Toy coffee machines

If coffee is your passion, you won’t just want to enjoy it yourself. I’m sure you’ll try to get the little ones in the house to understand and share this healthy habit with their coffee toys, too, won’t you?

That’s why we have created this section in our shop, full of toy coffee machines and toy coffee and tea games because children have the right to enjoy coffee too! And as they know best: by playing.

When buying a toy coffee machine online, you will find mainly wooden coffee machines and plastic toy coffee machines with a lot of details. More common are the classic coffee games or toy tea sets.

Toy coffee machines, for all tastes

Yes, my friends. When we talk about toys over coffee, a toy coffee machine is undoubtedly the star gift. As you can see in our product gallery, toy coffee machines and toy coffee sets fill almost every available space. The imagination of the manufacturers makes it possible to recreate the Bosch toy coffee machine in detail or a Bialetti toy coffee machine. The Bosch toy coffee machine faithfully imitates the appearance of the large automatic coffee machines from the renowned German company.

There are also some toy coffee machines made of wood, perhaps with fewer details and accessories, but more sustainable and more resistant than the usual plastic ones.

The Bialetti toy coffee maker is an almost exact reproduction of the popular model of this Italian coffee maker. It comes with its set of cups, saucers and even the toy sugar bowl. A complete set, and decorated in bright colours as befits a product designed for children.

We have not found the Dolce Gusto toy coffee maker so far, but the capsule fashion could not be alien to the world of toys. The Cefa toy pods coffee maker is proof of this, with all imaginable accessories and details, including toy pods!

Where to buy toy coffee machines?

As usual, the first choice for buying a toy coffee machine is the supermarket.  However, if you want access to a wider variety and the convenience of being able to have all the models together and compare prices quickly, your best option is to buy toy coffee machines online.

Like so many other products, coffee toys find their biggest distribution platform on the Internet. Keep in mind that the shelves of large hypermarkets and toy stores often do not have enough space for toys of this type (only for the big brands and trends of the year).

In our online shop, we have selected some models for you, but if you look for yourself, you will surely find many other alternatives.

What about wooden coffee machines? Toy ones, of course…

Yes, most of the wooden coffee machines on the market are toy coffee pots, so we have to talk about them on this page too. Actually, we could divide children’s coffee pots into two groups:

  • Plastic ones, which are always going to be poorer quality toys.
  • Wooden toy coffee makers, which are much more eco-friendly, durable and safer for children.

If you are interested in buying a wooden toy coffee maker for your little one, here are several ideas that will excite you:

More coffee gifts for kids and toy coffee games

If you are looking for a deluxe toy coffee maker, take a look at this Hello Kitty coffee maker. Fashionable characters are a big hit with children.

Another option to make a perfect gift is this authentic toy coffee shop, very complete! Ideal for the little baristas.

Do you have any excuse not to buy a toy coffee maker online? They’re funny as hell! And besides, coffee machine toys have the advantage that they allow you to play with your child and explain analogies with real-life everyday tasks: how coffee is made, how coffee is served, how glasses and cups are handed out – the possibilities are enormous!