talked about how to preserve coffee as raw material, but what happens when we make a lot of coffee and have too much leftover? Where do we keep the coffee made? How do we keep the filter coffee?

If you want to know how to preserve brewed coffee, you should know that its main enemy will be temperature loss. In this respect, we recommend you buy a coffee thermos flask.

When you do, please put it in the thermos flask and close it hermetically as soon as you can. A few seconds more or less can be crucial. This way, you will manage to preserve the original aroma of the coffee, and when you open it to drink it, the sensation will be much more faithful to the original just made.

If you like to drink your coffee with milk, we recommend that you bring both ingredients separately, or at least bring your coffee alone and add the milk later when you drink it. Coffee mixed with other ingredients spoils much faster.

How to store soluble coffee

The preservation method for soluble coffee follows the same premises as for normal coffee. We have already discussed them here. To preserve instant (or soluble) coffee, look for a cool, dark and very dry place to maintain its properties in an optimal state.

Well, now that you know what technique is used to keep soluble coffee in perfect condition, we will conclude our guide. If, after reading this whole article, you still don’t store your coffee properly, you no longer have any excuses!