Dolce Gusto coffee maker colour designs

Dolce Gusto coffee machines are very recognisable on the market thanks, among other things, to their specific colour range. In almost all its models, we can find pieces in red, black, white, and silver.

In this sense, the Nescafé firm presents a slightly more conservative catalogue than other brands, opting for a greater variety of colours in their coffee machines.

However, beyond these “classic” options, there is also a commitment by Dolce Gusto to more daring designs and other types of colours. In some cases, these are new colours on a regular coffee maker (we will see some examples below, for example, orange or blue machines). Still, in others, we find personalised Dolce Gusto coffee makers, with very bright colours, patterns and exclusive designs sponsored by other famous firms or personalities.

Some users highly appreciate these machines because of their unique character. They are ideal, for example, as a coffee maker to give away and as a commemorative (or collector’s) item. However, they are more expensive than the standard model in many cases.

Anyway, we won’t delay any longer, and we’ll start to go over the leading Dolce Gusto special edition coffee makers and Dolce Gusto colourful machines. For lovers of the original.

If you want to buy a colourful Dolce Gusto coffee maker or buy a Limited-Edition Dolce Gusto

All these coffee makers are the same as the other models and “sisters”. The changes in colour and design remain just that: an aesthetic novelty in the external appearance. Most of the limited-edition designs correspond to the Genio model, although some alternatives exist within the Oblo coffee maker.

Dolce Gusto Colors – Three colours in one machine

At the end of 2017, Dolce Gusto’s absolute commitment to coloured coffee makers arrived a model that, instead of being launched in several simultaneous shades as is usually the case with the company, is being sold with three interchangeable panels in different colours. It means that users can change the colour of their Dolce Gusto coffee maker whenever they like. Curious.

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Dolce Gusto Genio – Limited Edition Mini

This is a very sober Genio coffee maker, mainly in black but with two key details to reflect the sponsorship of the Mini car brand: the Mini logo on the bottom of the machine, and thick lines in black, exquisite, that runs all over the surface.

This limited-edition Mini machine is one of the “exclusive” Dolce Gusto models that has been most popular with the general public.

Dolce Gusto Genius – Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

It was another prevalent model at the time, now discontinued, which was intended to reflect the full personality -unmistakable- of the designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada.

The result was a very colourful coffee maker with a white background and many brightly coloured hearts distributed over the entire surface of the machine.

Custo Dolce Gusto coffee makers

A classic of the Dolce Gusto limited edition coffee makers is the designer Custo Barcelona. Many years ago, the Dolce Gusto Piccolo Custo model was marketed, and more recently, we have also been able to enjoy the Oblo Custo.

Both have a similar design concept: black background with brightly coloured motifs that stand out a lot.

custo dolce gusto