Coffee tins

Those who like to grind their coffee beans at home, rather than to buy them already ground, know how important it is to keep them in good condition. Coffee that is exposed to the environment loses its aroma and freshness in a very short time, and that is why the best way to store ground coffee is to use a jar or a tin of coffee.

You can also buy the coffee beans and roast them yourself, and in that case, you will also need to store them under the same premises as we have just mentioned.

Buying a tin of coffee is also a good option to give as a gift on any given occasion. If the recipient of the gift is fond of this product, then you are guaranteed success. Here are some of the best tins for storing ground coffee that you can find on Amazon right now. As you can see, it is not by the variety that you will stop buying one:

How to store ground coffee?

The storage of coffee is a fundamental process for the good conservation of our raw material. It should be noted that the doses of coffee used in a standard preparation are usually small (6 or 7 grams per espresso), and therefore a packet of coffee Tin last us several weeks.

That’s enough time for it to lose some of its essential properties if we don’t store it well.

To store coffee in the right way and prevent it from losing its properties, we should follow these simple guidelines:

  • Avoid direct light. It’s no coincidence that all coffee tins, or speciality coffee jars (like many of those you’ll see on this page) are opaque. If you keep it in a transparent container, store it in a cupboard or pantry, well protected from light.
  • Store it in an airtight coffee container. Oxygen accelerates the oxidation of coffee, so it’s best to protect it in a well-sealed can. Also, an airtight seal will prevent the absorption of odours.
  • Avoid places with high temperatures. It is also not necessary to keep coffee in the fridge (although many people recommend it), but at least avoid exposing it to the sun or placing it too close to kitchens. The fridge is a source of humidity and neighbouring odours, and is not recommended for storing coffee.
  • Grind the right amount before using it. Storing roasted coffee is a similar process as with ground coffee, but the coffee beans keep better than ground coffee, because they have a much smaller surface area and are therefore less exposed to oxidation. Invest in a good grinder, and always grind just the right amount of coffee you need.

Black & White Coffee Words TIN – Vintage Style Rectangular Coffee Tin/Caddy/Kitchen

As you may have guessed, this relationship of characteristics fits perfectly with containers specially designed for the storage of coffee: metal coffee tins or aluminium tins. These metal coffee containers keep the temperature cool inside, are opaque and close tightly.

Types of Coffee Tins

We can classify the jars to store coffee in several types, according to different qualities:

  • Material: the normal way to store coffee is in aluminium or stainless steel, but you can also find hermetic glass containers. However, we recommend that you keep the latter inside a cupboard to avoid exposing their contents to natural light.
  • Size: there are large and small coffee tins, but the most common sizes are 250 grams and 500 grams.
  • Shape: this does not affect the conservation of the coffee, but in the catalogues we can find round tins and rectangular tins. A matter of taste.
  • Style: here there is a clear division between modern cut tins and vintage coffee tins. In this last group we are going to stop a little more, because we know that they are liked, and also because there is a lot of collector loose:

The best vintage Coffee Tins

Here is a selection of the best coffee storage tins we have found on Amazon. Or, to be precise, the most beautiful ones. There is a wide variety, and the exact model you take home should be determined by your size requirements or your personal taste. Coffee storage jars can also be an important decorative element; let’s not forget!

For example, there are a wide range of vintage (or retro style) coffee tins, with colourful patterns, like these:

This is a whole world of coffee storage tins. Illy, for example, even has a line of decorated coffee tins for collectors, with multiple motifs and designs. What do you think?

Lamps with Coffee Tins

Recycled coffee tins can be used for many things, so if you have one at home, don’t even think about throwing it away. You can give it a coat of paint, use it to store things (other than food) or give it a new life by turning it into a lamp.

Have you never heard of lamps made from recycled coffee tins? They are a trend, and they look as cool as these: