Wifi coffee machines: New trend?

Surely you have recently seen advertisements or recommendations for wifi coffee machines in more than one place. Innovation reaches all sectors, and the coffee sector is certainly no exception.

A wifi coffee machine is nothing more than a machine that, in addition to operating normally, allows you to control it from a mobile phone remotely. Although in reality, the term “wifi coffee machine” is not entirely accurate, since in many cases, connectivity is not through a wifi network but through Bluetooth.

However, whether it is a Wifi coffee machine or a Bluetooth coffee machine, the result is the same: being able to operate our coffee machine from your mobile phone without having to be in front of it.

What kind of coffee machines usually have this wifi connectivity function? There are essentially two: super-automatic coffee machines (which combine all existing and future functions) and pod coffee machines (which are more prone to innovation and are usually at the forefront of everything).

In this article, we will get to know them a little better, and we will also try to find out their advantages and disadvantages. If you are thinking of buying a wifi coffee machine soon, you might want to read on.

Wifi coffee machine trend

Coffee machines with wifi connections are a passing trend, or are they here to stay? It is worth reflecting on this because the truth is that the proposal of these coffee machines that can be operated with a mobile phone is very attractive in principle:

  • You can program your wifi coffee machine to start up when you leave work or when you are coming home.
  • You don’t have to get up from your seat to make a coffee at home. Leave everything ready (the ground coffee or capsule prepared, the glass in place) and make yourself a coffee while you are watching your favourite film.
  • You can keep an automatic and up-to-date check on your coffee machine’s usage statistics (number of coffees served, etc.) which would otherwise be impossible to know.

In other words, the convenience of a Wifi coffee machine is undeniable.

However, the price of these machines far exceeds the cost of a normal one. For example, Nespresso coffee machines with Wifi connections cost around twice as much as other models of the same brand.

Is this extra cost justified, and are we really going to take advantage of the wifi connectivity of the coffee machine to pay that extra money? Being able to control the coffee machine from the mobile phone is clearly useful, but is it necessary?

In short, there are many questions, and the answers must be sought by everyone.

The best Wifi coffee machines of 2023

Let’s get to the point: let’s review some of the best options available in the smartphone coffee machine market today. Among them, you will see that there are very different options, basic or very high-end coffee machines, so there is not much point in talking about “the best wifi coffee machine of 2023“.

As you can imagine, of the four that we highlight, the two super-automatic express machines will always be the most complete. Each of these models has a purpose and is aimed at a different type of public. The possibility of controlling a coffee machine by Wifi is only the common denominator between them.

Nespresso Prodigio

This Prodigio is a Nespresso coffee maker with Wifi and Bluetooth, which means you can connect it to your mobile phone from Bluetooth if you’re nearby (so you don’t waste a signal), but also from a wifi network if you’re further away from the coffee maker and the Bluetooth isn’t enough.

Of course, to connect to your coffee machine via Wifi and operate it, you need to download the Nespresso app on your mobile phone.

Otherwise, the Nespresso Prodigio is completely identical (in terms of features) to the other normal Nespresso non-wifi coffee makers, except for one detail: we can choose the third size of coffee (ristretto) as opposed to the two usual sizes.

Nespresso Expert

Nespresso coffee machines with Wifi are very popular because there are two of them and not one option available. Nespresso is clearly committed to this feature, and its Nespresso Expert with Wifi is a good example.

It is much more expensive and better than the Prodigio, as it incorporates more functions and allows you to customise more things: among them the size or type of coffee and its temperature.

If you are looking for a coffee maker with Bluetooth or a coffee maker that can be controlled by a smartphone, this is the one for you. Perhaps the most complete of the two Nespresso coffee machines with Wifi on the market today.

Delonghi Primadonna Elite

We completely changed our registration and abandoned Nespresso wifi coffee machines to enter the most elitist and highest segment of the world of commercial coffee machines: The premium super-automatic coffee machines.

We know that this type of machine quietly costs more than 1000 or 2000 pounds, and is not for everyone. But it turns out that among the very wide range of functions they offer us is wifi connectivity. In this case, the remote connection is “one more function” within an overwhelming catalogue of features and not a star or eye-catching function, as is the case with the Nespresso.

In the case of the Delonghi Primadonna Elite, to connect it, we will have to use Delonghi’s mobile app (it’s called Delonghi Coffee Link), and there we will get a virtual replica of the complete navigation menu we see on the coffee machine’s TFT screen. In other words, we can carry out any operation from the mobile phone that we would do on the machine’s menu (and we warn you beforehand: this type of coffee machine is complete). It is the only Delonghi automatic coffee machine that includes this possibility.

Saeco GranBaristo

Saeco is also aiming for the connectivity trolley, and like Delonghi, decides to do so with its top-of-the-range automatic model. In this case, the GranBaristo Avanti.

Be careful because this machine has two versions: the normal one (Saeco GranBaristo) and the Avanti. The only coffee machine that can be controlled with a mobile phone is the Avanti version. The other is identical but without wifi connectivity.

Unlike the previous machines we have reviewed, in this case, you do not have to download a generic app from the manufacturer but a specific app for this coffee machine. Its name is Saeco Avanti, and it is available for both iPhone and Android.

Other coffee machines with Wifi

There are currently some other alternatives on the market that can be classified as coffee machines with connectivity that can be controlled from the mobile phone, either coffee machines with wifi or coffee machines with Bluetooth, or even with both options as we have seen. For example, Nespresso coffee machines with Wifi each have a superior model, with the Aeroccino incorporated (Expert&Milk and Prodigio&Milk, respectively).

As we discover new machines with this possibility, we will add them to this list. For the time being, these are the only ones we have: