Nespresso pro capsules

Like many major brands in the industry, Nespresso has long had a unique product line geared towards office and workplace consumption. It is a different capsule system, more like the soft pods used by Senseo, and not compatible with Nespresso pods for home coffee makers. Its name is Nespresso Pro, and it comprises a wide range of coffee machines and capsules and varieties.

Some Nespresso Pro (or Nespresso B2B) machines have already been analysed on our website. Models such as the Zenius or Gemini are becoming increasingly popular in more offices. However, the Nespresso Pro capsules are still to be seen. Here are some of their main varieties:

What are the Nespresso pro capsules?

We’ve already written it down, but it’s essential to make it clear. The Nespresso Pro capsules are different from the home Nespresso capsules. They are soft single-dose, or pads, while the domestic ones are hard single-dose (much smaller, moreover).

For the same reason, professional Nespresso machines are different from domestic Nespresso machines. They are of the same brand, but the capsule system is different.

It is because, for mass consumption (several dozen units a day), which is what Nespresso Business coffee machines are designed for, the soft drink or pad format is much cheaper, more recyclable and more environmentally friendly.

Where to buy Nespresso pro capsules

When a company or organisation decides to incorporate the Nespresso Pro system into its office, the first question that arises is: how do you buy Nespresso Professional capsules? Standard capsules can be found in any supermarket, but not Nespresso B2B capsules. So what is the solution? Well, it’s effortless: buy online.

Nespresso distributes its Business product line almost exclusively through its online store (or in the few physical stores that exist). So if you want to buy Nespresso Pro capsules, you have two options:

You already know that you can find all the current varieties in the official Nespresso store, but buying Nespresso Pro Capsules at Amazon gives you access to very juicy special offers. It also saves you the shipping costs (if you are an Amazon Prime customer). But, of course, it’s up to you to choose the best option.

Nespresso pro capsules: Price and varieties

The price of Nespresso Professional capsules is slightly lower than that of a typical household capsule, but you should bear in mind that the packs are usually much more significant. While the home capsules are sold in boxes of 10 units, the professional Nespresso capsules are found in packs of 50 units, 100 or even more. The volume is much higher, and therefore the outlay on each purchase is also higher.

Even so, we should not forget that these single-dose capsules are designed for much more frequent consumption than is possible in any household, and their cost is usually shared among several users or directly by the company itself.

Are there any Nespresso pro compatible capsules?

Yes, there are, but not just any. There is a false belief that any pad or soft drink can be used in professional Nespresso machines, but this is not the case. The sizes and the material of the capsule do not necessarily have to match.

Suppose you want to buy 100% compatible professional Nespresso capsules, the first and so far. In that case, the only brand that markets them on the Internet is Café Royal (which, by the way, also sells compatible Nespresso capsules for home machines). Now they are not available on Amazon, but you can find them, for example, on eBay.

Cheap Nespresso pro capsules

We come to the last issue that always concerns consumers: buying cheap Nespresso Pro capsules. As far as Nespresso is concerned, the Nestlé firm has always been very closed and entirely in control of its market and distributions, so it is difficult to save a few pounds on purchasing its capsules. It has already been happening in home capsules for years.

Something similar happens with Nespresso professional capsules. However, if we are careful and monitor the Amazon website, it is often possible to find reasonable prices occasionally or discounts, especially on big packs of capsules.

Another possibility, which we have already mentioned, is to become a client of Amazon Prime. This way, you save on shipping costs for all your Amazon purchases, which can be a significant competitive advantage over traditional shopping at the official Nespresso online store.