Hazelnut coffee

Coffee and hazelnuts combine well, no doubt about it. That’s why there are numerous products and varieties of hazelnut-flavoured coffee on the market, which can be found in virtually any store. The strength and body of the coffee, especially the espresso, matches perfectly with the smooth and silky taste of the hazelnut. Whether in beans, ground or single-dose format, if you want to buy coffee with hazelnut, these are some of the options available to you:

As you can see, hazelnut coffee is sold both ground and in beans, in packs of different sizes. In general, each jar of hazelnut coffee contains 100 grams of the product. The coffee beans come in half-kilo packs, and the hazelnut-flavoured coffee capsules logically come in individual doses. Let’s go over them all below:

Coffee with hazelnut beans

When we talk about beans, we usually mean hazelnut-flavoured coffee. The hazelnut aroma is applied to the coffee during roasting so that when it is ground and infused (or filtered for espressos), the water captures part of these aromas and incorporates them into the final drink: a tasty hazelnut coffee in the most natural way possible and without additives of any kind. You will not have to add milk, cream or any other component.

If you want to buy hazelnut-flavoured coffee beans, here are some of the options available on Amazon.

Coffee with ground hazelnut

If you want to save a step and prefer to buy it ground, there are also alternatives on the market. Ground hazelnut-flavoured coffee has the same properties as the bean, although logically, its freshness will never be the same. The most curious thing is that the brands of ground coffee with hazelnut are not the same in all cases as those that sell the bean version. Here are some examples:

Hazelnut soluble coffee

Soluble coffee is also an excellent option to get a pure hazelnut aroma, although, on the Internet, it is less common and more difficult to find. We offer two varieties of instant coffee with hazelnut, one from La Posada brand also flavoured with vanilla and another from Nescafé (a latte with a lot of powdered milk).

There is not much to choose from, but great hazelnut-flavoured instant coffee is always a more convenient and quicker format for those moments when you don’t want to complicate yourself.

Hazelnut coffee in capsules

As is the case with almost all varieties these days, hazelnut flavoured coffee in capsules is the easiest and most common way to find this type of coffee on the Internet. There are more brands and types than in any of the previous formats, and most of them you will find under the reference of Nocciola (hazelnut, in Italian).

There are hazelnut-flavoured coffee capsules for Nespresso and Dolce Gusto, but they all belong to the segment of compatible capsules. The established firms do not market these flavours now. Here is a summary of the most important ones:

Nespresso coffee with hazelnut

Users of Nespresso coffee machines have a more extensive range of choices than those of Dolce Gusto. Note D’Espresso, MyRistretto or Italian Coffee are just a few examples. The most common varieties are hazelnut-flavoured lattes, cappuccino, and Nocciola or Nocciolino, which is not coffee, but a drink based solely on hazelnuts.

Dolce Gusto hazelnut coffee

Hazelnut coffee for Dolce Gusto usually comes in compatible capsules from the brands Caffe Shop and Il Caffe Italiano. You know that these brands sell larger formats than the conventional ones, with options of 32, 48 or even more single doses per box. You will find varieties of coffee with a hazelnut aroma and the classic cappuccino with hazelnut.

Hazelnut topping for coffee

It has nothing to do with the products we’ve seen so far because it’s not coffee. But the solution you’re sure to like is because it’s fast and tasty. Another right way to get a fantastic hazelnut-flavoured coffee is to add a dash of this hazelnut-flavoured cream to your regular coffee, specially made to be mixed with the coffee. There’s nothing like homemade hazelnut coffee.

How many calories does hazelnut coffee have?

The calories in hazelnut coffee depend mainly on the way we prepare it. It’s not the same as coffee beans flavoured with hazelnut, in which the aroma is applied during roasting. Still, the bean is the same as making a homemade hazelnut coffee with the regular coffee that you prepare at home and then adding a dash of hazelnut cream that is sure to have the right amount of calories and sugar.

Benefits of coffee with hazelnut

The advantages of buying hazelnut coffee can be summarized in the following list, although of course, in the end, the effect will depend on how the coffee has been processed:

  • It can improve cardiovascular health, as all nuts are an active agent against heart disease.
  • Hazelnuts have vitamins, antioxidants, are a natural energy source for the brain; who can resist adding these properties to the benefits of coffee?
  • Hazelnuts are a vast source of monounsaturated fats. That is to say: of the good fats.

Where can I buy hazelnut-flavoured coffee?

To buy coffee with hazelnut, you don’t have to go far. You can see that on Amazon, there are a lot of brands and formats that adapt to the type of coffee maker you have at home. It will be a bit more challenging to find hazelnut coffee in the usual supermarkets and shops in your city, mainly for two reasons:

  • The brands of hazelnut coffee capsules are usually compatible, many of them Italian, and do not often have a significant presence in the usual physical distribution channels. They can only be bought online.
  • The versions in beans and ground coffee are not so popular with the public that supermarkets are “encouraged” to make room for them on their shelves (you know that physical space is priced like gold).

Can I make my homemade hazelnut coffee?

Of course: you buy coffee beans and unsalted roasted hazelnuts. You grind the coffee with 2 or 3 hazelnuts (depending on the intensity of flavour you prefer) altogether, and you use it in your everyday espresso machine. Go ahead and tell us the result!