Wooden coffee machines

Wooden coffee makers are by no means the most common manufacturing material on the market. When we talk about wooden coffee makers, we almost always think of decorative objects or toys but never real coffee machines, although they exist.

For obvious safety reasons, wooden coffee makers cannot house any electrical components, so these coffee makers are immediately ruled out.

The only wooden coffee machines that can be found are some models that incorporate a wooden finish, such as the handle of the filter holder or operating levers. But you won’t find any all-wooden bodywork on a coffee machine that runs on electricity.

The search for wooden coffee machines is narrowed down to manual coffee makers related to tradition and craftsmanship. Therefore, wood fits very well with the concept of this type of coffee machine.

It is not common to find coffee pots made entirely of wood, but only in some parts or ornaments. Here we can see a varied sample:

Pour over wooden coffee makers

We start with pour-over coffee makers or manual filter systems. In this segment, we can find numerous coffee makers with wooden decorations, some well-known, like the beautiful Chemex, and others not so well-known but with the same construction philosophy.

Most of these wooden manual filter coffee makers are borosilicate glass containers; the most common material for this process, which withstands changes in temperature without deforming, with some decoration or wood finish.

We also have the legendary Hario V60 filter coffee maker, mostly made of glass, but they also have some special olive wood finishes. Like this:

Moka pots with wooden handles

Moka pots can not be made of wood, as they must be placed directly on the stove. However, some models of Moka pots with wooden handles offer an exquisite finish, far removed from the “traditional Moka” with plastic handles. Here are some examples of what we’ve found on Amazon:

French Presses with wooden handles

French Press coffee makers are generally made of stainless steel and borosilicate glass to withstand the strong temperature contrast when boiling water is poured directly over the coffee.

However, as with Mokas pots, it is possible to find manufacturers who opt for French presses with wooden handles to distinguish themselves from the rest and bring a different touch to the sector.

Another type of coffee maker with wooden handles is the Turkish coffee maker or “cezve”, although these are no longer so popular in the market.

Wooden toy coffee machines

This is not the same type of product as the previous ones… wooden toy coffee makers are not suitable for making coffee. But they are an ideal addition to your children’s toy kitchen or to encourage role-play.

There are two types of toy coffee makers on the market: plastic and wooden. Of course, there is no comparison between the two options in terms of quality or sustainability; the wooden ones are much better.

Wooden coffee makers for children come from the most varied manufacturers and brands in the toy market. Generally, they imitate three types of coffee makers: coffee pods, Moka pots, and espresso machines. They also usually include various accessories such as cups, plates, etc.

Handcrafted wooden coffee makers

The artisan wooden cloth filter coffee makers are made entirely of wood. Of course, you will not find these pieces in stores, but you must order them from a professional craftsman or carpenter.

The task will not be easy because we always associate coffee makers with household appliances. In Latin America and Asia, these manual coffee preparation methods are much more popular, and in many homes, we can find these cloth filter coffee makers.

Another option, of course, is to make your own. How do you make a wooden coffee pot? It is very simple:

Very simple, as long as you have some carpentry skills. Because, in the end, it’s just a single piece with the right measurements and finishes.

As you can see, many of these models are not wooden coffee pots per se but wooden holders for a cloth coffee filter (the classic coffee sock).